Monday, October 22, 2012



The place where it begins – where there is no need or want really. There is freedom to exist alive in matrix. With wise choices.

I choose to dip my head in deep cleansing cool water. Fresh and pure with the ability to nurture life and see reflections on its surface. The depths hold so much treasure. Living with wonder next to clean water, bathing in pools of hot water. Cleansing my pores and my inner workings. Mind relieved and soul re lived.


I choose to open my eyes, look at the night sky devoid of anything but the loving moon and its friends – the burning embers stars and suns – throwing out dark matter and light radiation at the eyes which are willing to receive it. (by the way we seeing color is the greatest gift of being human)

I choose to walk bare foot, feeling the earth – entwined with its deep connections and roots. The neural networks of the trees everywhere – connecting with the neural pathways of my mind. They teach me about the pathways that make sense. My ego reality going away and in a lifetime – the dawn of the greater mind (for lack of true words to explain)


I choose to beg for love, I choose my tears to redeem my puny self. Love will envelope the core. It is after all the core. The explanations would be left to wonder for themselves. As the beloved removes the veils one at a time. Making me hysterical and blind in love. Opening my eyes, making my heart overwhelmed. Making one to make love to itself, in passion heat and embraces. What more could choices be used for?

I choose to make my death grand, my life a union and communion with everything here and now. My brain splitting open and the energy there in come forth. Showing itself in true glory…. We are all bound to this. We are here cause of the choices we have made. Our lives to be felt and re felt. Learnt the hard way and with emotions. To make our grand life a deep sincere devotion to this existence. Of the one without name and form. Without an iota of understanding of itself. Of the myriad lifes that have been here and now. Of the matter and energy. There is a symbolic representation – this and that – of the grand end, renewal and re birth!

The choice I make within my head, makes my days and night – hence I choose very carefully and in silence – with deep reverence towards everything which is here and not. The void speaks finally through the choices which we all make – as a collective tribe, there is nothing as splendorous as this (even in our imagination of heaven and satisfaction)

I choose to marry to my own deep divinity. I am like a creeper towards the unknown. Observing now so heavy and delirious. I choose to merge and submerge to my own path breaking pointless and sublime end.


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