Sunday, January 25, 2015

Asura Or Deva : Your Choice

There is a very interesting tale, the further you look at your past – there is a battle waging on. For many eons in space-time. Let us see another perspective if we can,
There are two kind of aliens who have plagued the earth, one created the other and then us. The deva – or suras come to earth which a fertile living is breathing ecosystem (also created by them). They first experiment and decimate many times over, remember the ending of the world perhaps six times in the past? Then they make another one – perhaps the final try. The creator and supervisor of this experiment is Brahma / Deva. He sets the rules and everyone must adhere.
So the devas, come and set up home – perhaps they interbred the genetic information they were carrying with the indigenous experimentation they created (reptilian). They created another breed of intelligence all together – native to this jungle land called earth. These were asuras, smart and wise – also brave and courageous as much as their creators. The nagas, now started to rule the earth – perhaps they were made with the original genetic information of their alien forefathers and hence with the interbreeding became in fact smarter than their own creators (a big cause of concern perhaps to the devas). This is but a hypothetical proposition.
There ensues conflict – for the devas have bred this land for a particular purpose perhaps, they want gold or some other mineral of immense use to them (Gold is incredible difficult to find across the universe – as it is generally present in the core of any planet and hence cannot be gotten directly – the only way we can get it is when the planet breaks down due to an explosion and the meteors carry that forward to the surface of another planet – this is how all the gold on our planet on the surface is also present).
The conflict is even or perhaps even tilted on the side of the asuras, this is embarrassing – the creator gods who cannot even defend their own creation? To die from the hands of those they created for their purpose – this seems whimsical.
Now here is where we need to take another leap of imagination – the leap being that this earth has something which is instrumental to win this battle.
This is present inside Mount Meru – an ancient laboratory perhaps – perhaps left by another ancient civilization. There is something more precious than gold present here. There are loads of energies present here to be had. The Suras and Asuras come to a conclusion – the biggest one around – Vasuki shall be used and churn this laboratory. The process we do not know and cannot recollect anymore due to the tragic loss of our memories and time. The secret elixir comes alive.
This is what is the presumption on which we define who the sura / deva and who the asura is. The gods drink the soma. They become immortal, they cannot die. Not that these aliens or even the nagas feared death – for it is just a recycle – but they felt for the first time they could / did not have to leave their bodies and come back to fight. They fought and the devas won – the result being that the nagas were forced to go under the earth, where they could not be seen and interfere with the gold digging. Some of the folks who sided with devas became their pets. The wise teachers who would go around with devas and play. (They may have been just as smart as the gods like Vishnu but they may have been forced to sit quiet and obey)
Why did the gods/suras/Devas come to this planet – well for the gold, and yes they became immortal in the process also. Then they did the second round – they produced native beings in their liking and they made sure this time that the genetic code did not pass on as exists. That is why we can never become gods – we can only pray to them for becoming their perfect slaves, and then they might take sympathize to provide us a way out of some form of eternal life and death on earth (to dig for more gold – why else?)
The gods now have left the earth, they have won – they have dug the majority of gold required for their inter dimensional travel in spaceships. The gods will not come back till its necessary for the reset button to be pressed, or perhaps they are not concerned anymore. Their first and not so preferred creation are still here though – and they are indeed wise. They are asuras – perhaps wise but not completely succeeded in conquering their desires (That may be why they were looked down upon – but to my understanding – some Persian texts actually denounce the Devas and up the Asuras as the enlightened species)
The asuras may not be evil, they may be actually divine, and they may be wise and understanding and driven down under the earth where life actually began in the first place. We are absolutely not in the picture here though, and we have but been given a small glimpse of what true reality in the past of space time was. We pray to the gods, the devas as if they were enlightened but they may have been not so. They may have come for their personal gain – created a laboratory experiment and gained immortal nectar from the past alien races which may have graced this planet and many more.
The truth is obscure, and the truth is never what we can predict. It is dynamic; changing and of course all pervasive. The truth is not localized; what you choose to be is your own will calling forth. Though you may have been created by who so ever, who you are before you become dust is all yours. You can be the sura – the god from the sky hell bent on gaining something from this earth – or the desire consumed native of this earth – drawn down forth further inside and consumed internally by its own lust for creation.
You can be the sky and of course you can be the earth. You can be none and both. 

Om Na Ma Ci Va Ya

Peace and Bliss

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