Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Mind Matters

Where can you possibly land up that you know anything about - when you do not know where it is that you came from?

I love anthropology for the reason that it teaches unique facts about our past culture and life style. It teaches what was of relevance and importance in past. It makes me rethink where it is that I am headed and whether it is the best of the worlds. Of course most of us look at the past as archaic and a relic. It has no interest for us in this day to day hectic world. But when I look at how civilizations and empires and lifestyles failed in the past - it gives me a perfect understanding that how it is that we are to fail this time around. The major contention being that we have never ever learned from our forefathers and such - to make our way of life an integrated whole (now with the digital world stepping in). 
This given the case, we can definitely spend much more time investigating myths, sciences, faiths and occult of the past. We can see what the people in past ate, did for a life and why. The phenomenon of learning experiences without undergoing them in the first place - gives us ample opportunity to integrate them for a grander life experience (a smarter one perhaps?)

Now this is not where my rant stops - We can; do what we can to learn from the external sources of information about our past to make our present future a better more composite understanding, but the past is dead and gone (most probably these have been destroyed completely by the following civilizations which did not learn anything from the past and yet were so eager to destroy it to create another replica of insanity!). 
But there is an easier way to understand human history, emotions, needs, and consciousness. The way is to look within our own brains. The brain developed by genetic makeup - a composite of our ancestors learning and mistakes. 

Our initial and oldest part of the brain developed from reptiles is the mid/hind brain; also called 'reptilian brain'. This developing more than 500 millions years back (who knows how old it is; I don't trust shit like carbon dating!)
The oldest part of brain being responsible for controlling your involuntary functions and emotions - breathing, fear, instinct. The base of the base - which is required to sustain physical life. 
The middle brain is highly developed for us mammals - controlling complex emotions, sexuality, and has the grand pituitary gland - which controls all the other glands in turn of our body
The most recently developed part of the brain (any guesses why its most recently developed - as it has the impressions of our past life stored) --> This is where the cerebellum and cerebrum are located. The most advanced feature of our brain - divided into hemisphere, each controlling one aspect of complex life - communication, consciousness, integration of thought, logical dissection, analysis etc. This is how in today's world we see who is smart of not, thanks to this part working overtime or over smart. 
Now we as neo-humans have integrated only the most recent part of the brain into our understanding, while leaving aside the older regions of brain - as they continue to function almost mechanically without any deeper intune connection to each other. This is where our inquiry into ourselves could help us understand ourselves better than before. 
The memory stored through frontal lobes is also connected to the limbic system - connecting thoughts to emotions and vice versa. These lobes also help construct spatial constructs, language, abstract thought processes (which translate into practical realities)
The memory is stored long term is created by the hipppocampus (memory formation) and then stored in the lobes. This only refers to our conscious created memories? I do not believe so, the older parts of the brain contain genetic information which come from our past. These can be accessed in states of regression; hypnosis and psychedelic detachment. The state where there is integrated behavior from brain - where all the parts are being accessed at the same time. Is when we start accessing our past and our present future potential. 
many of the diseases past on from our ancestors is also a sort of memory - the memory of disease of fear or motivation - is something which resides in us. These memories are from another unit called DNA. The DNA is to be found everywhere - in short we are made up of things from the past (though a woman has better ability to integrate this than men, and hence women are generally more in tune and more confused than men - as they find this split understanding of genetic makeup from her parents difficult to consolidate than a man who receives only one sort of genetic information from one source)

We in short are the collective moment of everything and everyone from the past which have lived and died to create the grand moment now of I - ness. This is exemplary  the only downfall being - we never look within to see without, and rather keep moving in some sort of goal orientation to reach somewhere, without learning/unlearning from the past!
Our understanding of even our physical anatomical selves is very primitive - as we have not spent any amount of time learning about who we are, where we come from as compared to where we are going and what it will get us? 

Genetic memory is firmly embedded in our lobes as well our genes. They are fusion of this life experience and our past ancestral experience. Now where I beg to differ from other parapsychologists - is that our memory is not limited only to our particular lineage - it is indeed a collective unconscious residing in memory - which is not limited to the generation or race in which one is born into. It is a collective understanding through all life which has lived before and experienced learning and cognitive collections. 
There are particular methods by which our species has in the past and even now accessed these memories and experiences without undergoing them, some call it meditation or theta wave understanding, past life regression through hypnosis, psychedelic ingestion and dissociation. Dance and shamanistic experiences with emphasis on isolation and self learning.  The only question which remains is that whether we want to access it, whether the time spent on learning from past is of any advantage to us. 
I firmly understand this to be pertinent. As we have time and again failed collectively to progress our evolution in a direction beneficial and inclusive to all. We have instead spent enough time building the basic blocks without providing them any value and just in time destroying it all; just to start over again (look at our past grandeur and it shall seem to be more worth less than rubble it has been forced to become now!~)

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