Sunday, October 21, 2012

Nature’s Word


We have stopped talking, interacting and communing with nature – in fact – the people who now live in urban cities across the world – have started witnessing nature as something far away, something un comfortable than their day to day routine, and somehow alien to their lives.

Nature has protruded into everything we are; after all we are a part of nature – we eat from her, drink and sleep on her. Walk and swim across her length and breadth, wear clothes and get high on her products. Our life is still at her mercy, yet due to the lack of open visibility we see (thanks to all the packed consumer products that have infiltrated), we do not even have an ounce of time to examine her with curiosity or awe.

Nature is boring to the freaks with game pads, cars and the lot. It is not worth the effort which we put in and for what? The same tree, the same sunset? For a matter of fact, nature never ever replicates two moments in time, every sunset and tree are individualistic – just like all of us. The beauty is to see this diversity, respect it and nurture it. Nature again does not ask this of us, but when one spends time in solitude surrounded by this world’s natural wonders – then somehow one realizes that there is no other way to exist in the first place.

To humbly request space and moments from her, eat and sleep on her. Let time pass till we die mortally and become again once a truer part of her grand scheme, I realize that our time is short and running and we are spending all the time in wrong efforts, even if we are eco-conscious – we must realize that nature really does not need us – until we need her. and then it becomes a beautiful symbiotic relationship.

Nature’s word are silent and humble, everything born from dark matter and energy and it must return to it, the living ecosystem is fragile and indeed a miracle to behold. More astonishing that the games and movies which we frivolously spend our precious time on. If we do not need nature, nature really does not need us and I for a fact know that we depend our hearts out on nature for our existence as we know it. Though we are sitting now atop high rises, they hold no meaning if the ground beneath them gives way and swallows this entire causation at a go. Gaia is living and breathing and as ancient as we can recollect. It is our imperative to live again amongst her, spend as much time watching and recollecting memories of a collective union of souls. Of no time and such, amidst her its always possible and encouraged.

nature spreads her word in peace, harmony and synchronicity. Not like us mortals who plunder rape and destroy her mindlessly. it is the most advanced life form known till date, and we purposefully in some sort of rage use her without even the conviction to thank her once. I well, thank her in all the forms she shows herself, in babies and little butterflies, greenery and water bodies. The night sky and the beautiful ruins of the past civilization. All is the collective entity sitting on this beautiful rock near the sun, all before it gets burnt up one fine day.

It is high time to change our thought and heart towards the simplest things around us – things which are actually the word of nature coming to the fore. We can learn, unlearn our neurotic existence and un do what all conditioning this world has done to us. It is a true time for some to start afresh, like babies in the garden of heaven. Sitting and eating the humble fruit of knowledge and love.

Take love and peace into the forest, and you shall return back manifold blessed.

Peace and Love.

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