Monday, October 22, 2012

Shiva Divinity



Lo! The space craft all multi coloured descended, almost floating its way on earth’s gravity. The form changing vessel blew out fast moving light every which way.

The man, god or alien stepped out. Matted hair and locks. The hair was something like a wise antenna. It was a throne – mukut (in sanskrit) but made out of something organic – like roots – strong and expanding every where in space. The Jata dhari was collecting consciousness.

The mauni, The lover, The wise and beautiful dancer. He embraced the trees as if they were his own. He climbed them and sat under them for ages as if he was lost amidst this wild and beautiful scenery of earthly life.

He ingested what was beneath his feet – the mushrooms and roots. He smoked what was growing wild and dangerous. His care none. His love unparalleled. He walked ever so carefully and yet so care free! How could he not be loved.

He was an alien, and he made this his home. He sat in meditation and the animals and plants were amazed. This ancient timeless force in between them, and they too grew so aware! They took his beautiful innocent wisdom and transmitted them beneath through their own jatas – roots, and they too became silent resplendent and non violent like shiva; the master of life (and death)

Bhola natha – he came upon the water and ocean, the beautiful green and icy mountains. He made all of them his lover and his power. He was verily the power holder. The vessel in which power and beauty got a name, got a sense of itself. This is the power of consciousness. And bhola was no fool (yet he was such an innocent loving fool!)

Lover of wild, he saw death and admired it. He loved the fire; blew his ashes on it. Burnt his body and saw this existence without eyes. Meditating in the stillness of night skies. With nature guarding, Bhola was too human was our kind. Agni hotri and lover of transcendence. Loving playing this human game in divine colors.

Sitting next to the ancient rocks of this planet – moulded by the heat from inside, he blessed the earth for this was what was inside bhola too – moulding the power of his own blessed being – he was playing with her, making love to her. making her his wife, mother, divine consort. Ending his alone ness; bathing his and her self in divine soma. Divine soma flowing every which way like his blessed self.

Na Ma Ci Va Ya you are the father, you are the lover. You are the stone linga on which energy percolates. It makes you the master. Makes you the fire. Makes you ice cold to earthly desire!

What in heaven’s name has gone wrong. The tribal master residing still in stillness here and now, disappearing with will and appearing to those who love existence true as himself. He makes them merge into his heart. his conscious divine will, makes the ego ponder and see true bliss before annihilating

Pray to the inner sanctum, where shiva is moulding fire and day. He is creeping our kundalini towards his pull. This alien master so sublime, came down from heavens to show us how it is to be alive!

Master of death, master of life, Pray to you endless times. Pray for prosperity and growth of life. With death it comes a full circle, communion with the father –who rules over samsara and time (Maha Kala!)

Love and Peace

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