Saturday, January 26, 2013

Who is Most Deserving? - Educational Reforms 101

If there was a man suffering from malnutrition; and another who has had a full meal an hour before; who would deny that the man suffering from hunger deserved to have a good meal as compared to the other? I would say its almost practical, logical. 

If we choose to change and cause a paradigm shift in the world and the way people live together; and prosper. Then we have to perceive who is most deserving in a all new manner altogether. 

I believe change has to start with the process of learning our brain undertakes from birth, the brain in its formative years records patterns and stores them and under the influence of a neurotic society/environment -The impressions almost are devastating. Hence I understand that the current educational processes and systems need to be radically reviewed; before teaching more jargon to kids who grow up to become utter failures as human beings (and life forms). 

This includes two key aspects. I will try to analyze the first aspect and then take up the second - 1. who deserves to be educated most, and 2. what is the process of education to be undertaken for everyone. 

Now as I wrote earlier, if a man's stomach is hungry and another's comparatively full - it makes sense to feed the man in need more than the other (this is a very simple example), but it makes sense to put the same input onto our education system. 

Our current system is a western model of education (which every ancient third world country has had to adopt through force even time over because of the lure of profit maximization - which is drilled right from birth by the western system, now even the western models see this limitation and have tried more holistic methods - meanwhile the deep impact of these systems on other cultures and countries will take a lot more time to annihilate)

The world of education begins and most inevitably ends with tests, which test first and foremost (if not only) a person's IQ. Intelligent quotient generally does not increase with time (unlike EQ - which can be increased/decreased; though meditation proves to increase IQ as well - but that is for advanced civilizations unlike ours). And the kids with the greatest IQ generally go on to get the maximum of education (or so called education - which is to make us efficient workers to maximize profits out of minimal resources). Also IQ is not something which a person has developed with time - no it is of course something which is a sheer fluke - being born with a set of genes which are supposed smarter - is not really an individual's achievement. It is indeed unfair to judge a person for no fault of his/hers right? And our hypocrite society currently teach us that very fact - the smarter you are no thanks to your effort - the greater your benefits shall reach. 
Hence the person who has the greatest to start with - will get the greatest help by society to increase his so called education/knowledge and in turn cause further disparity - monetarily and otherwise to everyone around. So a person who can fare well in exams through his life - is considered smart and will go ahead to get the scholarships if not monetary benefit to get a ton of degrees and diplomas to become head honcho at some company which will drill down profit maximization to the less deserving (cause well they are not so bright - they cannot do what this person can) - this is what has been happening since the industrial revolution! (I am not discounting the smart people who actually use their brains to help others currently - but honestly that is a minuscule fraction of a fraction!)

Now here is where I fail to understand the logic, Is it not that a person who is less gifted one which way - has to get greater support - greater education / knowledge / holistic learning than a person who already is born with it or has it through the benefit of his environment (born in a family which can provide him with the education/knowledge needed to live - not to maximize any sort of profit). I would find this to be very practical indeed
So if I propose a definite route it would be such :

1. The tests have to continue, IQ tests (followed by EQ when society has reached a plateau of material equality and social peace to some extent). 
2. IQ Tests will determine which are the most deserving to higher education - greater education. Ones which have lowest IQ deserve to be educated most indeed. 
3. The Higher IQ persons will continue to be pillars of society - but not to maximize profit but to bring others to a greater understanding of physical sciences through teaching and mentoring alone, and not by aspiring for a position of rampant power - to degrade the lives of the less fortunate. 
4. The concept of degrees and diplomas will continue - but with a change; the greater degrees and diplomas a person deserves - only goes to show that the person has not got to the mark of a person with higher IQ. In a sense, if you are smart - you are without any need or want of higher education, unless true interests lie in that direction - where you can undergo self study to understand and bring to the table your perception of knowledge to less fortunate. This will pertain only to the field of research which will not attract profit maximization any which way unless it is to this system of education.
5. The greater the degree or diploma one has - goes to show his lack of understanding and hence will receive greater time in school and educational forums. 
6. The persons with less degrees etc will be put earlier into a social system in which he can contribute to the society in a manner - which helps those who are less fortunate in terms of IQ to provide them manners in which they can enhance their knowledge/understanding of life. 
7. As profit maximization remains opaque if not effaced from social systems. Everyone of students at some point has to start working to apply their knowledge to share. This remains the cornerstone of this paradigm shift - there will be no hoarding of knowledge. Because those who know the most have no degrees or diplomas to show for it (its not needed), they will indeed have to show how much of their IQ has been used to share knowledge to others. 

So in simple facts, the highly gifted IQ students - will not go ahead leaving the ones in need of knowledge behind. It will indeed be the other way around - the students who are smarter - will receive least of knowledge and those who are not as smart will undergo longer years in an education system built to bring them on par with the others. 
Though IQ cannot be increased with time, it can be fine tuned be its most efficient - and that must take place at the cost of profit maximization - which denies the need of the lower IQ people as successful contributors to the world (as of now)

So what this means is that, the guys who are smart - do not receive any specialized education. They have to figure it out by themselves (hell they are supposedly smarter than the rest right?), they are ostracized  by society unless they choose to actively contribute to increase understanding among their peers (teaching, coaching, research). To help them as they would help themselves currently to increase their self growth. This is how a society works together to improve every persons value in turn. It also means that those who have greater need for education - will receive it. There will be no smart getting smarter (and richer), and the dumb not understanding elementary sciences and arts. 
This has to be implemented from kindergarten  where the tests now administered will filter the smarter and the comparatively weaker and then in turn provide the two different forms of help. The smarter will act as coaches all their lives; they will help those who find it more difficult to understand subject knowledge. 

There will be no monetary incentive for being smart; this is the crux of the paradigm shift. It is a birth fault or right; but there is incentive in sharing what you got. This is what society must teach - a society which values every member of its as a value addition (and indeed everyone of us is in our capacities). And the incentive is - if you help society achieve a stable range of IQ where everyone can provide equal value add - then you can be a part of it. Otherwise you are free to roam in the desert or the high seas alone as you wish to be. 

(I know that many would disagree with this as not a part of survival of the fittest bullshit given by some cooks, but the truth is that we are talking of achieving exponential paradigm gene shifts - something which has never been achieved and hence require new ways of thinking acting and being). 

I will also continue to try explain the manner in which education can be imparted for maximized (unlike maximized profit) learning over a period of a life time in the coming writeup for those most deserving 

Peace and Share what you have. It is the only sustainable way to life. 

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Root Cause Enquiry


The manner in which I speak, bears no consequence to the bigger questions in life. Questions you and I have raised, as have people time before us. These questions are what so defines our kind, But they are also questions which nature and life before advent of humankind also has asked. These questions possess no dual, they have no answer, in a sense they are complete in whichever realm they exist. Questions which pertain to the meaning of existence, if not the bother of the entire charade of life.

When I have mustered questions up with great deal of courage, I remind myself of the root cause of this very enquiry. The enquiry itself is the journey, and the answer; it is clear to see after a little bit of practice indeed. The questions act as catalysts and provide the impetus to enquire, but the very inborn tendency to enquire which in turn create the question; is to be of the inner nature I must surmise. for many do not see any satisfaction in questions which have no direct or supposed direct linear answers to them.

The very process of this enquiry is age old, and has been used time over as a means for the mind to snap out of the conditioned numb existence it sees through the use of the bodily senses. Though the senses see a particular cause and effect to all of life, this interprets to the brain that every state of existence has a linear root cause, which is not particularly the case. In terms of rational sciences and philosophy.

The method and nature of enquiry which few in the world bear, marks the onslaught of personal and psychic adventure and turmoil in the fine fabric of the mind. It is overpowered by the powerful life altering questions it can ask itself, without the least clue of an answer in sight. Why is life here, and why is it such. What is the reason for birth and death, and where does it all lead? These questions are a waste of time for most, as they do not bear a root cause (at least on superficial introspection).

But masters across time and distance, on this earth have found that this constant doubting and enquiring line of presence almost – creates the mind enough confusion (or to the left lateralized brain), which in turn activates the right brain – this has the instinctual sense which is least used in any human. The more the human now focuses on a holistic brain function; the lesser reality seems as it was before – with the narrow and harrowing use of senses (our human senses can only see reality in certain wavelengths – and that too is deeply small in range and dimension).

The question itself becomes the answer, as with the holistic brain enquiry. The brain itself sets itself aside, its quite a funny affair to speak of the least. The brain is now the nature unto itself. A problem and verily a solution; a friend and a foe in the right capacity for the manna, or perhaps dark energy to consciously experience its many facets. This again remains to be non conclusive and extremely abstract for the brain to comprehend (even through the use of its subtle spiritual instinctive self).

Though I have taken liberty to make many suppositions with the use of language and word, the truth or rather the natural order/way of things is such. The short duration of lifetimes which we endure in between deathless timeless realm only is spent in deep questioning – perhaps this nature would help us define our lives and its purpose better, in a dark doomed universe where grand purposes with time and dark energy fade faster than the thoughts which have created them.


Sunday, January 13, 2013

Brand Banned


This is the latest and most ingrained phenomenon of our industrial age ‘revolution’. We are branned!

Everyone I know who is looking for a better life – relies on a brand. A brand in todays lifestyle is not considered just a product by a trading company. It is a way; a goal unto itself. For a brand defines a person – a brand tells others around that the person is living a life how it is meant to be lived, worst it tells the person him/herself that this is the life of aspiration, and where it leads to.

Who tells these inanities to the people of the world, why the people who are working in their respective companies of course. We all are bullshitting each other, and worst yet – we are being bought over by the bullshit of others ourselves.

Why do I call branding a bullshitting exercise? For a life worth living, is not present on a carton or the box cover of a product; indeed the product itself will not make your life come alive. It will ease it, conform you into inertia. And that becomes our conditioned existence.
So an awesome watch, made by Swiss handicraft or a German made care – is all good but they by themselves will not define the nature of you. They will not take you into seventh heaven and keep you there for very long. The very act of appeasing and attaining what we think is precious, unique and perfect in our so called measures of quality – is what makes us strive for these brands day in and out.

So a working lady might not buy un branded clothes or jewellery. A working man might not buy his tech gadgets without a hi fi name on them, and worse yet when they do buy these things – acting like a placebo – they make the person feel that they are better (looking, being, acting whatever). It makes the person complacent to accept that this is the very best they can get, or deserve.

And this becomes the starting of the futility model. This whole exercise played over and over during a life time, makes the person only strive for these trinkets – which are so carefully moulded and reworked for a “Target audience”, reverse engineered to make the product seem to be for the person in mind, and when acquired the brand makes the person complete!

What could be further from the truth, the brand adorned by anyone does not make the person like what the brands project, that is but a fucking lie. In this day and age; the most corrupt and insatiably greedy can afford the best in so called lifestyles and brands, and not even by a longshot can they be said to be the brands target audience; but they are – as they can afford it by the acquisition of money.

Hence here becomes the next recourse in this vicious cycle – with everyone hunting down the common denominator – money or its like / gold/ oil what not to get to their brands – the phone and car, the high end property and discotheque life. These are what has been conned by everyone of us for the benefit of another – so that we believe that we are worth this life time?

I am not against trade and commerce – but I fail to understand how anyone else can define what it is to be alive; that too through goods and such? A lifestyle is made (firmly in my mind) by a life filled with personal and introspective turmoil; where the fabric of the mind fathoms to find out its true identity – and not just branded by some farcical items as its true self.

So to me, a car or phone, a fair wife or kids cannot define a lifestyle. It is way more personal and doubtful than this. Anyone projecting a life on a platter already defined and to be consumed by hard work to get money is like blind leading the blind.

The question we have to ask ourselves, is how long shall we remain deluded to someone elses truth as ours, yes for most of us the brand lifestyle works just fine, it removes the questioning and real doubting of anything around us – and to build it from the fire which has burnt the illusions down. But to many of us, already ingrained and conditioned by the systematic degradation of our neurons – a brand flashed on a billboard or the tv by some marketing douchebag who has no inkling himself on how to live his/her own life is just sad.

Our influence is far reaching, we teach our future generation on how to live based on how we have lived so far. Our marketing and brand consumerism is just a plain outright failure (not because it has opened up free trade and the illusion of best choice), but it has limited exactly that – the true choice to define ourselves over a life time, not by someone else’s product in turn – but by our own sincere struggle and love to define the nature of I.

Yes we all want to experience everything at hand whichever comes in front of our senses any time, before we die. This is of course the nature of beautiful consciousness (to find out power and its traces so pretty in everything around). But we fail to see that we running hither thither to define ourselves in turn through what others have offered us time over as best and sincere is sheer bullshit – and that living the branding lifestyle conforming to the market demands and marketers who have no clue about life is just the same as making one mute dumb and handing over their life decisions to a corrupt inane and greedy government which bites the hand that feeds.


Saturday, January 5, 2013

KishKinda Life

The ancient kingdom amidst the deccan plateau. On every moulded ancient mound, the monkeys who know the secret caves and crevices, jumping around in supreme delight; basking in the burning sun. The place where my destiny lead me to find myself.
The rocks in ancient India; so old. Almost over 300 million years in the making and baking in the hot sun, they have colors like none other. I could never fathom that rocks/stones could have so much hidden color; but they have a skin like none other, the oldest reminisces of our earth and perhaps in some cases even the universe, these rocks have given such beautiful insight about what is alive and what I thought was not.
The beautiful lord of the wind, the eater of the sun; innocent Hanuman – the monkey servant of the avatar of vishnu; Ram. He was born amidst these hills and that is what is so beautiful about the whole Deccan plateau curving down to kanyakumari and rameshwaram. These mountains all under a kilometer in height; have such old and weird rock formations that for any and all people – it would be a mind twister even to look at one of them. They attract by their silent non-movement style. They are sitting where they were a millennia back, now weathered by the beating sun, the harsh rain and cold nights. They have become glistening gold from even the outside!
These rocks have formed when the earth was pumping out the lava – her blood from her insides. She has moulded land through her own sacrifice, and these rocks are proof of that. They remind you of ancient times, when they would be still there and witnessing in cold dark silence, bright raving sunlight.
The kingdom of mythical kishkinda – is where the beautiful peaceful river tungabhadra flows. Here on one of the highest most scenic hills; mother anjani bore the mighty loving lord Hanuman. This is now called sunset point in hampi by the hippies and non commercial tourists who have made it their hub for the past half century perhaps.
The beautiful hill stands with the most ancient and colourful rocks I have seen, these mighty structures have been colored in various hues with time. They are inter laden and create deep crevices and beautiful structures where you can spend days in contemplation and reverence towards the earth. Something I have never witnessed first hand before.
I have been to hampi before, and even then I had to spend an entire day on Anjani Hill to fathom even the extent of its beauty. It is surrounded on all sides by smaller hillocks and the horizon with more beautiful tall rock hills/mounds. The sunset each time I have been there not to mention has been out of the world – and that is a day to day event on that blessed and powerful holy hill of birth of lord Anjanaya
The monkeys have adapted here and have made it their home way before mankind. They know all the nooks and cuts, the caves and sacred water pools. They are the owner of these old beautiful rocks, for they treat the rock with respect to give life, shade, and kill in an instant. The monkeys can feel the power of these beautiful rocks probably more than us thinking human beings.
The kingdom of kishkinda, looks so prosperous where the vanar sena (monkey warriors) are all out; keeping the sacred close by; who know of these ancient hills and the power they carry (of crystal from which they are made, from the sun where every matter is born). The monkey descendents of these hill and cave race remain to this very date – I am convinced of this *they could not be extinct cause of us humans), they just probably are more secretive towards their sadhana for these beautiful ancient rocks – away from ignorant humans.
Indeed these rocks are breathing, I have seen them with my very own eyes, seeing their glistening beautiful surface come alive and moving so slowly, they vibrate in a very slow and low frequency, and even then we can view their whole power only with their permission. Their consent is so valuable. Their wisdom so magnanimous and silent. I have seen their weathered colored surfaces come to life not in some form of illusion (sadly entire lives are illusions none the less), but in a definite and striking way – which could not be an optical or mind colored illusion in the first place, something I did not imagine or think of before hand and could not come alive unless and external force/energy was present showing me what was real. The base rock or rather the top rock which provides the support at anjani hills is coloured with natural hues and some devotional power symbols probably through eons – these are patterns in the natural surface which have the power to transform the vasanas. The nature of man who has been made from nature in the first place – this is my observation and belief.
When man can see the yantras which percolate nature – made powerful with time – and the sun or the lack of it – pouring atomic energy on natural surfaces – baking and remoulding them – it seems they hold atomic power then, this form of natural raw unharnessed power – might not be useful for our electricity or such needs – but very helpful perhaps in the cleansing of the psyche – and of the nature in which will moves for lifetimes in case. With the power of earth and ground – the impetus provided for raising the alien dark energy inside the body and nerves (etheric) called kundalini becomes easier. It can raise itself to the heights of conscious power and that is the use of the entire setup including us humans with the power to do this in the first place – the setup for life~
- Feeling at home where I belong, at your powerful feet for eternity; do as you may oh ancient mother of the universe and earth. May your will be my favour

The entire country side of Telengana (Andhra Pradesh state), tamilnadu state and parts of north karnataka *Hampi* are covered with these once ancient and huge mountain structures now a little bit more than rubble. But for a fact, these ancient rocks/stones are so crafted, carved with natural/unnatural help – that they are fascinating even for a layman (like me), to notice and understand of what significance they are re-discovering our past, our glorious earth’s past.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Live a Little


My laughter has made me numb, it has made me so blissful and to live a little bit in turn. Laughing a lot.

I have given you my only motivation for me to live my life; don't you feel surprised.

A grandeur passes and another remains, what of the beautiful life everywhere, even inside dark unending space. I choose to live a little. In honey and the earth. I want to see the thirsty loving bee suckle myself up.

Sure the wind flows through my dusk hair, my brain wiffs the death and plague looming. I choose to live a little bit sublime, and then my brain would be no more. What a condition to be dancing in, tune and rhythm indeed, come be my partner for a dance (of elation). Come smear my ashes before the dance finishes. For I live no more other than in your arms this moment of all in eternity of time.

I choose myself sacrificed (in the love of namacivaya!) to live a little. To suffer like the others who is myself in another. These vines have grown so long over time, they have covered the identity of all in kind, They have made us all blind. Clinging of glasses in revelry and the shaman jumping into the crack of twilight happening here at the moment of now. Beautiful lovemaking all night, turned to ashes in the near end. What a life!?

I choose to love a little, lose a little, live a little so I can die from the inside a little. I want this moment to stay; with you in your absence, away from your presence, in the solitude of our gentle embrace for ever. In silent torn tears; we remain so much calmer. We would never be together.

Peace and I questions to be silenced


Ode to Humanity

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