Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Peace Hand Shake


This came to me while I was sitting next to a lake; just seeing reflections. The hand shake which we currently employ to greet each other without violent human confrontation (as supposed primitive humanoids used to do); is still without any give and take, we meet supposedly on equal grounds yet when we have our first sense of physical contact (with another life which we consider almost equal) is based on a grip fight.

Wouldn’t a better option would be to exchange what one’s hands carry at the time when you meet another, so you walking and meet a person you know or want to and just go up to them and give what is in your hands – or in your vicinity. So in this way a small exchange creates a symbiotic relationship with all you meet, you can exchange smokes or drinks or condoms or music or books or pills or what not. You are free to give a rose or a rock, anything of value or not. But an exchange to show respect to another life form – is this not what we do when we feed animals or water plants, but we consider doing this amongst us humans as not worth the time (for the deals are bigger grander and more impactful – a pack of lies and shit almost all the time).

We can start with the ground root level – meeting and interacting as if we choose to and are not forced to. Is this wrong in any which way – yet we employ this only in certain pre destined spheres of our lives (our friend circles/fuck buddies aka girl/boy friends and what not else).

So we do not need people to be happy yet we choose to be with them as they do, there is a subtle difference and when this intent becomes deadly serious and fun in the hearts – learnt and un learnt – then we cannot fail to do a peace hand shake at the least – if not a full blown loving hug to whomsoever we would like to be with – in all spheres of our lives – spiritual/professional/solitude and where else …..

I chuckled when I thought of this. Hopefully will start an internal revolution with intent to collectively become one! As if there was ever any other choice. (Another chuckle lol)


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