Monday, November 5, 2012

The Immaculate Self

When we start analyzing through our brains - what composes the nature of I/self. We find that in the base terms that we are all brain waves. Brain waves at varying frequencies - which depict our mental states. These mental states in depth define our nature; our concept of who we are. (Major 4 frequencies have been identified). 
But this is according to me at least  the false self. The veiled self creating a projection of itself in limited capacity. The self which dawns from within the brain/mind - has its roots in maya. It perceives through the senses and is always controlled by the electromagnetic impulses of the brain - Hence depression and elation become from these altering brain waves, so does any and all other attributes to our selves. 
These attributes are fleeting - defined by the amount of energy the brain is able to sustain, create and dissipate. The false self is always changing, never the same at any two instants. Never being able to realize what its true nature is. 
This is where ancient warriors and saints and men/women realized that though this remained an almost inconsistent way of looking at the self - there remained beneath the veil another form of energy. This energy was even more primitive in time, almost consistent and never fleeting like the brain energy which created a sense of the false self. 
This I choose to call the real self. The real ego or aham. This also has been defined as nature, prakarti and of course kundalini/serpent power. This has been defined as a feminine dark energy form - which creates an illusion at multiple levels to keep itself hidden. 
The kundalini energy is the true self. Yet it too is unable to fathom its own creation or its own nature (how can one know one?). But this is where it creates the finer of illusion of duality - consciousness; This form of self (shiva consciousness) can fathom what the real self is upto. It can fathom its own beautiful nature. 

Now I am not the one to debate what is real and what is illusory. But yes, everything remains in its base form as energy. Only the frequency of vibration changes - creating physical, psychic, and other realms in turn. 

But within ourselves - we must realize that we are not the body - this faint yet so strong sense of our selves - is coming from within the brain every single instant. This false sense of self (I-ness) is parasitic in nature - as it never allows the remotest realization - that major amount of energy stored in the vessel is not within the brain but at the base of the spine (It is also the center of gravity for body) - this is where the base energy/kundalini is present, and when notions from within the head start disappearing about its affirmation of false self - then the true self (the major energy waves) starts pulsating from the spine above to the cranium (once again within the head), where neurons will be empowered to become conscious - to witness what a beautiful state it is that the kundalini is. 

Kundalini is the energy of self in every single atom and further micro and macro as well in dimensions. It is the underlying energy field of this existence. It creates a fine illusion through the head to protect every organic entity from preventing itself to be realizing itself. This is of course done for no grander purpose than to keep the game playing itself. For natural course to take place within constraints (time,space,reality etc) to realize the unlimited self through this as well. 

The first prerogative becomes to realize that the localized veiled self is not situated - localized within the brain as we presume; it is localized within the spinal column (the oldest structure of the body). Then our thinking becomes immaculate. It is not from the false self looking for pure ego thrills. It becomes energy bonding to energy to realize itself through energy. 


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