Thursday, December 6, 2018

Incredible Days

Lasya goddess is growing up fast. She is 20 months and is now well integrated into how the world around her works..

She is keen on observing everything around her, nothing misses her sight and sound. She knows what people around her in the house and outside are doing; what everything is needed or used for and how to use them.
Last couple of days she has started picking up the phone (Landline and mobile) and started speaking some words she knows into them. This is wondrous to say the least!

She now has an active vocabulary to communicate and her sign language has come down. She knows words for Ball, everyone in the family, the train (Choo choo), her nanny (Akka), the Car (Caoo), Food (Mum Mum) and makes noises when seeing various animals. She also uses her hand signals fairly well...

She has gotten used to a familiar routine, getting up by 8Am with her mumma by her side, she needs to go out and get some Sun instantly, she will go to the train tracks where she will see some activity and see the trains moving around; followed by going to the colony temple where she may put water on the shiv ling and then go to the Hanuman temple and finally get some sugary treats from the pundit sitting there.

She will come back to home and have some water and then her breakfast watching TV with her mom or Akka. She now is up and ready to play.. if the weather is up to it then she may go out again with her grand mom and play with her ball or sit on her cycle to roam the colony; or if she is cranky she will sit indoors and play around with her toys till 11-12 PM when she will get sleepy and have an early afternoon nap. She may sleep for a couple of hours (as its winters it makes sense) and then get up and have her afternoon mum-mum and then off to play it is again!

She will spend some time crying (which she does a lot now) when she is put to the tub to have a bath.. which baby likes having a bath in cold weather. Then after that she will be ready set go to go out again, and by evening time everyone of us is back and then she has the house to play around with any of her quirky house members till night, night dinners are a little difficult cause ideally none of us also should be having heavy meals and any child will know their biological rhythms better than adults. She may eat heavily or have a light fruit, roti snack and then she will retire to her grannies bedroom where she will pay with her grandpa and grannie and see planes flying in the night sky!

I so wish to be part of her every moment's journey, but I get too involved and then want to play with her, she is fiercely independent and knows what she wants and doesn't want (her favorite word like many kid's her age is NO!)
Everyday for her is almost the same (as it is for all adults) but unlike us old folks, every day for her is unique, fun and lives up to its expectations - the joy of living in the moment!

She has this unique ability to intuitively understand whatever is happening around her (she listens passively to everyone's conversations) and is able to understand whatever is being said and intoned. This is incredible - not too many adults have these kind of abilities as well.
Active listening coupled with compassion (Many occasions she will give her food what she is eating to others or come and check up on her Bati whether she is feeling ok or not; she will get the medicine cabinet to her cause she has noticed Bati has to eat meds at the end of the day) are some of the attributes which stand out even at this delicate age. She gets super angry if something doesn't go as per her plan, she will resort to crying hitting throwing things (not expensive or important things - she knows these thankfully even as she is angry)
Her expressions have become deeper and more detailed, she gets up and puts on music and dances and makes others dance holding hands. She has started unraveling her layers of joy and spreading her core being. It is indeed abundance and love coming forward to envelop everything in its sight. It is graceful dance of the divine child Goddess Kamakshi!

Sometimes she looks at me and I stare back and stop the urge of trying to make a face (which I do quite often thinking its funny but I guess she doesnt think so) and then she will start smiling (not laughing out loud) with a genuine smile and it may just last a minute period of time but the way she does that, gives me all the confidence that she knows me well. That she sees through me every day and night. That the Grace of Guru is here in her beautiful innocent big almond eyes.

Peace and Joy!
Om Namaha Shivaya

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