Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Blossoming (Intelligent Design)

The heart chakra has moved on. Opened up to the world of possibilities  not divided by the veil of Maya no more. The heart has severed all illusions of separations wit one quick blow. 

The heart is blossoming and I can see it on my flushed face; the colors all drawing out and rushing out of space. The nature of organic intelligent design now so serenely understood. 

We care to look for things which we create - which we can admire. The things which have created us and the ecosystem around us are just taken for granted, we are born into this strange and beautiful world - its scenic endeavors and varied often loving, often mysterious life forms. Yet we can do no better than mindlessly-recklessly stomp on these beings - cause we are self involved beyond belief in the quest to create something from our own hands and then admire it. 

Take a look - every single person you admire or know of (famous dudes) are known and admired cause they have created something (similar to a god), and we spend umpteen attention and time to awe at such creations - be it a plane, a nuclear reactor or a work of art. We feel good to feed the ego and admire what we create as if it was something which could not be duplicated. Yet it is, not in an absolute sense - but yes it has all been already created before *You want to know the proof - then take a deeper look at yourself*

The heart chakra knows it all, it is the collective center of power and consciousness for this entirety. The heart chakra creates the true sense of union and communion for uniting and experiencing this awesome state. It is here where we realize that though we are individuated  we are in the garb of being separate - yet we are really one of the clogs of an intelligent design. Of natural design. This we call as nature/prakriti/eco and bio systems for this planet. 

This fantastic intelligent natural mind - has created varied forms of machines and minds, of beautiful and intricate patterns and DNA which creates symbiotic and even parasitic relationships. You want to know what else it has created? 
It has created people like you and I, this intelligent design is an evolutionary miracle - it has the ability to create neurons which can question their own path - their own need and nature. This is unheard of in any of the so called artificial intellegence which we are so proud to create (the robots, machines, interfaces, systems, storage devices, nano and what not else technologies). 
Soon enough man will be able to master artificial understanding as well along with biological repair - and he will again be extremely proud as if the achievement was his own. Who is to say otherwise?
The true achievement is this intelligent adaptable and mutable nature - which creates us, which molds us to question our own potential and reality. This sort of DNA storage structure - is unheard of. It cannot be replicated by us till date; and of course how would be - our civilization has fell many times over with the absurdity of importance we place on our so called advancements. Advancements which have no need requirement in the first place. 
You could equally question why nature produced this form of perennial quest at life - why we are needed here in the first place, and these doubts will be cleared with communion with this universal mind. The mind which will show what a joy it is to lose itself in the heart. The heart which has no purpose or place other than to shower endless grace in form of conscious power to enlighten its own nature - to revel in its own bliss. 

We can see that this intelligent design is the work of gods, we are put in the biosphere playground to figure out the beauty and trickery which nature plays on us to keep us blind (for most of our lives), yet one single event could change all of this. Its that vision quest which is the blossoming of our heart and souls. 


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