Monday, October 22, 2012

Shine On You Crazy Diamond


Pink Floyd and their crazy interpretations. Such surreal wisdom through the power of language (music and sound) have been communicated and experienced. Music indeed has made all of this come true.

Floyd Painting 2

Music and its notes, which are to be heard and not learnt. They are renditions of this ancient universe’s imprint. Perhaps its unique to this universe and the way it breathes and exists. Through noise and then through form. Energy manifesting like a crazy diamond out of the fire.

Hidden alchemy of the mystics is exactly what music also achieves. Alchemy transforms the nature of everything it incorporates. So does mystic music. Energy vibrations which one of our senses can appreciate to some extent (we really cannot hear much frequencies) – makes the energy feel itself to being alive!

I am a crazy diamond, going to be forged in the extreme fires of chaos. I am the shining star who is going to sing my days and dance my nights away. I am the chosen composition which has decided itself to be! celebration! and path to silence! (what a beautiful action which music plays!)

So lets strum the notes, blow the conch, beat the drum. Please play music all the time. You can see the effects of this sexy crime. Please Believe me, elevate it, what you got and not! You will yourself through this vibration celebration divination of life musica. So start the show and exude it so….


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