Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Marginal Cause


India is overflowing currently with children. They are everywhere from every other womb. We are a population like no other. I do not have a kid yet. I do not see any reason to have one, without giving out wisdom and way to live best fitted to this condition and state of life. I am one of the very few I guess.

The marginal cause towards our children (yes I consider them our children even though I may not have fucked to make em) is the apathic condition of health care and life given a chance? to be alive in MY country! *what fucking country concept???*. Our population suffers like no other. For we care not to acknowledge the fucking every single day apathy towards the children everywhere; remaining in some sot of proud shit moment of being ever immersed in a gutter of human filth if not actual human beings.

One of my friends sisters was interning in the government hospitals in Hyderabad same time now last year. I went to see her, for she is (I realize) dedicated to the cause of love and care. What we try to see in all our doctors – allopathic or otherwise. Yet the fucking irony being that these very doctors make a sleazy business even or especially when it comes to treating the tender life in nascent stages.

I went with her to the ward, where loads of kids (one each) in single beds were crying bellowing and sleeping along with their care. I saw her inject multiple injections to the veins of kids who were sick, in extreme pain and on the verge of feeling death through their tender consciousness. My friend was very very sincere and methodical in her work. She could feel no emotion in her administration and care for the body. She had to look away from the howls of every kid she went near. She was indeed strong; as strong as the kids? I would not think so. Life at such a small stage feeling intense pain caused by life forms and experiences which sever the mind and body. And then our allopathic cure – which is basically the ingestion of painkillers and steroids to numb our neurons towards every sensory input and within. What a waste. Disease wins thumbs down.

I know and empathize with this experience intensely. Every person who has felt self pain would, every person who has seen another one in love suffer shall as well. This was a single one third day of mine just observing kids and the general shit condition of a government hospital in india (which india boasts of as general healthcare for free for its nation of imbecilic who keep producing kids to suffer!)

I have a weak heart and I cannot stand pain towards kids at the worst, I don't like them but I know what innocence some of them may have – what the world has done to them even without their action. This is sheer waste of life and consciousness. A little better than a cockroach in our understanding, and roaches do live grand lives. What about these kids in turn?

I have no answer. My friends intention for a year or more were strong and impressionable for her consciousness. The result of her action was yet a miniscule and in my opinion useless effort to stop the deluge. The death of our loved generations.

We who have access to better health care fare no better, with doctors who are assholes treating us better than fucking machines, and charging for every single second of their holy gaze, and stealing a fucking kidney in kind payment. I hate the condition and apathy which I am drowned in especially with the acknowledgement of these powerful experiences of strangers kids in pain. I cannot stand myself to be living in such fucking conditions. And I do not even have the courage or intent for lack of anything real unlike my friend shruti who could bear these horrible conditions (the loos in these places for women would certainly remain intolerable, the men doctor perhaps no better) to help kids out. Kids she did not know, care to know yet cared to help with her heart. I salute such efforts from the collective divine feminine to tend for her own creations. I really still remain at awe of the tender strong spirit of human condition, surviving the worst like so many other species of life. To remain alive for what? Is the next evolutionary question. At least to me.

Peace and Slumber?

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