Monday, February 28, 2011

Love binds us to be free (Still~Rising)

Oh Mother! You suckle your own; why not another… is this what you call unlimited love? Oh Mother, you care for your own…. what about another? Are they not made of the same flesh and bone..

Clamped oyster, you caress that dirt and metamorphose it into the moonlike pearl… what about the dirt of the vast unknown, are they not comparable to transcend into the heavenly gem?

Oh tormenter! The shadow that is my mind, why do you gaze into your beloved lover like she was your own, How easily you are fooled into gullible frenzy, Oh ever agitated mind of mine, can you not see that love is ever present and floods entire realms with its presence. Why do you limit it to a body, another mind, maybe just another soul!

Oh infinite oceans calm yet so restless, why do you but see upward and beyond to that rock the sky adorns. Why do you raise and fall only to that inanimate satellite, forever in a false hope to reach your goal? Why would you not flood our hearts instead, where love so intense shall never go without repay....

Oh life, why do you run helter skelter towards your dual; the mighty impending death. Would you not spread your wings and shelter us fools who fail to see your great vision, your great truth! Oh Life, be not so cruel to show misery without the reaping of unconditional love to one and all, for once and forever.

Oh goddess, why do you insist on liberating this fool, when you know that he is not worthy of the love you offer, oh collective consciousness; you who impales the slightest trace of  ignorance… would you save me even if I lost all hope, lost my way over and over? Would you show me your feet even if I walked away on mine… away from you?

Oh holy Earth, why do you insist on binding us to you with your mighty force. Would you not liberate us so we may not hurt you anymore. Would you not let us drift upwards so that we may open our eyes and hearts and look upon thee from outer space like the true mother that you have been. Protecting and nurturing?

Oh ignorance, why do you choose to be blind since the the death of the void… why would you not partner with love and shine infinitely and without purpose? Would you not lose your grip on creation just a bit. Would you not let yourself rest just a bit, so that creation may dance its love into the heart of the loveless, into the soul of the soul less? 

Oh unfazed wind, you fly the heavens and beyond.. why do you ground this heart into loneliness and ostracize it from the freedom that you offer, is it not our divine right? Oh wind, would you not make each and everyone rise like you do, over hills and clouds… to a place and time where infinite light exists shining infinite love

Oh Love, mighty infinite real love…. would you be cursing us by being one like them (above)? To restrict your gaze into the hearts of those who ask for security and repair? Would you not be unfathomable once more, to raise your mighty power so that we may experience remaining still in your presence (content and joyful) while ever rising! (In you, for you, with you, towards you)

                Peace! Love! Bliss!

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