Sunday, December 25, 2011

Creatures Like No Other

The vast repose of momentary conditioning uncoiling, with the eternal music. There is such exuberance in your movements; subtle sensual and delectable.
I am feeling; rushes so glorious like of yester years. Of stars spangled in the sky eternal. The points combining and weaving stories of your existence as well as mine. In such fragile bouts of love; waning with time.
Equally apart; and at the instant such, coming together again. Below the full moon shining, and the kiss awaiting. The rivers are flowing nearby; waters lifting us. Think about nothing, no one. and the entire existence becomes you; eyes shining as we dance and laugh the night away.
Inside her mind, she loves me like no other. The I is such splendour. So sought after. With every step. with every step dear one, I am one step closer. One step intertwined. What reckoning, do you not see it as well. This is the explosive nature of this kinetic whorl.

Oh you whorl like no other, like no dual I have ever known. Come to my core, in the night where there be no thoughts disturbing us. We are to become creatures of light.
Smiling and kneeling, towards each other; yes yes one step at a time, slowly and making a move like never see before. The dance wraps us up. Drunk on yes the love for the wine. For divine. For the wine.?
Soke in the grapes, and make merry under the tree, yiedling other worldly fruits, something which your tongue knows not, something which you are not. And yet glistening inside you; making you realize. The apple eaten and the wisdom of the snake now forgotton. Make you realize that you are creatures par exellence par light.
Par most realms, yet not even in our minds, where we exist, where we deserve to live. In such torrid affairs, let us counsel the heart. The heart has the property not to lie. To tell the loves way of existence this existence which is being lived by I.
The sensation of grandeur; of the love; of the nausea, for each and all, where ever we are. Whenever we were. The love for the soul. Defining and expanding ever with or without time.
Come sing and laugh, kiss and make erotic noise. Make this existence wake up; follow and raise yourself to your own end, Some things should never change?
Peace and Love. 

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Human Side

To tell the truth,
I have nothing forward which I look to. There is nothing which fascinates me. Everything which I held as dear and precious; has turned on its head. There is nothing which is revealing. No mystery and only vanity.
I used to hold this world and its denizens in high regard. I had the feeling of peace and unity in my heart and mind. There was nothing which could take me away from this. And yet it too changed. World and “reality” transformed into its ugly beginning.
I sat on the throne of my demise; and made my grave a little more comfortable. I ate verily from my lies; and tore down the shackles of my own mind. I ran naked; onto the coming train of consequences. Broke down and cried, showed my true human side.
Life and Death, pennies for the ferryman. Looks favourable sometimes and shits head first every time. Lovers united only for the night for by morning, each have tasted the illusion of their selves through the other. So what would you make of all this trivial pursuits? What could I do, but tell the truth and wait for end complete. Simply revelling in my human side.
I have traced my origins. To the stars and beyond. Why be stuck here in this isolated love less life; when travel is what I was meant for? Why stand the mediocre; where I was supposed to shine and outshine a thousand times, why the farce of every day life; when my human side comes to the fore.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Incomplete Verses

I kiss you tight. Hold your lips to mine. Sweet scent enveloping us and love taking us out of our minds.
I remember you day and night.
I forget if I am dreaming or alive when I meet your sight.
Somewhere my blood has run out and been replaced by the wine trickling down from your lips.
Into my skin; through my bone; all the way to my heart and soul.
I look up to the sky; birds together flying towards a sensual sunset.
The day we met, looked into each other; Our fates sealed, and no single “I” ever revealed.
Cannot breathe without you; Cannot live without your heart beating together with mine.
Call it selfish, I just choose to call it incomplete without a kiss.
Call it lust, but without you in my arms the sweetest mountain water could not quench my thirst.
Was a lost ship; sailing aimlessly, brought to the shore; by the lighthouse (you) shining forth.
I was lost; heart beating pointlessly till I lied my head down in your loving grip......
I am a pill; waiting for you as my cure.
Please save me; making me a part of you. Please save me; could not go through life without you. Please keep me, fragile and humble. Please take me jagged and whole.
Please please me like never before.

Daily Wage Life ; Or Death?


Someway what we doing in our day to day life is so wrong. So very wrong. Our lifestyle is directly impacting the death of our fellow life. This is so very wrong.

I work at a factory, A factory which makes liquor for a baron. The factory like so many others of various industries employ permanent and contract labour. The conditions under which these people work; is generally and always pathetic.

Compared to the contract daily wage people who work for a meagre 200 rupees a day for working 8 hours, the permanent labour have it easier; they offhsoulder almost all the physically arduous work to the contract and they have the power of the union backing them up.

It has been around 2 months since I have entered the factory premises as a HR manager. I am generally reserved in my judgements; for it takes a long time to observe all the facets of a particular scenario, but even then it looked that it was wrong to hire people at mere daily wage, or even pay them something more to get such immense work outta them, so that the organization could reap reward *people like myself*, so that the consumers could get something which they did not deserve.

One of these days, during lunch I was called by my subordinate with a rude shock; he told me that one of the permanent workmen had collapsed outside the main gate of factory; and perhaps he was dead. I was baffled out of my wits. I rushed with other people around me, and found that a certain Mr. A had collapsed on the side of the road leading up to the factory. He was aged just 40 +, and looked emaciated. He had recently suffered from jaundice and was cautioned bed rest, even after he said he had recovered and came back to work, my department told him to go get a physical fitness certificate from a doctor to confirm this, I do not know where this person got the certificate from; nowadays doctors easily pass on any and all certificates if you dangle a fresh note in front of them. And for the past 2 weeks odd, he was working as a boiler assistant. This is a physically gruelling job, and you require to be completely fit; even more than a normal workman to endure the heat and constant work load of taking care of boiler requirements.

To cut the long and perhaps repetitive *story of our lives* short. The individual died, by the time he was brought to the hospital. I along with a collegue of mine went to his home later; where his body was kept and offered our respects. The family was shattered to say the least.

I kept my silence strong. My heart stronger.

There is no life here; No life here worth living. I reaffirmed again and again within myself. There is no space on this rock, this earth where we as a race of “alive” beings deserve to live.

We all are responsible for the disparity present. The people suffering and the people busy drinking wine. Such events take place common day in India, or any other country for that matter. That might be the true shocker, the real horror of witnessing any such event. That a man who worked for some 20 years in a place, at the end of his day died in front of the very same place. No reward for life. No joy in death?

Peace to Us All.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Spacious Coffin

Resting on posh surface; a spacious coffin occupies the room.
No one to lift it or even see; the coffin remains marooned.

The coffin looks unoccupied; but that's not the whole truth.
Such an exquisite day for it to exist. Morbidity seen fit.

Coffin opens up; and the body of ours lies stiff as a rock. Waiting for it to rot.
Eyes still looking; seeking the truth. Without inkling of knowledge to untie this eternal knot.
There is space inside for another. Recently forgot. Come and occupy.
No one is seeking the unsought.

What is the need for this dazzling cage (the shining spacious coffin);
when the body it so proudly holds as 'itself' is going to be set ablaze.
Why the need for such insight? When wisdom herself will come forward to enslave?

Leave the ochre robe; and the glimmer of hope. Walk into your coffin and shut it intently.
No difference a thousand sunsets seen shall make. For no one will come to dance at your funeral. No one for No one’s sake.

Everyone now marvels looking at the impressive passive coffin. Lying cold as if death was itself dying at the stake. They see the width and the wood, the depth and doom, lying to themselves and twitching abound.

Everyone looking will one day sit on the same seat.
The coffin will engulf the grateful and remorseful just the same.
No one will get to have a say; No one is ever worth their personal judgement day.
Why then shall we all undertake the farce of life. Somebody with a <...point..> must explain
Only to be caged again in a painted spacious grave?


Mountain Abu Splendorous Ambaji


I had the good fortune to see and travel to Mount Abu where I could spend a week of my time. I traveled from New Delhi taking an overnight train to the base station at abu. Mt. Abu is one of the few hill stations present in the desert state of Rajasthan. The place is quite a hub for young crowd from mumbai and other places to visit throughout the year.
I arrived early morning twilight; got off from the train to take a cab to start the ascent upwards towards abu. The mountain or rather hillock has a very gentle slope and it takes close to hour and half without hassles to reach the top. The air was fresh indeed, though the hill station is not on a great height. The city was just coming to life with the first light of morning sun hitting this quaint hillock.

The hotel which I was to stay was pretty decently ranked; yet I found it not too hospitable. One thing to remember while going to abu is the water. The water is in short supply and the drinking water is extremely contaminated. I myself fell sick the very second day over there, and suffered a bad bout of diarrhea and had to heal myself using anti-biotics. The bad water is well known and even the locals would not encourage you to consume non-filtered water.
Mt. Abu is a thriving tourist and religious hub for the many lakhs of people who come to visit and rejuvenate themselves throughout the year. There is an approximate city center, which is thriving with local touristy and religious gifts.
There is a main lake which is atop this hillock; its called ‘Nakki Lake’ and its a huge formation. I found myself every evening by the banks of this beautiful lake formation... most people sit at the enterance of this lake; but there is a path which goes around the whole lake, and I took advantage of this, abu also attracts many sadhus; and there are various little hamlets and natural formation inside which you can find scantily clad and at times naga sadhus.
Unfortunately my camera (it was a reel camera), gave up on me for some reason and I was unable to take full advantage of the scenic beauty present in and around abu. But the impressions remain clear and consistently beautiful in my mind till this day.
The nakki lake is overlooked by the Kings palace of the regions known as Achalgarh fort. I was able to see the fort for a brief period of time only as I had quite a number of places to see under my itinerary with limited time as always.

One of the places I decided to check out was the famous Brahamakumari headquarters located here itself. The place they have invested in is a huge sprawling land atop Abu, which has loads of places for people to stay; big seminar and conference halls and of course a massive ‘Divine Egg’ which is their symbol.
I do not know much about this con, but like most other cons I know enough; during my undergraduate days, I have spent time in brahamakumari meditations and more often than not had great fun and laughter posing malicious spiritual questions to their so called master. But as always the most interesting and therapeutically funny part of their operations is their symbol. A chickens egg symbolizing the divine cosmos or some shit similar.

I also took time to go to couple of nearby temples. There is a shaktipith (so called-cause now many temples are simply called that to attract attention), I do not remember what the goddess is called as here, but this is where her lips fall, there is a 20 minute climb by steps and one reaches the top where a beautiful serene view waits for them. The goddess is svayambhu here coming out from inside a natural cave structure. One has to bend down and go inside to see the goddess a part of the wall. The entire temple was extremely serene and emanated a certain peace. Even the pandits were not resembling anywhat like vultures and they left me alone to explore.
There is also the awe-inspired divine Dilwara temples closeby, and I will mention them seperately in a later post.

I also traveled from abu to the rajasthan-gujrat border; where I saw another famous shakti-pith, this time it is supposedly where the goddess’ heart fell. The place is called ambaji; and I landed on a friday and had to face a lot of local crowd comprising of women. Being the heart center, it is extremely crowded; and people asking in turn for matters of heart always visit this area. The entire temple is in marble and the white everywhere gives some hope for such purity to arise in the heart as well. I collected a suveniour from one of the local temple shops (I always like to see these shops whenever I visit a religious center, mainly cause they have some funky representation of the god/goddess in manner of photos or paintings which I like to collect more often than not!)
Ambaji was not exactly specatcular; maybe the crowd and people turned it off for me, or maybe i could not witness and source of power or divinity but overall I enjoyed crossing over the border and seeing how cultures completely change. Rajasthanis and gujrati dressing food and religious beliefs vary widely and how!
I spent a day in Abu visiting the famous Guru Shikhar. This is the highest point in Abu and many religious visitors throng this place for it is supposedly where avadhoota/natha Dattatreya stayed and meditated. There is a steep climb to reach the top (it is easy to climb for steps are plenty but elderly people might find it a bit more difficult) and from there an enduring and perfect scenery ensues. There is no question why dattatreya might have chosen this point to perfect his meditation, in his place today; there is a shiva linga installed and a small temple carved inside a vertical cave structure which is present at the top of the hill (It gets very difficult to navigate inside if the crowd sizes become massive).
There is also an Indian astronomy institute present right next to this location and its quite breadthtaking to see the big radar equipment which is installed nearby. Though I was not able to gain some peace and quiet here, cause of the number of tourists yet I was very very enthralled by the weird and alien landscape that deserts create. While climbing down in my cab from guru shikar; I took a lot of off time; where I stopped the cab and trekked hills closeby, there was a a particular place where an oasis surrounded by hillocks and flanked by a temple were present. It was thoroughly desolate and I spent some time just checking out the rocks and water body. The wind which in the first place has been responsible for these weird rock cut outs to be formed was as strong as ever and it helped me become one with the region and its entitites. (such places are surely not desolate by night, I talked to one of the locals and even he affirmed that this place was holy and required one to visit only by daytime, by night it was quite powerful and required tremendous will to sustain... there are also wild animals which roam this area at night- and hence most locals will not be here)

I also took the cab to some 50 kms away from abu, by now I do not remember the name of the place correctly; but it was below the hill. Situated in a valley and I went there to see an ancient shiva temple. The temple is located in one corner of a Little town which has developed only because of the temple. The shiva-linga is almost non-existent, because there is a small estuary/spring which comes from where the shiva linga is present, it actually inundates the temple coming from the shiva linga. The water of course without mention is considered to have curative properties and the temple boasts of being extremely old (I found very very ancient rock cut outs of gods, shiva lingas half or completely broken and figures which do not conform to the stereotypical Hindu mythology there). I spent some time of mine meditating and enjoying the peaceful village scenery before returning back to abu.

The entire region of Mt. Abu glows in some form of weird energy. The water is toxic, the place is harsh and the temperatures soar or dip to extremes. The elements have played here for time immemorial and at the same time many enlightened folks have come here and set shop (other than the brahmakumaris I mean to say!). It is now a low end budget holiday location for many Indian families and hence even more frustrating for a traveler or seeker to see in peace. Yet I encourage everybody to go there and indulge themselves in the lakes and hillocks, the weird wind and water as well as the age old wisdom they are trying so hard to impart.

Happy Traveling.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Journey Up The Ghats/The Annapurna temple @ Horanadu


I already figured  most people who have graduated from manipal or lived in coastal karnataka would know what I am trying to express by the title.
The time I was still in udupi district doing my undergraduate course in manipal; I had a great many opportunity to see the vast natural beauty in the form of the unique Flora and fauna present. One such time, My mother and I traveled around dakshina coastal karnataka looking for some special temples/power places.
The journey to Horanadu is what I remember as most unique, among the 2-3 days where were travelling daily by taxi to different places around udupi. The horanadu temple lies past the western ghats, so while going from manipal one has to first climb the ghats (which is  a treat by itself). The journey takes some 5 odd hours from manipal, after crossing the first set of hills one reaches the towns of agumbe; this route which my driver took me towards the old mining city of kudremukh (which is a sheer delight by itself), from there there is another set of hills which come about; this second range (which I had never seen before- as I had not travelled in depth western ghats till then) were way more beautiful than the first ranges. The time I was able to go, was just after a fresh shower and it was drizzling as usual and always even while we were travelling, the entire range of mountains were covered with dew and all the plants were sparkling wet and looking as fresh as ever. It was a scintillating site for sure, even though I had no idea of how the destination was going to look...
I was definitely surprised, the ranges crossed and my taxi started coming downhill for the second time, and there was nothing in front to be seen as the entire scenery was covered with low level cloud (yes the western ghats are damn low and yet the entire monsoon clouds come to that level- its a divine sight for those who have not witnessed it!)
There is a river which passes by before the temple comes close in the picture, My mother and I got off the car and took some peace time on the banks of the river, the entire scenery reminded me of some quaint local on hills of himalayas, except that the scenery here was dense thick beautiful plantations of mother nature. All covered in dew and mist and clouds! Unparalled emotions started to erupt !
The temple to lord Annapurna mother, was installed by adi-sankaracharya when he was roaming around here. This form of divine mother helps us in sustaining our physical bodies. she gives us food and sustenance in all material ways. The temple when I first set my eyes upon it; was covered in thick clouds. It was a sight to behold, soon the clouds parted and I could find my way up to the sanctum. The goddess looks extremely pretty here and she feeds all those who come to her.  There is lunch served which is a 3 course meal in which only rice is served in huge amounts, generally I am not much into eating or doing mundane chores in a place of worship but as she is here to feed her children, my mother and I thought to stop to have our lunch.
They serve huge amounts every serving and by the looks of it my mother and I thought that we wont be able to eat even one serving to its end, and of course wasting food is a sin beyond measure. But lo! to our surprise my mother who is generally a very light eater, could eat all the three servings (huuuge) of rice without the least bit of effort. In her own words “ The rice here is ethereal, it feels so light. No weight which goes to the stomach”
And that is how spiritual sustenance of the mother in horanadu is, the rice is easy to digest and helps in spiritual progress. It is a blessing to have in our hearts and yes even our stomachs!
Its a pilgrims path, so many across this land strewn everywhere. Peaceful offerings of ourselves every which way we turn to. Isn’t it joyous to be a part of divine nature, and celebrating it with a human-divine face.
Give respect and love to what you eat whenever, that is what mother Annapurna asks. The food which you take from her, also must be returned one day; through death and debt perhaps. Offer now itself so that during death; the debt of food does not plague you to remain in this plane.
Peace and Happy Spiritual Eating!!!

Self Governed

The best form of governance; is self governance. This is a message enlightened folks across the world since ages have been TRYING without fail to impart to us.
Well we folks just don’t seem to care enough to listen; and do you see the consequences? No you still do not?
Well you can pick up a history book, from any corner of this world; and see the truth (I know history books are the biggest lies, but they give you some small glimpse of what actually has happened and repeated time over in any country/dynasty/region)
The massacre at Tien-Min square Beijing? The recent wall street protests? The uprising in China, Egypt, and oh so many African countries? The upheaval of economies across the globe starting from the golden lands like Greece, Italy, France, US?
Are all these problems interconnected?

Oh well for many ‘yes’, and for most ‘Don't care’

But it is foolish not to understand the root cause of everything happening

and just trying to heal the symptoms time over again!

I am trying very hard to contain myself from bursting out in mad laughter. Surely we are capable of better methods of anarchy than this? Oh sorry; we were planning to govern and bring about lasting peace? Do we actually have a goal-plan when it comes to governments and kingdoms and countries?
So this is not a one day process, since mankind has developed an opposing finger, he has been consistently fingering himself with it! lol, Instead of finding a way in which he can live harmoniously with the earth and other beings in it. He has found that he is always in some form of mental ostracizing. He has to prove himself time over to his own self, his fellow species and the entire universe. Well I wont get philosophical. That adds no value (as the world perceives it currently).
Why do we require governments?
We require them, for through governments, we define ourselves. we define Who WE are.
We creatures would not want to think over, to define how we should live. It takes too much effort from our cranium. We would rather just let some illiterate person take charge of our entire lives, the lives of our siblings and kind. That is too sad.
The majority is always right in any government? Why should that make sense? Is there a majority to start with; as far as I see, there are possibilities, but till date I have never seen any 2 people absolutely alike, conforming to the same processes and ideologies and in short the same way to live.
Everyone has their own mental worlds, and based on those, one builds their perfect utopia.
But the governments of recent have build mental models solely on the greed of one or some men. They work towards domination of another, of control of the earths resources, of building stock piles and holding out another in their time of the need.
Tell me why do we need to lend our support to people who take our passivity for a ride? Why do we not up-rise? Why do we not revolt.
I shall tell you why, for the majority alive, revolt is yet not an option, because they are unable to see another way to live. They can see only someone telling them what to do and more often than not, what not to do; and that is defined as life. Most people work, live and die like this. Time over, repeated through history!
This is what the bullshit neo age spiritual writers tell us as a paradigm shift (more often than not, I see the shift as merely shit). But they at least understand that this change; is required if an effect is to be seen for a majority this time.
The governments and their actions benefit only a very minute portion of sentient beings across the world, also because the governments mirror the individual person of the land and his/her thought process, conscious acts, unconscious desires (repressed or otherwise)
There is no easy way for revolt to take place, for unless change starting from within each of us, comes and flows like a sweet river towards endless sea; there is no hope.
For when we understand that we are since time immemorial wallowing in filth. (which we so proudly showcase as our glorious achievements!) and that any change which we consciously administer now will only help us survive a better life, and not just survive is when actually self-governance will take over.
Self governance, in a very easy terminology is that- controlling the self. The self (not a limited perspective of I) but of what the self is. The self can only be realized by negating of the limited self.
I state the fact- time is limited and it is the only precious irreplaceable resource we possess. We must stand together, in our fragile hour. To see that no one need control our future or our freedom. We must choose as one. The time now has come

The Serenity of Keesar and Yadagiri Gutta



I went to a beautiful quaint little hillock on the outskirts of Hyderabad city recently. The place had a very deep and sensual aura to it, and as usual I was not expecting anything much for it was a religious place for hindus.
Its named keesargutta, gutta in Telugu mostly translates into a hillock, and keesar is another name for hanuman. The legend goes that; after the avatara for good (or something) Rama goes and kills his counterpart Ravana in Lanka, he feels that he has to atone for the sin/karma of killing a learned person (brahamana or whatever!). So he comes to near Hyderabad (actually he settles in the holy jyoti-linga at SriSailam- which is some 100 odd km from hyderabad), and he asks his devotee and friend the monkey god hanuman to go and get him some 101/108 shiva lingas, so he may worship them and atone for his “sin”
Hanuman sets forth and for some weird reason, he is not able to get the shiva-lingas in time and when he returns, he sees that rama has already begun his worship on some other lingas (probably present at SriSailam) on his own. This infuriates hanuman, and he throws these holy-phallus’ away, they land here at keesar gutta.
The temple is ancient, and its blended perfectly between the even more older hillocks around. There are tons of shiva-lingas; all of them which are well built and probably quite pristine and old strewn around this hillock. Some of them are still worshipped by people who come to see the power place, while many are in neglect, because they remain further away inaccessible due to being shrouded by bushes and more recently human plastic garbage *what a blasphemy*
I could see the main shiva linga at the temple and it seemed that many a generation had done worship on it. There was a certain serenity which i could find, and in fact that is the only gyroscope which I use when ‘seeing’ any supposed religious or power place. I landed up on diwali morning and was expecting a huge rush but to my pleasant surprise; there were very few people... perhaps most were enjoying the much deserved holiday in the middle of the week and also because through time I have personally seen, that almost all shiva temples remain barren marring a few important shiva festivals held every year (like shiva ratri and such).
There is a huge hanuman idol as well, which to my best guess was very recently made, but seeing the monkey god is always a heart’s joy; in whichever form and disguise. And needless to say, the entire hill is plagued by this generations hanuman- the Indian recess monkeys, always on the prowl to scare some poor housewife or kid to steal the prasad or even their personal belonging which could be returned in exchange for food.
The fact that surprised me through my visit was that there were such beautiful sights just on the outskirts of hyderabad, and without the normal tourist distractions, the hillock and the adjoining areas reminded me of hampi.. this region has similar landscape to the neighbouring state north karnatakas landscape. rocky and barren and generally very very dry and hot throughout the year.
There are certain other places which one can see near keesar gutta, there is a small temple dedicated to the lord hanuman in the form of Panchmukhi- 5 faced hanuman, which is considered extremely powerful and auspicious to remove any troubles faced especially through supernatural entities. There is some sort of museum adjoining to this area, which has been recently built.. which has a steep entry of some Rs 250/- but one can go in to see some 300 odd main temples of india rebuilt in similar fashion with their history written as well. Of course I did not visit this museum temple zone, mostly because I have travelled to most of the shrines which were probably remade in this museum and i do not like to visit places to see something man-made, I get intense kick of seeing places where man has made some sort of tribute to nature or to power in general.
There is also an old boingir fort nearby keesargutta, I saw the place though I could not climb to marvel its view (its located again on top of another hillock) for want of time, and its a difficult trek up, as the locals informed me later, and I am sure it would be fun for any nature enthusiast to see a ruin atop a hill.
I also had the time (not on the same day though), to visit another religious shrine on a hillock near hyderabad recently, that is called yada-giri-gutta. The place too is steeped in religious fervor and this time for one of the avatars of lord vishnu- the Narasimha/Man-lion.
Narsimha here has come forth in five avatars, mainly and of the avatars is again taken and kept under the cave area by lord hanuman. It seems hanuman has spent quite some time in this region in fervor for his lord.
Narsimha here comes forth in svaymbhu form. He has come forth from a rock which looks exactly like his beautiful ferocious face and body (this was found which was originally a part of the cave on top of this hillock).
He is supposedly the god of physicians and the reliever of all ailments, and many people come here to get cure from their chronic diseases, they stay here for months on end till a cure is achieved at the hand of the loving man-lion form of the divine narayana.
Here too I was expecting the usual temple crowd; the millions of people with no cure in sight coming to experience power and the transformation that might take place.
But I found the entire temple empty, devoid of the stinking flesh and the hope (lessness) it carries. There was a beautiful serenity; a glimpse of true inner peace. The deity was beautiful, a part of the mountain present inside a secluded cave enclosure. The temple priest was exceptional, he had an aura which most of his counterparts do not possess in this day and age irrespective of the god or religion they preach for. The priest explained in simple terms the lord and his forms/rupas/bhavas here. Here is he is fire/agniand the anger/ugra, the consort and union/lakshmi narsimha and divine/yogananda as well as gandabherunda (this is the one which hanuman is said to have installed).
The view from the hillock is amazing; there is a certainty of peace here for sure. Not because of some extended religious fervor but plainly because of the power this place possesses. People still boast that there are lots of saints meditating on hills close by. On the beauty of the lord!
I strongly recommend people visiting these small hillocks on the outskirts of Hyderabad whenever they get the time. Religion or faith is not the question here, the true question is only whether we can withstand the power of peace.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Shloka For the Neo Dawn


The expressions so many. I am already heaving under their fire. The lightness they propound me into. Just an expression of this divinity.


This experience; the moment now between us, must be revered oh sweet soul. Not in words; but in the sweeter silence. This moment between us…. Oh! and I have spoken too much already~

It seems, strange enough *?* that Death does not make a difference only to those who have lived in the first place. It havocs those who have never glimpsed life ever / Psy world?

I have taken myself for a ride, all across this space. Only to swirl myself endlessly like a sufi in ecstasy, stopped to find myself changed here and forever.

You believe in organized god. An organized civilization;race. I only see consciousness mirroring itself in infinite different ways. I only see…. followed by endless laughter merrily dancing away!

I am interested. Only In God, for it tells me what your mind is trying to negate, trying to condense or compose. Your deepest fear is god. The source, womb which we escaped only to wait for it to encapsulate us again. Non existence is the neo god. Annihilation of I in the fire of conscious. Killing of our god, to become who we were.

I am preaching the love for the forest, the beings sentient. who do not require a mind or lust to sense life. I am talking being who we are, meant to be. Are in reality.

We are not distanced from the earth. Oh you people of digital domain. We are born from the sand and vomited back on the surface of this glorious mother, Earth; a sickening rock in Brahamanda of darkness.

The heart of this planet glows, and we recognize, re organize, and re mould the concept of I, inseparable from the earth and sky. from the conscious earth’s boost; we explode into inner space. We fly like eagles and crawl like snakes. To reach no particular destination or experience. To be who we are.

A part of nature and this earth. This lonely rock amongst the darkness all mirroring with alien interference of intelligence, of interspace consciousness, which is again not defined in any dimension like space or time or ego or will.?!?

See what it is; the shloka for defining you and I. Us in this very fragile time of insecure superficial peace, and the calamity of atrocity. The sense; the love; the dance. Where is it now my friends? Drink and fall into the endless pit.

The damned end, but there is none.. that is why I maintain. The less that is said of the holy. Revelling in silence, dancing under the banyan on a full moon night. That is the work of consciousness. That is the melody without a musician divine!


Wednesday, November 2, 2011



I just realized something so simple yet so difficult. I apologize; most of the times I keep myself and others in an endless loop; for no good rhyme or reason.

Its not a big deal to die.

Its not a big deal to die.

I find such liberation in these simple words; which hit me out of nowhere.

We all indulge in killing of live beings every single day from roaches to ants to what not, sometimes knowingly and other times unknowingly. I have seen people die in front of my eyes... right from alive to phat! dead…                     Believe you, me. Its not a big deal to die!

suicide-shoot-die_gum art pop exhibition ÊǹÅØÁä¹·ì suanlum night painting popart young artist design graphic illustration gallery (1)

I find such joy in these simple thoughts which now I completely understand, there is no loss, there is no gain, there is no meaning and there is no pain.

There is no end, as there was never a beginning. There was nothing wrong in the first place for us to be born. There is no need, for us to be here. There is no master plan which is gonna get us out of here (too).

There is no love as there is no life.

And its alright son, for it is no big deal to be not alive…

Its insignificant, your destiny and mine. There is nothing significant or poignant in us dying.

No one will care, No one will be surprised cause well you all know, its no big deal to die.

I am happy to take the plunge, I am happy to take my life. cause I finally get it. There is no need to be alive…


No way will I change my mind, No way shall the path divide, for where I have walked. Only thorns have kept by my side. I suffered without rhyme, I cried for a dead god. I mourned for a dead love, for a life gone wrong. I wished to end it all, never to begin it again.

My only sincere hope now as ever before; is to be never be born again.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Only Psychedelic Life


Every psychedelic experience, is not an end to itself. It is to build a macroscopic picture. Take another look; revisit another land; place yourself in absolute trust; and mother nature will walk with you holding your hand.


Every single human being; goes through life and experiences at times or sometimes or maybe all the time!? experiences which cannot be labelled, or slotted into one compartment in the brain. Though we try very hard. Look very hard, deep within since the time you can remember, the time you were born. And I assure you; that you will find something strange in your own life indeed.

But what is the point to some sort of normalcy and spurts of events and experiences which sometime make us mourn, sometimes rejoice and sometimes be just gratefully thankful?

The times are tough indeed, and that is the true test of the psychedelic experience, people who indulge on it volutanrily are terrible at heart. for they have seen the pain of life and existence itself, something hidden where everything should be gracefully seen and overflowing!

Well, we all indulge in this mass crusade, to hide the truth from ourselves. We mask it by repressing anything out of the ordinary, anything which conflicts with our thinking of who we are. In psychiatry they call it mental models. Mental models are built and sustained. But they can be changed too. And they are, continuously being changed. Sometimes we care to acknowledge their existence; most times we do not even pay attention to what is really going on.

This is the true psychedelic experience, inducing yourself to remember that every trip we take and make in our lives, is to practice. To practice the extraction of serotonin from our own brains. Our brains daily producing amounts of the soma-ras which keeps our world forgetfull and an illusion, a common illusion which we all can delude ourselves and try to be happy. But how can one be happy when one does not know his.her own source. The well which is true potential of being. The truth. Why should we mass hypotize ourselves to live lives without point and invent things to keep our attention at bay from the sea of our true existence?

The psychedelic experience, moulds mental models cleverly; without the mind even knowing it. The mind actually would know it not at all, if it were to live as if it itself did not exist. The state of no-mind creates the true psychedelic experience of living zen. Where we are who we are, graciously overflowing all the time. Without limitations of being and freedom. We are who we are.

This if practiced all through life, through any and all means possible leads us to become masters. Cause we have practiced since time immemorial; not to suppress what truly is reality. But to invent and reinvent it, to create it from our own source, as a source of truth and beauty. Without contempt of indifference.

This is the nature and path of psychedelic life. The pinch of salt is that most times we delude ourselves with the path and the goal so much, that we lose all innocence of living and loving. Free without boundaries. And that I tell you; is the real and only psychedelic experience in this entire creation (or what not) of ours.

Try and practice a ascetic life. Not that I am asking anyone to give the source of their current joy; but to multiply and amplify it, not by the greed and need for more. But by sheer acceptance of reality and who we are. Without boundaries; existing in a sea of now.


Peace and Love.

Saturday, October 22, 2011



Hey Look over here; There is this sudden change in the demenour, of the nerves and bones. There is inflow like never ever witnessed before. I crawl out from the hinges of reality; like a spider, poking my sight through the physical walls, through the sky.

I sense there is great achievement to be had; and well so does everyone if they can see it. There is change so perpetual and insistent, changing our perception and tune of things, changing whatever may be. Lying between here now and eternity.

This is grace! Baraka! my spider mouth jumps up in joy and sings, I become a lucid dreaming snake, strolling in between the jungles of my mind. The confusion and demogogory ends; and has left behind the cool gentle water stream trickling down my eyes.

Such a divine sight; to behold, when I look upon my affectionate care; my former needs vanish and am now propounded into every new being, with a throbbing passionate heart. The heart cries out oh so many times; over and over… in joy and freedom, towards the agony of not knowing or being why?

Baraka my soul! Wishing for what is given for free. Without limitations of space body or even time. She waits in grave silence, waiting patiently and grabbing those rotton apples (oh yet they taste so sweet from the inside), which cannot be eaten or spoilt anew by the changing winds of life.

Come beloved noor; come beloved moon; come ye’ all who are looking at humanity trying in vain to seek grace without a clue in sight. Come and celebrate in my arms tonight; for grace has sought me out! and I shall never leave her gaze even in a million lifetimes!

My sense overwhelms me; I become the cosmic serpent flickering my tongue and tasting the invisible presence of soft smelling ether. Omnipresent and devoid of form. The music invades me and makes me dance to its graceful loving tune.

I dance like a ecstatic sufi! A loving silent mauni of the observation without point! The center of the eye of the storm, and the violent storm raging everywhere right now!

I feel it is time, to let the cat out of the bag and let hell break like baraka.

I only wish that this mood extends upon one and all with the passage of time. For this is the time; the only one, where there is chance of meeting of souls. to stop time and forever let it be in each others eyes. Truth and grace.


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Trapped Under Steel / The Castle


The feverish trappings of mortar and brick, all spewed out from the concrete mixer onto the side of the road. The night wears on and the construction crew starts to unload. Everything has been working like clockwork, and the ‘castle’ must be build before then end of dusk. The owner is a merciless tyrant; waiting for one to collapse and fall onto the pavement. He revels in the agony of his workmen, every breadth cursed out, every dew drop of sweat and sweat makes him chuckle in some sort of victory. That his ‘castle’ has been built from pain, that its worth the lives of many, that it is the grandest detail of life in entire history of existence. How wrong would he be?

The moon beckons everyone for a smoke and rest. But the churning and noise evaporates all such desires, The concrete mixers now belch out smoke and dust, the boiler close by chuckles out soot and fumes. The entire field around the site is alive with some sort of anxiety. More and more trucks are making their way to the desolate site. Where some sort of monstrosity is being constructed from bare hands of those way too tired to live.
Aron, one such worker; now in his prime, has seen what his work and toil would yield to become, would materialize as some lunatics victory cry/ How un-important his efforts would seem in reality. In the passage of time, he would be forgotten for building this marvelous castle, no one would even acknowledge his efforts. He would be called a thief for actually help erect this architects masterpiece.
The siren went off, and people huddled together at last, running past their construction equipment to come to get a cup of steaming coffee, the glasses clanged the metal container, and in the cold mist; every one remained just their shadows. Aron saw them all, and finally joined the line albeit last to get his cup of coffee too. Somehow the usual routine did not seem to work for him today. He felt the pinching of divine doubt which could not be concealed any longer. It was bursting forth from the seams. It was completely covering his entirety.
The owner came with his symbolic whip, the register he carried forth. he brought it out and called out a few names, the lucky few who would get their daily weekly wage today. Aron was not lucky again; he twitched and moved to ask the owner once done, when his turn would come!
“Bugger off, you lowly scum and if you once again ask me then i would beat you till never’s end”
Aron had had enough of these endless gruelling days and nights. The past was the filth and the present seemed like a coffin with nails, There was no peace even once dead? Was there?
He moved like shadows amidst shadows, He kept invisible and spoke less and the next whole week he kept about his business more so than usual, none of his fellow workmen could see any change in him probably because everyone was wearier than usual. The castle was rising, abominable in its structure and impressive beyond recognition.
Something is brewing deep within; there is no way that this could be solved by anyone or could it?
Aron had for long been brewing; and brooding. His close friend, simon tried to offer him some reprieve.
“ This is what bums like you and I are meant for; the world is uninhabitable. It is not for the poor or the rational. It is only for those who have sold their soul to the devil. It is for those who have become hypocrites; even to themselves”
Aron knew what simon was dragging towards; everyone in this wretched plant mirrored their lives on the same lines, no individual left; only a mass collective hysteria. It was funny how the capitalistic system which perched on the ideals of every individual to become who they chose to be; actually created this in turn. The present state of events, where everyone worked for only one person; The Man.
Aron had come to the conclusion; after many other repeated attempts to set himself straight. There was no way out of this; other than rapid dramatic change. Change brought upon by real chaos. Real fear bringing upon change in the mentality of the owner. The castle had become the refuge for idiocy and ignorance. And Aron would not take it any fucking more.
He worked perilously and almost invisible. He collected those things which would make him a god in his own eyes. He met with his underground friends; the type of people most would not see in broad daylight. They remained in solitude talking on esoteric subjects in dingy pubs and motel rooms, Aron frequented them now more than ever, though he knew through his being what they were discussing; he himself was never party to their sophist driven debates. He knew his being, and understood perfectly.
But there was deeper melancholy in him now; he sought a solution, a permanent fix to the monstrosity called the ‘castle’.
His friends too picked up on the castle, they talked vulgar about the construction of brick which had no life and yet sucked the life of million others, like the great Egyptian pyramids or the constructions of hindu temples or even the Mayan edifices. To construct something inorganic which took the life of the many others living here and now. What could be a more heinous crime than this in the face of this world?
Aron asked them what to do, even though he knew all along what must be done.
He knew the answers were right when it poured in unison from his anonymous friends.
“The castle must be burnt! The castle must be buried! The castle must be cast back to where it came from! Back to eternal darkness!”
Aron collected invaluable items over the next couple of weeks, something which could make an explosion. Something which would be potent enough to remove what man was endeavouring to create in the first place
Some say that the architect, the mason, the builder have the power of god. They can create beauty and harmony in a world which resonates only with intent of dark chaos.
Some say that the creator is overflowing with the will of divine. Creating what cannot be seen or known until done so already!
Aron did not feel like this now. His home made device was ready; sweat and effort overpowered. Nights working at the dismal castle and days spent in the hope of something fruitful coming about. The day destroying the night. The way it should be.
Aron knew that what he was doing was right. There was something which was pushing him; his will to do this. Though no action in this world is justified or right; but some actions are more willed than others. That is what was happening now.
He piled the explosives at dawn, with the sun rising behind him. There was no one left; most workers drowned in their efforts had already left to get what little sleep they could muster up before being beckoned to the ‘castle’ yet again.
Aron looked at the giant construction; not of some god; but of some sure evil; the owner standing at the parapet of one of the floors of this endless construction. The sun dawning now behind him, and he all gloating and all knowing the suffering of everyone around. Became somehow even more powerful in this... Aron could sense this.
This was the god of old. The Ra and Indra of ages gone. The god which demanded of man, not giving freedom but draining his will and attention against his will, so that something beautiful might come out of it. For what use? For whose emancipation?
Aron lit the match; and continued to look at the evil owner. A spineless creation of the damned, the owner saw him now clearer; and he saw what aron had been up to. Yes he now understood; how the under dog had swept past him; and his impenetrable castle. How one single could cause the cancer, and free the body whole!
That day, even the sun’s glory was felt inseparable to the blast which caused the castle to fall. The castle which only moments before was standing tall. Standing proud, now was piles and piles of brick and mortar. Steel and blood. The owner came tumbling down; and verily he was trapped under steel. The same steel he once thought would become his home. The same steel which once offered him to be distanced from the common, from the downtrodden or the fallen. Now was the source of his own downfall.
The blast was dramatic, the smell of smoke and sulphur made everyone wake up from their homes with a jolt. The day has just begun. And yes it was truly a glorious one!
The castle we build sometimes are in thin air (of our own imagination), these are hopes dreams and loves which we hope to create and/or reconcile in one single lifetime.
The castles which men create; when they become old and fixed in some sort of life routine, are indeed dangerous surmountable to fatal. These castles are fixed in false notions of power. That somehow glory and immortality remains in the physical / material plane. For some it is indeed a physical castle, their home or their work. For some it is the false notion of passion and lust.
I have indeed cancelled many such castles which I had hoped to create. I have indeed raised them to the dust where they shall remain. For I rather be free from the false notions of security in this transiting life; than be doomed to spend eternity trapped under unforgiving cold steel..


Oh what beauty there is at the feet of nature, where every single cell is singing a divine song, carrying on a divine role. For every other being’s happiness.

Oh what an act every creature plays in this divine play; A dance worth dancing to. A song worth listening to. Humbled I remain; at the feet of glorious life! Always unlearning what I thought was permanent. Always changing when I thought I had seen it all.
Kerala is god’s playground, the immense downpour of perennial rains; the rich diversity of Flora and fauna. The humility of nature overflows even in the remotest corners.. even in man’s conscience and heart. The people adapted to nature worship for many ages now; everything useful is from nature and extremely eco-friendly. This most applicable to their modes/methods of worship and even the object of their devotion.
Kerala has remained for ages now; the center ground for shakti cult and worship. For people there shakti, and mother *devi* worship is a part of the grand whole of nature. There is no mother and goddess if there remains no nature. This is the simple and age old truth people of kerala have realized.
I had the great fortune of travelling to one such locality in kerala, near the famous Venice of the east *allepy*; some 40 odd kilometers from there is the quaint town of Chertala. Chertala is famous for a number of reasons, apart from it being on the banks of the grand “Vembanadu” lake which spans like a sea almost (as it is actually the backwaters stemming from the Arabian sea), the lake beautiful and pristine has also given birth to communism and the feeling of brotherliness. Chertala is the hub of also goddess worship and I had the excellent opportunity to witness this.
There are two famous temples dedicated to mother goddess here, though I was able to visit only one of them (close to the place I was staying), the temple is in the district of vazhipad; and the devi is called Varanad Amman.
Varanad amman has the form of ‘Bhadra Kali’ , she is in her extreme mood here, unlike her sister goddess located a distance away, where she is not as ferocious. When we describe mother goddess in different forms, it is mainly a mood of nature we are worshipping. A mood or a state of creation or dissolution. Here the mother is stronger than the rest, here she remains in perpetual state of dissolving everything she has created, and at the same time upholding all things till the time comes for them to merge back.
Oh She is divine, par divine! I have never witnessed anything such. The eyes of mine; overflowing with tears expressing love and gratitude at everything she has every done for me. She knows what a spoilt brat I am, always challenging existence and energy. I have never taken anything from her but her grace. Oh she knows my inner being; Oh she saw me that day when I first set my humbled life in front of her, oh she knew it that day when my unworthy gaze set upon itself the divine miracle that were her beautiful awe inspiring feet!
I flew into Ecstasy at arriving upon the little sanctum sanctorum of the vayanad mothers home. Most temples in kerala are not really creations of kings or men who have glimpsed some little power in their life. These temples are generally sources of power where medicine men and tantrics have ‘seen’ power emanating unusually ‘more’ than the rest of the surroundings. So sometimes the temples are extensions from what used to be homes of the priest who lived close to these sources of power, sometimes they are in pristine natural habitat inside jungles, where there might be outpouring of spirit and such.
The vazyipad temple is almost on the banks of the huge lake, now a big temple; i can easily imagine how it might have been in the past; perhaps a humble shack which withheld such insane beautiful energy, there are thousands of ravens close by. The mother kali’s vehicles. They seemed to me as some sort of spirits, who have been close to her for a long time now. There were some 100 odd families of ravens where I was staying. They all used to start screaming their lungs as soon as night fall came about. Which was so strange to say the least, cause birds go to sleep by twilight, and these were completely different. All perched on tall coconut trees, and they immediately felt ‘my’ energy; for the very first night i spent in my accommodation over there was the loudest and strangest. They were up all night calling and screaming at some invisible force for all i could fathom (this was when I did not know that there was this temple close by); perhaps they were urging me to come and see the beauty that was Amman; located so near.
The next day I ventured and saw the beauty divine manifested in gold and metal. The goddess’ face emanates some sort of ethereal energy. She is maha-kali here; she is extremely ferocious and completely un-tamable. And yet; she exudes such motherly love; I cannot fathom even to describe it in words and human understanding. She holds a cup with divine knowledge in one hand, and in the other a divine all seeing cleaver. Which is used to cut one’s head from material attachments. What energy! What power! and I was on the floor in divine rhapsody; howling from within, at what I was at her feet. A miracle of existence and nothing else. A cell glowing from within; the fire emanating her grace~
I went there everyday from that day onwards for the period of a week which I was there( I was there due to some work; otherwise I might have permanently settled over there). The temple exudes power and simple serenity. Oh how can I describe this to the city folk; who believe clubs and busy shopping areas are centers of power and serenity!
Divine mother was magnanimous enough to arrange for my own mother to come and see the temple and meet me as well during the week, my mother had some work in trichur due to which she had to fly down during this time and we were fortunate enough to witness the power and love of Amman together, we both met only for a period for perhaps half and hour; which we spent in contemplation and content inside the temple premises. It was truly peaceful with eternal mother watching over eternal mother.
One of the evenings I went to the temple; and I was taking my usual self around the sanctum for a stroll; and as I completed my first round around; I saw on the stupa which is outside the temple- facing the mother; sat a very beautiful cute small white owl.
The owl was truly gorgeous. It was from another world. Yes it was! It had its eyes open wide; and was staring at me the whole time, and I felt blessed yet again! It was so beautiful to see the idol of mother goddess in front of the stupa inside the temple; and the owl sitting right near me outside, with its eyes wide open staring deep into the seat of my soul!
It really did feel exactly like that, I do not know how long I stood there (it was quite a while) and yet the owl was not threatened nor did it move away, its eyes ever present on me. It was somehow sizing me up; my person and my qualities. Perhaps it was seeing what all had to be removed or remodelled so that I could better serve my mother.
I loved the moments I spent with my magik mother; my magik totem; the animal more powerful than any other. The sacred magical white owl of varanad amman!
It is truly a special place to visit; south of the country especially kerala; where constant- increasing amounts of shakti worship is instigated from ages past unknown. For anyone who has ever felt the love of their mother to be somewhat therapeutic, or perhaps freeing. It is a sure shot bet that visiting any of the shakti-piths in god’s favourite country would enhance such feelings umpteen times more!
Wishing you peace and love unconditionally forever; across space time and dimensions.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Hyper-Conscious Base

The base; acts like the eternal film. It is keeping us intertwined in a base sense of the word. When the base is acted upon; with other substances. It becomes truly mouldable.

The base is calling out through audio-frequencies. Its a sign of hyper consciousness. Some sort of other dimensional purpose. The base is all there is, and it is the base for all things worth their salt.

The creatures all never penetrate till their base. The base which makes them what or who they are. The nature of existence personified through ignorant energy/will. Dormant and perpetually in inertia. It can never create what it is intended to.

The entire scenery changes, and there are now manifold etheric beings, all surrounding and making their view as one. All focusing on the internal base of mine. They all come together and move into my being. Changing the film in subtle ways. The base is now remodelled somehow, and it is now awaiting for the energy pouring through;

The base acts as the inhibitor and the propagator of glorious things of this world. There is no such experience as the refinement of the base of our being. The base could be your speech or your action; it could be your only fear or your only talent. It could be the way you look at everything; or how everything reflects itself back onto you. Any how the base is what the entire planes of universe is made on. Its hyperconscious and active; it is actively looking out for energy to make the blanket of energy more delicious somehow. So the consciousness which beholds the base could benefit in spiritual evolution and away from material devolution.

I have tasted today as many other days; my base being strengthened by effort and magnanimity of the cosmic will. It is calling forth; refining my being into grandeur; oh so deserving~


Satanic Pool

Confounded and lost, the pool it seems has become stagnant. With the obvious. Thought and pattern. Action and repetition of daily movements.

Its a drear; to carry the body around. It listens less with time, and demands more with it as well. There is no end to this the grace full surmise.

The pool is growing thick and dense. There is no clarity penetrating through. Is it not the mental state of you as well as I? Where there is momentary happiness only to be once again forgotten by apathy and lost cause.

The angry and insane, they wear the eyes on the back of their heads. Watching what does not exist, living a lie…

There is such glorious existence, all abound. Without boundaries… there existing no limits or boundaries. No labels or confines. No pool which captures the soul and leaves grime as its ally.

The strength pours through, and life must be made once again what it is meant to be. To be without the habitual routine of life and relationships. Of contact and isolation which exists on the periphery of the divine.


Perhaps words do not make an impact, and actions too erratic cause too much suspicion at hand, but those with their feet out of this satanic existence, vouch never to return to it again.

For what is truly once found, can never be returned. When grace touches the heart; all ignorance is at bay….

Every sunrise an eternity; and every glance at the beloved existence. A  rare and unique opportunity. Waking every day anew; facing yourself back in the mirror and not recognizing what it was meant to be in the first place ever. This is true content. This is the way out of the quicksand of our material links and ends.

I am your god, and I command your entirety. Surrender once to me, and never to look back again. At what was your soul; bared on the cross; for the world to see, but now once set free.. to fly as we were all meant to….. Such is the intensity of the cries which awaken within us all.. calling us back to our origins. The holy and raw.

Come and lets drown our sorrows. Replace the stagnant pool; satanic and depressing with the ever new vigour for life. Where there is no death and no suffering, no sad goodbyes, and no sweet endings..


Friday, October 7, 2011



Oh so many paths are there; to reach thee.. The servant seeking the master. The lover seeking the beloved. There is such fervor and there is such pain. To what use is there; in misery being cast and misery in reign?

Yes, the paths all have one goal in mind. To reach higher ground, to reach where everyone remains as themselves, without a single false garb of duality known.

The paths are like the ways in which animals tread; some steady and strong like the walk of the ant. Though uncertain in its many moments, moving hither and thither and trying slowly and pain-stakingly to reach higher esoteric ground. Some call this the sure shot path, for this is the way each ant (each one of us) can take through our lives, to inculcate the sense of duty and morality and humility through our actions and thoughts and speech. This is true karma yoga, where there is every act; purified and negated through its performance.

There is also the intense path of the monkey, which jumps from one tree stem to another, sometimes going forward and high, sometimes falling down and taking care. This is the bhava and rasa of the lover in intense separation from the divine love all around. He becomes mad with passion and grace, looking for what the world’s illusion can never give him in the first place. He jumps over himself just like a monkey, and moves towards his divinity; the glorious sun (of the soul).  Some call this the higher path, the place where heart takes over thought and action and being all together, but to some it remains just a mockery, for the lover always in some secret heed to gain pleasure from this soul-full pain of being separated from the true one (of creation and life).

Then there is the path of the glorious eagle. The path taken by the most daring, the most needing. For the intensity cannot be held just in the heart. The need to liberate, the need to remove I is like a sure shot suicidal tendency in man. It makes him change himself, so that he may have what he needs most. The grace and feet of the entire glorious existence beckoning him ever and more. This is the path of the aghori. The path least taken and for reasons galore. For if you falter, even once, even half a chance taken and you shall fall to your madness and never come back to the grace of what you call out.. One moment your eyes taken away from the pointless goal and you hit the mountain or the tree of your doom and decimated beyond any recognition. Oh but what a supreme achievement to live out like a free avadhuta. The aghori, always basking in the love and grace of eternal raw creative power. He flies like no one I have ever seen. He remains one with the entire creation. His body exuding the eternal freedom of the eagle. He flies higher and higher in realms which we cannot fathom of.

Some call him the beggar and the madman, some abhor his presence and his existence. But what a true gift he gives to mankind, those who can only see the outside, see only a naked dirty filthy resemblance to a man, but to those who can see truly with the gift of third sight, they can see the naked innocence of life itself unravelled through the body and the matter in front of them, here and now in this visible universe.

I am not to say that every aghori, is like an eagle, treading paths to power. But there are those, in seclusion and disillusionment, looking after us all, through their efforts can ignorant fools like us lead peaceful and dull lives right to the time of our non-glorious deaths. These people, phantoms, power sources existing away from vile creatures like us, continously purifying our efforts to wreck all that is true. That is .



The sorcerers visualize the world, in such subtle dreams. It bends and becomes everyone’s reality.


Here and now, the shaman is a special warrior. He is the band leader of a bunch of fools; fools for they are all risking their fragile and nimble lives to enter something which might not exist. They are true masters of humble existence.

The nag’ual takes the band into altered states. he guides them and leaves them at the mercy of his allies. The allies, all worth being reckoned with, prove their metal and teach lessons invaluable to the band of hunters and warriors alike. They sweat and toil and many might go insane with the extreme will and effort which the process requires of them.

The will is forged in fire. The fire which is burning from within us all, and everywhere abound. The fire which is consuming us day in and out and making us forge cages with our thoughts. Thoughts which then become barriers for the very same fire to rage on. Soon for most of us, the fire slows down. and dies.

The nag’ual is crazy, he understands that this is not how he was forged. His thoughts do not trouble him anymore. They do not lead him astray to any other plane. He is intent and content, both at the same time. The will is directed and free… such an intense and life changing state to be in.

The nag’ual has but one choice. Well then it is really not a choice at all.. The only way to live, before dying is at the mouth of the eagle. The eagle, fiery and formidable is the entire existence; unlabelled (though for convenience visualized as a holy bird), and powerful is consuming all life through its mouth, consuming sheer energy and then through its incredible wings, again spewing forth this to form endless realms; dimensions and consciousness alive. The eagle is not consciousness, it is extremely dangerous is all what the nag’ual knows. For now he has realized his life’s calling… to be as close to this eagle.. This state of being where even one trigger might lead him to go insane and die. To never be the same again… and yet approach this state and remain so close to it, that it will alter him every single moment. Or just the moment which counts. The only moment which is present; here and now.

The nag’ual is weary and extremely hysterical. He is both joyful and solemn. Such a fine state for a human being to be in. Such potential now shown with utter abandon. There must be something special in him for sure. The band questions him not and follows him with faith. The same faith which the eagle consumes like corn…. The same energy which they all possess is what the eagle consumes as its most delicious food… the refined conscious energy of the universe which the eagle has created in the first place. There is careful paths to be tread..

The nag’ual pushes each one of his friends into the fiery pit of the eagle’s endless raging mouth. Some are too attracted at the endless energy and wisdom and power and knowledge; that they look not here and there even once, before jumping in…attracted to a powerful magnet pulling like a black hole- all energy of IS.

Some do as the courageous nag’ual had asked them to… They stay just at the periphery, almost as if there is resonance of some sort which keeps them at bay, they remain at the eagle’s mouth for eons together, never fading or dying away.. their eternal youth kept alive through the endless energies pouring through them from all corners of this visible universe and beyond. Only when they wish to, will to, and choose to; shall they jump into the great unknown. Never to be the same again. Never to know this and that as they once did… to repeat the eagle’s play once again..

Till then they remain perched; ironically on the birds mouth, with the giant nag’ual who has been there ever since never. He remains at the gates, testing and seeing beyond the mouth and waiting sincerely and with greater faith… for others who shall see as he does to.

To remain as the nag’ual. one must have disdain for the world and its fabric. He must understand, and perhaps give up understanding; about notions which have never been relevant. And perceptions which have never been useful.

Peace and Power to all the holy lovers and shaman’s of creation. Who love through their heart and heal through their hands. Who provide through their eyes and give through their being.


A Shaman is:

1) The Eagle of Heaven
2) One who flies as the Eagle into the Celestial Domains
3) One who is capable of spiritual flight

Thursday, October 6, 2011

{Less I say}


There is endless space in between endless space.

There is endless space all around and yet not anywhere abound.

There is existence wrapped up like a chocolate under a veil of lie.

Lies which co-exists with reality like bubbles floating in an endless sea

There is radiance on that divine face; which refuses to fade.

There is life on that fragile body now an empty carcass; rotting visibly decayed?

There should be another way out of this rat race; this endless maze.

There must be some way out of here. Some sort of remedy; A sure shot cure.

Life o’ mine; like a plan devised but strayed to the side.

Life o’ mine could indeed shine if it was worthwhile;

If it were sublime, If it somehow could kill the enemy of mine; surely time.

There is energy on the tip of the tongue; spewing sharper faster towards endless intertwined worms.

There is breadth in the air I inhale. Let it out inside my lover, and there is invisible warm embrace.

There is such deep melancholy in us; I surmise; There is limited time and endless lies.

Life o’ mine; is like a child’s toy, treated with care once and thrown into rubbish the next.

Life o’ mine; could be fair and just, if not for the corrupt; the vain; confused worth worthless dust.

Life o’mine is never complete. The more there is, The less I say.


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