Saturday, November 3, 2012

Never Ending Love Stories


These stories; for all of human kind, are almost the kind we know of – heard of yet they are not quite what we have been brought to hear and understand.

We human beings love to be in love. We see its manifestation with the opposite (or same) sex and we feel the duality striking and us sinking in a trance to complete; nay to quench our incomplete divinity. Yet getting married to another person (married means in love not in some human law) has still not been able to quench this insatiable thirst. (look at our societies sick sense for multiple partners even when one confesses to be in love with only one?)

All our emotions all the time are coming out from the inner core – they manifest in the external realm which we perceive with our senses and mind. This incomplete feeling is from our insides. Our base of spine. Our entire being, it reeks of completing its mission in love. To be drowned in its partners vision; grace and feet!

Our paradigm shift starts like all love stories by realizing how thoroughly we remain incomplete without the ‘other’, the beloved being there! How we try to then find out who our unique satiating partner is! Where he/she is hidden, how they will be found; hunted down almost by eyes of pure love! We start our hunt for our life and love. Our special completion in a lifetime.

The sad stories our human kind faces; when the inner sanctum remains incomplete. Where the self-power/ which has willed this creation into being – can never ever complete its orgasm with its beloved. This pure consciousness which drowns every aspect of existence in its nectar filled heart. Shiva at the top of cranium, overseeing the fate and action of each one of us. We remain in dismal condition perennially (even if we might have united physically with another body). Our natures demands this inner union to be completed. We are the observers; seeing this fragile and beautiful life and love story to enact itself. The meeting union and love making of pure conscious will to the raw powered will – which has created this veiled maya / illusion to fancy love in the first place. (That is why the wise say that there is no separation and enlightenment – as power and consciousness are always merged – but a love story still sometimes has to be enacted, to realize that there was nothing left to realize!)

My heart like yours like everyone’s aches time over for this universal love. I look hither thither and then laugh like a little child who has found a feather flying in his hand! The fleeting moments – our lives, ending sooner rather than later – without these beautiful unifications taking place from within. The healing and consciousness beckoning; yet I/we never glancing even at this inner need. How the lovers within might feel; i wonder! Never to have looked at one another in an entire lifetime’s worth. How shiva and his partner; the gleaming beautiful shakti – would wonder themselves– a body formed, a moment or many experienced – in utter mute ignorance? And perennially???

Such never ending sad love stories, one after the another – we born from the womb of one or other and creating such beings alike to us, yet never completing this surreal love filled union within. How could we call our love forth for another person then? Without having observed, experienced and risen in it ever!


Peace and Love

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