Monday, February 28, 2011


Its inevitable, and is going to happen to you and I. We are going to be struck hard and fast and with a definite loss of time, there shall be a shift in your consciousness, whether you care to admit it or not, whether you are open to its consequences or not. It shall ram into your skull and heart, your third eye and the base of your human spine…
See its called a shakedown, and it will show you where you stand. It is going to come so rapid that you won’t know what hit you, yes you know what this is, its that moment which wraps its coils around your existence; squeezes it or flattens it outright.

Damn! we have to be faster, stronger, braver and harder. Its not enough to wait for this raw force to strike us down or mould us for another’s reckoning, we have to draw ourselves out, with our hoods and fangs out; to bite down hard and forever on this power ridden shakedown. Which is coming to get us all, to break our former selves and to remould us in power….

You have never experienced it? Have you never realized it, when your ‘world’ breaks down and over, there appears a crack in reality and there is nothing you can do to bridge it anymore. Feel free to jargon it and label it, try to understand it and make amends but once you are shook the fuck down; there is no going back, you realize that there was no turning back ever. A one way road, led by power towards consumption of power by itself.
This is the warrior’s way, for the man who understands that what you are is just a matter of the power ‘you’ possess or are made of, and this too shall change, transform or decay, and  then you shall be no more the same…. never ever the same.
Your shell will break and change, and this rolling shakedown will penetrate your frame. Your existence will reek and yes yes you can never go back again. What shall we do, but to wait patiently and in preparedness to encounter such moments in our personal existence, and use the power they possess to remould as we desire, choose.
The warriors way is the only way I know towards life, its the yogi’s way, the adept and the masters (swami) way, its the way without any need for remorse or afterthought. Though impossible to attain and maintain, but like every energetic action of this universe, once exercised; then it becomes the only way to live. Believe me, It remains the only way to live!

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