Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Jogulamba Amman at Alampur

The beautiful sights of power across India, strewn about in small hillocks and valleys. Nestled within jungles deep within subcontinent. Power has never been so delectable to taste!

I got a beautiful opportunity with the grace of my folks to visit another shaktipith in the center of AP in kurnool district some 200 odd kilometers away from the metro city of Hyderabad where I put up currently. The place is a small village called alampur which hosts a very old and serene temple for the mother goddess - with the name jogulamba. 

Most of my visits to any beautiful places have been planned almost by the mother herself. She doesn't give me prior information nor intimation, and just puts me to see such pretty sights that I am spell bound. 

This is where the front upper teeth of the mother energy - Sati fell post her dissection and burning (the myth). Basically these places hold some sort of natural and divine feminine power - the power which makes other places around seem some way less powerful. 
The temple is a very old sight, placed peacefully at the banks of Tunga Bhadra river dam (I imagine). Very old bathing ghats to see, and the temple is an awesome delight for any anthropologist, cultural observer and of course tantriks. 
It seemed to me that it was a shakti worship sight - the sanctum made in a way exactly how the orissa temples are - with a circular dome and a beautiful rocket like structure. The interior walls are made by huge stones - and I saw many many sculptures of the 64 Yoginis. The yogini cult and its worship was exclusively a tantrik mode where these yoginis were shaktis who were assistants or younger/later energies to the center power present there. 
The mother goddess herself looks very pretty and her front teeth accentuated by her fang like upper teeth protruding itself. 
I was told that this temple was desecrated by muslim invaders and during the period the mothers statue was stored with the shiva linga present inside, so it woundnt be destroyed. A new beautiful small peaceful temple aside to the banks of the lake has now been formed post 2005. Perhaps the idol is a new one (but it seemed older and of course more ferocious). 
I spent some time looking at the carvings, the original temple would have had the two demonesses chanda and munda - guarding the goddess (now they are outside the shiva linga). 
The temple has a resounding calm and quiet to it. Old trees and the setup very much like ancient oriya shakti temples which I have seen earlier. Gave me a grand feeling. I visited during evening twilight and the place was lit up with neon lights and the grand reservoir next gave a surreal and calming feeling beyond my expectations!
I bowed in reverence and holding a deep sigh. Devi has been kind to show me sights, yet never a deeper connection to the earth and herself. I have been unfruitful in deepening the sadhana which she so naturally is providing. I feel downtrodden and perhaps mother at Alampur would give the needed grace to overcome obstacles. To overcome oneself and make it free. 


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Unknown said...

This Temple was built during the reign of Chalukyas.

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