Sunday, February 21, 2016

Religion of Rich and Poor

The more you are aware of who you are putting your faith into. The greater awareness you have of your weakness.
All of us pray; in our little ways, and we look for the way out of misery and loneliness, only we must understand deeply – that it is never by material satisfaction or spiritual agony.
I was watching documentaries on disparities in Africa, the constant struggle and how religion has become the opium of the masses, to unite and fight with the gun and knife.
Lot of this is due to the fact that they are poor, and they have found brethren's in the ancient religion which begum in the desert. From the desert came the philosophy of brotherhood and oppression against so called ignorance. The unbelievers shall be executed immediately.
There are those who have seen their god already suffer. And they wish to suffer no more. With the prophet crucified, they feel that its now their turn to impress agony unto unknown hearts of men and women. This is their way of salvation, and they are coincidentally richer than their poor brothers away. They give money to convert others from ignorance and find their way to the light. Towards the trinity and ascension.
They wage wars on the name of religion, without understanding that they are waging wars only unto themselves. There is no concept of peace, even if both sides are fighting for it. Until and unless the peace is in one’s heart.
I do admire those who are willing to lay their lives unto their faiths. Its immense and I could perhaps never do it. I admire those who have given their lives only in the quest of their faiths completion. Little for those who do it at the cost of other sentient life.
I can understand its easy to believe that others are not worthy of the wisdom bestowed upon you, and its easier to eliminate than teach tolerance. Yet the religion of rich and poor, is day by day.. increasingly becoming a fatal subterfuge on peaceful stupid mankind.
How do we stop such intolerance, how do we eliminate poverty by not using non-renewable resources as if we have a right to them because we have something called money? How can we stop confusing religion with existence. And money to life and natural resources?
Maybe its only the power of the one who holds the bullet which holds the key to peaceful existence or the mirage which the rich world shows us across the globe. Its always at the cost of another’s existence, maybe me and you. Sometime or someday if the plastic in your wallet doesn’t hold sway.

When I look at something else, these religions came out of the same region preaching almost the same things, and then this makes me believe that it wasn't religions preachings which are turning people on each other. Its simply the earnest search for material satisfaction and spiritual content ness, and the very lack of it. That is the depression of human condition.

Peace and Question why you will follow your faith, and to which god sighted end?

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