Monday, November 26, 2012

Miraculous Yaganti

Andhra state of India holds a beautiful tucked in temple in the district of Kurnool by the name of Uma Maheshwara - a mix of yin and yang energy worshiped in rock. The stone phallus/linga has the distinct images of beautiful woman's figure which is the goddess and a small linga within a linga - which is Civa. The temple is located midst very old hillocks worn down, battered and olden like nature - parts of Deccan plateau which are one of the oldest in Indian topography. 
Yaganti was a beautiful stop over for me, I went to feel the temple's energy -- which was completely empty in the day sun except for at the temple kund - where loads of locals were having a refreshing cooling swim .The waters here are generally from natural underwater springs - old flowing sources of live in this semi desert, some of which are hot water others being extremely cold refreshing and with mineral properties. Generally bathing at such locations helps in reducing body ailments as well. And almost all the time - places of worship were built close to natural structures which could aid humans in experiencing natural energies. 

I did not take a bath midst naked Indian society. I wanted to explore the temple; it was a beautiful sight for a temple; nestled in all three ways by old rock like structures - The rocks are way eeary. They seem out of some stephen king horror book. Yet there seems an old energy about them which is very hard to declare. 
The main temple is for the uniting energy of the universe, there is a beautiful nandi which is made by the side (generally the bull/nandi - vehicle of lord civa faces him/linga in most temples - here its by the side not obstructing the view).
The nandi is said to be growing in size, rather the stone which is the nandi is growing in circumference. I read on other sites as well - most saying that this is the miracle of Yaganti - even ASI has informed that indeed the rock seems to be growing with time!
"As per Archaeological Survey of India the rock grows at the rate of 1 inch per 20 years (10 mm per 8 years)."

The entire place is beautiful and haunting at the same time, the priest spoke for some time to me, informing me that there are three caves - the caves are to Sage Agastya - who is the founder of the location; supposedly trying to build a vishnu temple where the idol was broken so he then meditated for Civa to come to the place instead. So the second cave houses the Vishnu idol and the third beautiful cave for shiva worship - the cave needs to be crawled into and has a beautiful dark linga inside to meditate. (The legend goes that agastya was to build a shrine to Vishnu and the idol got damaged in the process - this idol now sits in the second cave and then the thought struck that the place was similar to Kailash and hence agastya goes ahead and installs/consecrates a male-female energy union at this place!)
The rocks seem out of the world - literally; the old beautiful cavernous rocks and structure are out of the world. It gives such an ancient sight to power - I somehow can not put my finger on it - its ruined damned and hot most of the year in the sun over there, yet there is an inkling of raw base power - present everywhere there - perhaps its the natural power of the springs and rocks which have endured a millenia more than us humans on this terrain. Perhaps they been very effective in sourcing and hoarding effective natural earthly and solar power within their core, their physical sheath. 
Any which way Yaganti was the coolest place I have gone so far in AP. These are places which are ruined and hence no one much comes to them in the first place except for some wannabe religious freaks or rather those - who are interested in experiencing some form of natural power - and the power in form of Shiva or whatever calls them there. 
The place so natural - a mixture of greenery and shrubs midst thick inhospitable hot terrain. Where water seems rough for most part of the year except for during normal monsoons - and people throng to such places cause of their underground water sources. 
Yaganti is also close to belur/belum cave structures - where for a millenia together Buddhist monks have meditated on atman in underground damp and silent conditions. The whole place had a natural powerful earthly aura to it. I loved it thoroughly. Ofcourse the underground is so beautiful - puts a sure shot meaning to beauty is more than skin deep - applying to our mother earth as well!

Another legend for Yaganti is that there are no crows there - which is a tough deal to digest since crows are everywhere in India, being most cunning of birds they seem thorough shamanic in nature - with an accute sixth sense and cunning smarts which doesnt allow them to ever get caught or become prey to any other life. Crows are also the symbolic animal vehicle/representation for the planet saturn/shani - who is seemed to be malignant for most auspicious activities in indian thought process. Though shani remains to be very beneficial when approached with devotion, sincerity and discipline (something most humans and gods lack). Crows kept disturbing sage agastya at this place during his contemplation - which made agastya curse them. They never seem to be around here; and just in case to placate the effects of shani here - they light a beautiful lamp atop one of the ancient mounds (quite inaccessible  every night burning all night - for keeping the malign energies at bay. A nice concept I must admit. To see the entire valley structure are night only lit with a beautiful lamp atop a weird hill - it would give gitters and sense of power to anyone traversing through ages!

A beautiful meditative temple to visit - especially for satisfying anthropological curiosity; to see the growing bull sitting in front of the quite unique and adorable ardha - nareeshwara (male/female) shiva linga! 

Peace and Joy

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Aho! Bhalam! Upper Reach


Welcome to the portal, grid which opens up at the castle of hate. Where the demon is bidding his time in utter ignorance, and his son praying for you to come over and take the pain away from his panging heart. The son praying and crying. Liberate me; for I cannot stand the ego which harms me keeping me away from this beautiful god-head, this eternal love making. I cannot be localized says prahalada to narsimha, he prays in his deep cave and hopes to fie

Narsimha the beautiful mighty therianthrope. The mixture of divine will coming through the wormhole inside the pillar. He explode in fiery rapture; a description of a thousand suns still paling. He rips open the demon through and plays with his entrails. This is gory weird imagination for a god, He is the guru; some say. Pure power manifest and all the angelic other worldly beings exclaiming in some sort of fear? The gods come down to the upper hills on nalla malai (The dark mountain, where the master comes forth to break down the castle in one of his so called ten manifestations to save humanity) to pacify this mighty entity. The world shakes and the vibrations immense. Is this some sort of Energy release. Nuclear in nature. From no where comes the wild beast inside the wild dark jungles. And it claims your liberation and death in sight!

He is ugra, utterly angry;  He comes to show what even demons could relate to. Fear ofcourse - he has come down to clean up the putrid filth of ego dominant hate. This self loathing, has to go. Has to be removed from the gut. From our insides; Lord Narsimha is the archetype and perhaps a true deity of the past (for even our archetypes could not come up with this form of imagery in normal state of life lived?)

He is placated to by prahalada, his devotee and all the gods and saints. Narsimha looks for his partner, the surreal power of goddess coming down as a nymph village woman, the feminine energy in this case the only way to placate this mighty consciousness power endowed.

I like his imagery a lot, not cause its violent or blatant display of power, but to me he is a god like no other. The master of yoga and siddhi. He is both the surreal root to meditate for liberation, never ending power and grace. He is tantric in nature and likes to create a mood of a warrior within his devotee, this coupled with love for the lord/nature and his/her/its way of dealing with itself is unique and beautiful to say the least. You can fall deeply in the love for nature divine, and you can verily see this amidst the beautiful nalla malai hills of AP, where narsimha took birth. to liberate the fools who again played ego games on earth!

Upper aho bhalam, at the place of power of rudra ugra narsimha. they say you can go near a little lake, still a bit red cause of the blood which flows out of narsimhas’s claws. I was not able to visit this upper reach temple made within this dark mountain to this ancient powerful archetype. But I understood enough. the trek in the night, the sleeping under the barren rock; like snakes watching night skies. Suddenly the earth roars and rips open. Your insides are almost twitching; the aura cleansed and the chakras infused by the power of the ancient lord hari coming down once again. I like this immensely.

Love and Peace

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Jogulamba Amman at Alampur

The beautiful sights of power across India, strewn about in small hillocks and valleys. Nestled within jungles deep within subcontinent. Power has never been so delectable to taste!

I got a beautiful opportunity with the grace of my folks to visit another shaktipith in the center of AP in kurnool district some 200 odd kilometers away from the metro city of Hyderabad where I put up currently. The place is a small village called alampur which hosts a very old and serene temple for the mother goddess - with the name jogulamba. 

Most of my visits to any beautiful places have been planned almost by the mother herself. She doesn't give me prior information nor intimation, and just puts me to see such pretty sights that I am spell bound. 

This is where the front upper teeth of the mother energy - Sati fell post her dissection and burning (the myth). Basically these places hold some sort of natural and divine feminine power - the power which makes other places around seem some way less powerful. 
The temple is a very old sight, placed peacefully at the banks of Tunga Bhadra river dam (I imagine). Very old bathing ghats to see, and the temple is an awesome delight for any anthropologist, cultural observer and of course tantriks. 
It seemed to me that it was a shakti worship sight - the sanctum made in a way exactly how the orissa temples are - with a circular dome and a beautiful rocket like structure. The interior walls are made by huge stones - and I saw many many sculptures of the 64 Yoginis. The yogini cult and its worship was exclusively a tantrik mode where these yoginis were shaktis who were assistants or younger/later energies to the center power present there. 
The mother goddess herself looks very pretty and her front teeth accentuated by her fang like upper teeth protruding itself. 
I was told that this temple was desecrated by muslim invaders and during the period the mothers statue was stored with the shiva linga present inside, so it woundnt be destroyed. A new beautiful small peaceful temple aside to the banks of the lake has now been formed post 2005. Perhaps the idol is a new one (but it seemed older and of course more ferocious). 
I spent some time looking at the carvings, the original temple would have had the two demonesses chanda and munda - guarding the goddess (now they are outside the shiva linga). 
The temple has a resounding calm and quiet to it. Old trees and the setup very much like ancient oriya shakti temples which I have seen earlier. Gave me a grand feeling. I visited during evening twilight and the place was lit up with neon lights and the grand reservoir next gave a surreal and calming feeling beyond my expectations!
I bowed in reverence and holding a deep sigh. Devi has been kind to show me sights, yet never a deeper connection to the earth and herself. I have been unfruitful in deepening the sadhana which she so naturally is providing. I feel downtrodden and perhaps mother at Alampur would give the needed grace to overcome obstacles. To overcome oneself and make it free. 


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Devi Play >

I would love it if you were to play your special play. Start me up and never keep me away.
You are dawning; and looking to keep me at bay. No use! For I have already drowned headfirst in your amorous eyes. Your blood red lips playing wicked games in my head. 

Devi, knows me better - she keeps her lover thirsty. She quenches it in her special rasa. Her intense devotion towards collective love and pain. I the wandering madman, walking through thick jungle and daze. Come to you to appease us this life time. How can you resist such a maddening gain?

Devi takes up the console, looks at this beggar; wanderer and lunatic with the beacon of the naive heart beating fast. She knows what I want. She knows what I sought. She plays; for seven straight days. Her melody and heart pouring out like molten gold from the earth onto my being. I dance for her. Dance looking only at her. My DJ. My Goddess. Redemption so easy; I dance to win her yet again (this life). 

She notices my worn down shell. Covered with ashes brought from burning pits of hell. Energy consumed and why not ? consummated. I have witnessed her destruction and her mothers love. She has seen me seeing it all?! I have meditated on her heart oh for so very long. The sri chakra of universe. The powerful atomic crown. Darkness and timeless misery I see- I could not see her till I walked my head into the ground. Now here I am, on my knees; waiting to die; waiting to be released. But that too shall not take place without your play. Goddess and Lover, embrace is all I choose. Make me a dasa at your feet!

Devi you play. I shall dance. Kali powers the reactor and Nataraja thumps the ground clear. We are the symbolic symbiotic unit. Sweet and caressed; One atom within the ocean, uniting electrifying electron to proton. Neutrons already kissed! remaining where they may! 

I reckon to open my third eye
My goddess still playing hard and paced, she throws me to the ground - she puts her divine feet on my rugged chest. She keeps me controlled so that I may not go crazy inside her tune; inside her wild and free heart. (of creation and destruction)
The yearning is pouring. Pouring this yearning into the vessel of cosmic void. Intensity without purpose. All this is my oh-so beautiful devi's play! 

Don't stop or rewind. Fast forwarding is a crime - please play your melody and beats - meant to be for no one but this very singular consciousness. Let I; steadfast; dedicate being to the cause - dancing to your nature seems to be what I was born for. Play your tune please oh please. Mother, Lover, Goddess, Giver - Give the fool one last dance so he may remember. Re member what it is to be in the halcyon of divinity


Wednesday, November 7, 2012



I got a super! feeling this rainy day Monday. I will dawn my mask of masks and disappear amidst the snowy misty haze. Beneath this dark rain – I will dance in the streets oblivious to the impending dream death of my brain. I will choose to remain super fucking ficial till my dying day.

I get ready in a hurry, waking walking under the powerful atomic sun. I look sprightly lest someone may suspect what goes on beyond inside my eyes. My cranium aching to hide the superficiality of every moment acted as if in some cheap misdirected play. I am left alone at the mercy of my mind. It rises falls leaps and bounds into crevices never touched by any light of day. I remain oblivious like I already said lol

I am super fickle ficial and always alarmed by my waking cause. I am running to a goal somewhere in the distance; never materializing, never ever making any sense but it remains accepted by everyone around! Wow what a sympathetic reaction to plight and pissed off life pain. I keep comforting myself – this is surely the way. All blind rats chasing others down to the end of the mountain leading inside the abyss subliminal control by the demonic piper’s wicked enchanting wail.

Look I found me a shelter and a walking road. A car and legs to drive it to destination unknown. I remain aged and un nerved beneath my skin. Something is driving me in turn and insane; yet I keep it masked, caged perfect; putting on a preposterous smile. Smoke rising red beyond the window pane. Look I can’t do it no more – I cannot keep my mind bound by this sociopathic schizophrenic make believe of living together in mock grace. We are all faking the fucking moment. We know this has to be the case.

But what is the use of realization pointless none the less. I laugh and make believe the bluff of another more euphoric place. Where the heart sends out signals which cannot be masked with the most genuine brains. Where it seems that the night and day merge and everyone puts their hands together to make it seem worth the wait. When love and night merge, where day and death tango - level ground surely
What have I become obsessed with, the greatest delusion stuck; incepted inside my head. This dream nature of becoming / flowering, faltering and becoming stronger. Being unlearned and losing all the masks I have so ritually kept away from the prying eyes of my fellow kind. I have started to repulse my inner nature – this superfuckingficial lifestyle which I lead to appease my cowardness.

adam-in-pain-otto-rapp (1)

The night has become solemn. It has changed the fates of stars in this perennial darkness. Starts circularly to become the again the end. I have stepped forth into the abyss. I have committed enough blunders and shook not to commit one more. To lose a chance to see this world for what it truly is. Naked, without masks and the learnt conditioned tolerance for apathy.

I have dawned neo suits of mirrors. Reflecting the lost cause of desolate rain pouring once again. This time no one to ponder its origin? Looks like the superficial have become stark raving insane. What a sight to behold laughing laughing all the way. all ways.


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Marginal Cause


India is overflowing currently with children. They are everywhere from every other womb. We are a population like no other. I do not have a kid yet. I do not see any reason to have one, without giving out wisdom and way to live best fitted to this condition and state of life. I am one of the very few I guess.

The marginal cause towards our children (yes I consider them our children even though I may not have fucked to make em) is the apathic condition of health care and life given a chance? to be alive in MY country! *what fucking country concept???*. Our population suffers like no other. For we care not to acknowledge the fucking every single day apathy towards the children everywhere; remaining in some sot of proud shit moment of being ever immersed in a gutter of human filth if not actual human beings.

One of my friends sisters was interning in the government hospitals in Hyderabad same time now last year. I went to see her, for she is (I realize) dedicated to the cause of love and care. What we try to see in all our doctors – allopathic or otherwise. Yet the fucking irony being that these very doctors make a sleazy business even or especially when it comes to treating the tender life in nascent stages.

I went with her to the ward, where loads of kids (one each) in single beds were crying bellowing and sleeping along with their care. I saw her inject multiple injections to the veins of kids who were sick, in extreme pain and on the verge of feeling death through their tender consciousness. My friend was very very sincere and methodical in her work. She could feel no emotion in her administration and care for the body. She had to look away from the howls of every kid she went near. She was indeed strong; as strong as the kids? I would not think so. Life at such a small stage feeling intense pain caused by life forms and experiences which sever the mind and body. And then our allopathic cure – which is basically the ingestion of painkillers and steroids to numb our neurons towards every sensory input and within. What a waste. Disease wins thumbs down.

I know and empathize with this experience intensely. Every person who has felt self pain would, every person who has seen another one in love suffer shall as well. This was a single one third day of mine just observing kids and the general shit condition of a government hospital in india (which india boasts of as general healthcare for free for its nation of imbecilic who keep producing kids to suffer!)

I have a weak heart and I cannot stand pain towards kids at the worst, I don't like them but I know what innocence some of them may have – what the world has done to them even without their action. This is sheer waste of life and consciousness. A little better than a cockroach in our understanding, and roaches do live grand lives. What about these kids in turn?

I have no answer. My friends intention for a year or more were strong and impressionable for her consciousness. The result of her action was yet a miniscule and in my opinion useless effort to stop the deluge. The death of our loved generations.

We who have access to better health care fare no better, with doctors who are assholes treating us better than fucking machines, and charging for every single second of their holy gaze, and stealing a fucking kidney in kind payment. I hate the condition and apathy which I am drowned in especially with the acknowledgement of these powerful experiences of strangers kids in pain. I cannot stand myself to be living in such fucking conditions. And I do not even have the courage or intent for lack of anything real unlike my friend shruti who could bear these horrible conditions (the loos in these places for women would certainly remain intolerable, the men doctor perhaps no better) to help kids out. Kids she did not know, care to know yet cared to help with her heart. I salute such efforts from the collective divine feminine to tend for her own creations. I really still remain at awe of the tender strong spirit of human condition, surviving the worst like so many other species of life. To remain alive for what? Is the next evolutionary question. At least to me.

Peace and Slumber?

Circa Time

There is this conspiracy theory - that we humans have been visited by alien entities from heavens (or other cosmic entities  in the past. That earth has been the breeding ground for space ships and alien gods which have come to show various sights and wisdom to the primitive people living here. 

The beautiful thing about this is - that these alien gods of ours (look within any religion or culture - annunaki/egyptian/indus/mayan/incan what not) -> they look just like us! They have 2 feet, 2 hands or more in some cases, and generally a human or animal (therianthrope) looking face - which can be a mask or such. But the nose/mouth teeth/forehead - all marking a clear resemblance to us!

So if there was alien life in the universe, advanced more evolved - I am sure they did not have to evolve under the same conditions which we have. Life forms can be nitrogen/anti carbon based as well. It is only our short sight that we think life has to be like us and not any other way. 

So what came to me was that - what if there was intelligent life forms in the past which visited us were actually our own species of life forms. The various artifacts collected across the world - point to weird vimanas and space suits which these aliens wore to come here. So when you look at these ancient descriptions of what primitive peoples encounters with their gods looked like - it pretty much looks like if one of us in this day and age with our ipod and space suits went back in time and encountered them; provided them with intelligent information and ways to create wisdom? (or maybe slaves?)

This seemed pretty funny to me at first glance - our future races all genetically changed morphed coming back in time and affecting courses in time itself to create a more profound future for themselves? Sounds cool does it not - If you could go back and change the conscious intent of people through time - would you not do it, so by the time you come into being - you are completely different - with immense amount of knowledge stored in your genes without even have worked for it! This sort of time travel is unique - to change the course of consciousness with the evolution of time. It sounds pretty fine to me. 

Though there remains a single problem - these entities have tried time over for the best way to accomplish this. They come to earth through wormholes (connected from future earth) and teach human beings the nature of matter and energy and even the soul. The self. But us human beings bound to our nature, do not worship or take heed from the immense rich knowledge which they provide us (all the intent full knowledge of our ecosystem and its inhabitants also are from the 'other world'). We instead start blindly worshiping what we know through our senses - the gods themselves - their digital devices (helmets/mukuts, scepters/wands, flying saucers/vimanas - their so called power and might - their physical state and of course anything else they did or could do. We do not understand their real reason of being here - to liberate themselves, by showing us the way to liberate ourselves. 
This is the true interconnectedness that they talk about time over (every religion, culture, person and so forth). That we are all bound to each other - how much ever we try to dissuade ourselves from believing such. 
The moment here - now is always affecting the here now in another context. Our liberation literally causes every one of our lineage and birth to liberate themselves; This is possibly what these ancient alien gods with the power to time and space travel came back/forward in time to explain. 

It is our time to listen yet again; with eyes wide shut and ears intent on hearing the silence.


Monday, November 5, 2012

The Immaculate Self

When we start analyzing through our brains - what composes the nature of I/self. We find that in the base terms that we are all brain waves. Brain waves at varying frequencies - which depict our mental states. These mental states in depth define our nature; our concept of who we are. (Major 4 frequencies have been identified). 
But this is according to me at least  the false self. The veiled self creating a projection of itself in limited capacity. The self which dawns from within the brain/mind - has its roots in maya. It perceives through the senses and is always controlled by the electromagnetic impulses of the brain - Hence depression and elation become from these altering brain waves, so does any and all other attributes to our selves. 
These attributes are fleeting - defined by the amount of energy the brain is able to sustain, create and dissipate. The false self is always changing, never the same at any two instants. Never being able to realize what its true nature is. 
This is where ancient warriors and saints and men/women realized that though this remained an almost inconsistent way of looking at the self - there remained beneath the veil another form of energy. This energy was even more primitive in time, almost consistent and never fleeting like the brain energy which created a sense of the false self. 
This I choose to call the real self. The real ego or aham. This also has been defined as nature, prakarti and of course kundalini/serpent power. This has been defined as a feminine dark energy form - which creates an illusion at multiple levels to keep itself hidden. 
The kundalini energy is the true self. Yet it too is unable to fathom its own creation or its own nature (how can one know one?). But this is where it creates the finer of illusion of duality - consciousness; This form of self (shiva consciousness) can fathom what the real self is upto. It can fathom its own beautiful nature. 

Now I am not the one to debate what is real and what is illusory. But yes, everything remains in its base form as energy. Only the frequency of vibration changes - creating physical, psychic, and other realms in turn. 

But within ourselves - we must realize that we are not the body - this faint yet so strong sense of our selves - is coming from within the brain every single instant. This false sense of self (I-ness) is parasitic in nature - as it never allows the remotest realization - that major amount of energy stored in the vessel is not within the brain but at the base of the spine (It is also the center of gravity for body) - this is where the base energy/kundalini is present, and when notions from within the head start disappearing about its affirmation of false self - then the true self (the major energy waves) starts pulsating from the spine above to the cranium (once again within the head), where neurons will be empowered to become conscious - to witness what a beautiful state it is that the kundalini is. 

Kundalini is the energy of self in every single atom and further micro and macro as well in dimensions. It is the underlying energy field of this existence. It creates a fine illusion through the head to protect every organic entity from preventing itself to be realizing itself. This is of course done for no grander purpose than to keep the game playing itself. For natural course to take place within constraints (time,space,reality etc) to realize the unlimited self through this as well. 

The first prerogative becomes to realize that the localized veiled self is not situated - localized within the brain as we presume; it is localized within the spinal column (the oldest structure of the body). Then our thinking becomes immaculate. It is not from the false self looking for pure ego thrills. It becomes energy bonding to energy to realize itself through energy. 


Saturday, November 3, 2012

Never Ending Love Stories


These stories; for all of human kind, are almost the kind we know of – heard of yet they are not quite what we have been brought to hear and understand.

We human beings love to be in love. We see its manifestation with the opposite (or same) sex and we feel the duality striking and us sinking in a trance to complete; nay to quench our incomplete divinity. Yet getting married to another person (married means in love not in some human law) has still not been able to quench this insatiable thirst. (look at our societies sick sense for multiple partners even when one confesses to be in love with only one?)

All our emotions all the time are coming out from the inner core – they manifest in the external realm which we perceive with our senses and mind. This incomplete feeling is from our insides. Our base of spine. Our entire being, it reeks of completing its mission in love. To be drowned in its partners vision; grace and feet!

Our paradigm shift starts like all love stories by realizing how thoroughly we remain incomplete without the ‘other’, the beloved being there! How we try to then find out who our unique satiating partner is! Where he/she is hidden, how they will be found; hunted down almost by eyes of pure love! We start our hunt for our life and love. Our special completion in a lifetime.

The sad stories our human kind faces; when the inner sanctum remains incomplete. Where the self-power/ which has willed this creation into being – can never ever complete its orgasm with its beloved. This pure consciousness which drowns every aspect of existence in its nectar filled heart. Shiva at the top of cranium, overseeing the fate and action of each one of us. We remain in dismal condition perennially (even if we might have united physically with another body). Our natures demands this inner union to be completed. We are the observers; seeing this fragile and beautiful life and love story to enact itself. The meeting union and love making of pure conscious will to the raw powered will – which has created this veiled maya / illusion to fancy love in the first place. (That is why the wise say that there is no separation and enlightenment – as power and consciousness are always merged – but a love story still sometimes has to be enacted, to realize that there was nothing left to realize!)

My heart like yours like everyone’s aches time over for this universal love. I look hither thither and then laugh like a little child who has found a feather flying in his hand! The fleeting moments – our lives, ending sooner rather than later – without these beautiful unifications taking place from within. The healing and consciousness beckoning; yet I/we never glancing even at this inner need. How the lovers within might feel; i wonder! Never to have looked at one another in an entire lifetime’s worth. How shiva and his partner; the gleaming beautiful shakti – would wonder themselves– a body formed, a moment or many experienced – in utter mute ignorance? And perennially???

Such never ending sad love stories, one after the another – we born from the womb of one or other and creating such beings alike to us, yet never completing this surreal love filled union within. How could we call our love forth for another person then? Without having observed, experienced and risen in it ever!


Peace and Love

Ode to Humanity

I am not a big fan of human kind, the version of life that in today’s day seems to be only focused upon itself. The day’s pass and humans ...