Monday, October 15, 2012

Flesh To Bone

The cleaver sharp as your Intellect as well as I's.
Climbs behind the nature of facade, tearing it ripping it apart. The dream scenery of perfect solace illusion is finally cut open and left to infect its own being.

The cleaver which is burning through your skull as well as mine. It is cutting (do we not see?) deeper than flesh. Inside the bone, changing the structure of inanimate to animate (and vice versa). Changing life and death and rebirth and horrible cries (of separation).

Flesh and bone are your god, your soul image of your self, so naive it is to see upon the mirror - which you can never ever see for yourself (in whole!). This is the clearest state of maya. Of something hidden where there is nothing to hide!

I have seen redemption of myself, it is glass and stone. Which will break my mould - re mould me and destroy my agony. Please me sense-lessly and bring upon my quick end in fervor. I have seen redemption cut down the lives of so many - right down to flesh and bone - re creating what was is to be the blossoming of our inner fragrance. Our beautiful hole (in the whole) of universal soul.

I cuts down its self. It breaks the boundaries which it built in the first place to remain in control. I shuns the need and want of experience and indeed thirsts nay burns itself for its greater good! This is what has to happen when you mix your liquor and your insatiable curse of a thirst for more.

Why or whom will come and save you when the day comes about - when you are no longer to exist and no longer in doubt? When will you save yourself by (voluntarily) giving up your self? Who will give you salvation when there is no one left at all.

I have left my senses abroad, given them up for a dime cause well its worth not more. You should do the same. Make it perfect and sound; make it rising up to the shrine - your throne.

Love and Peace

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