Monday, November 26, 2012

Miraculous Yaganti

Andhra state of India holds a beautiful tucked in temple in the district of Kurnool by the name of Uma Maheshwara - a mix of yin and yang energy worshiped in rock. The stone phallus/linga has the distinct images of beautiful woman's figure which is the goddess and a small linga within a linga - which is Civa. The temple is located midst very old hillocks worn down, battered and olden like nature - parts of Deccan plateau which are one of the oldest in Indian topography. 
Yaganti was a beautiful stop over for me, I went to feel the temple's energy -- which was completely empty in the day sun except for at the temple kund - where loads of locals were having a refreshing cooling swim .The waters here are generally from natural underwater springs - old flowing sources of live in this semi desert, some of which are hot water others being extremely cold refreshing and with mineral properties. Generally bathing at such locations helps in reducing body ailments as well. And almost all the time - places of worship were built close to natural structures which could aid humans in experiencing natural energies. 

I did not take a bath midst naked Indian society. I wanted to explore the temple; it was a beautiful sight for a temple; nestled in all three ways by old rock like structures - The rocks are way eeary. They seem out of some stephen king horror book. Yet there seems an old energy about them which is very hard to declare. 
The main temple is for the uniting energy of the universe, there is a beautiful nandi which is made by the side (generally the bull/nandi - vehicle of lord civa faces him/linga in most temples - here its by the side not obstructing the view).
The nandi is said to be growing in size, rather the stone which is the nandi is growing in circumference. I read on other sites as well - most saying that this is the miracle of Yaganti - even ASI has informed that indeed the rock seems to be growing with time!
"As per Archaeological Survey of India the rock grows at the rate of 1 inch per 20 years (10 mm per 8 years)."

The entire place is beautiful and haunting at the same time, the priest spoke for some time to me, informing me that there are three caves - the caves are to Sage Agastya - who is the founder of the location; supposedly trying to build a vishnu temple where the idol was broken so he then meditated for Civa to come to the place instead. So the second cave houses the Vishnu idol and the third beautiful cave for shiva worship - the cave needs to be crawled into and has a beautiful dark linga inside to meditate. (The legend goes that agastya was to build a shrine to Vishnu and the idol got damaged in the process - this idol now sits in the second cave and then the thought struck that the place was similar to Kailash and hence agastya goes ahead and installs/consecrates a male-female energy union at this place!)
The rocks seem out of the world - literally; the old beautiful cavernous rocks and structure are out of the world. It gives such an ancient sight to power - I somehow can not put my finger on it - its ruined damned and hot most of the year in the sun over there, yet there is an inkling of raw base power - present everywhere there - perhaps its the natural power of the springs and rocks which have endured a millenia more than us humans on this terrain. Perhaps they been very effective in sourcing and hoarding effective natural earthly and solar power within their core, their physical sheath. 
Any which way Yaganti was the coolest place I have gone so far in AP. These are places which are ruined and hence no one much comes to them in the first place except for some wannabe religious freaks or rather those - who are interested in experiencing some form of natural power - and the power in form of Shiva or whatever calls them there. 
The place so natural - a mixture of greenery and shrubs midst thick inhospitable hot terrain. Where water seems rough for most part of the year except for during normal monsoons - and people throng to such places cause of their underground water sources. 
Yaganti is also close to belur/belum cave structures - where for a millenia together Buddhist monks have meditated on atman in underground damp and silent conditions. The whole place had a natural powerful earthly aura to it. I loved it thoroughly. Ofcourse the underground is so beautiful - puts a sure shot meaning to beauty is more than skin deep - applying to our mother earth as well!

Another legend for Yaganti is that there are no crows there - which is a tough deal to digest since crows are everywhere in India, being most cunning of birds they seem thorough shamanic in nature - with an accute sixth sense and cunning smarts which doesnt allow them to ever get caught or become prey to any other life. Crows are also the symbolic animal vehicle/representation for the planet saturn/shani - who is seemed to be malignant for most auspicious activities in indian thought process. Though shani remains to be very beneficial when approached with devotion, sincerity and discipline (something most humans and gods lack). Crows kept disturbing sage agastya at this place during his contemplation - which made agastya curse them. They never seem to be around here; and just in case to placate the effects of shani here - they light a beautiful lamp atop one of the ancient mounds (quite inaccessible  every night burning all night - for keeping the malign energies at bay. A nice concept I must admit. To see the entire valley structure are night only lit with a beautiful lamp atop a weird hill - it would give gitters and sense of power to anyone traversing through ages!

A beautiful meditative temple to visit - especially for satisfying anthropological curiosity; to see the growing bull sitting in front of the quite unique and adorable ardha - nareeshwara (male/female) shiva linga! 

Peace and Joy

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