Saturday, November 24, 2012

Aho! Bhalam! Upper Reach


Welcome to the portal, grid which opens up at the castle of hate. Where the demon is bidding his time in utter ignorance, and his son praying for you to come over and take the pain away from his panging heart. The son praying and crying. Liberate me; for I cannot stand the ego which harms me keeping me away from this beautiful god-head, this eternal love making. I cannot be localized says prahalada to narsimha, he prays in his deep cave and hopes to fie

Narsimha the beautiful mighty therianthrope. The mixture of divine will coming through the wormhole inside the pillar. He explode in fiery rapture; a description of a thousand suns still paling. He rips open the demon through and plays with his entrails. This is gory weird imagination for a god, He is the guru; some say. Pure power manifest and all the angelic other worldly beings exclaiming in some sort of fear? The gods come down to the upper hills on nalla malai (The dark mountain, where the master comes forth to break down the castle in one of his so called ten manifestations to save humanity) to pacify this mighty entity. The world shakes and the vibrations immense. Is this some sort of Energy release. Nuclear in nature. From no where comes the wild beast inside the wild dark jungles. And it claims your liberation and death in sight!

He is ugra, utterly angry;  He comes to show what even demons could relate to. Fear ofcourse - he has come down to clean up the putrid filth of ego dominant hate. This self loathing, has to go. Has to be removed from the gut. From our insides; Lord Narsimha is the archetype and perhaps a true deity of the past (for even our archetypes could not come up with this form of imagery in normal state of life lived?)

He is placated to by prahalada, his devotee and all the gods and saints. Narsimha looks for his partner, the surreal power of goddess coming down as a nymph village woman, the feminine energy in this case the only way to placate this mighty consciousness power endowed.

I like his imagery a lot, not cause its violent or blatant display of power, but to me he is a god like no other. The master of yoga and siddhi. He is both the surreal root to meditate for liberation, never ending power and grace. He is tantric in nature and likes to create a mood of a warrior within his devotee, this coupled with love for the lord/nature and his/her/its way of dealing with itself is unique and beautiful to say the least. You can fall deeply in the love for nature divine, and you can verily see this amidst the beautiful nalla malai hills of AP, where narsimha took birth. to liberate the fools who again played ego games on earth!

Upper aho bhalam, at the place of power of rudra ugra narsimha. they say you can go near a little lake, still a bit red cause of the blood which flows out of narsimhas’s claws. I was not able to visit this upper reach temple made within this dark mountain to this ancient powerful archetype. But I understood enough. the trek in the night, the sleeping under the barren rock; like snakes watching night skies. Suddenly the earth roars and rips open. Your insides are almost twitching; the aura cleansed and the chakras infused by the power of the ancient lord hari coming down once again. I like this immensely.

Love and Peace

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