Sunday, March 26, 2017

At Peace

With each passing moment which we perceive, we are recreating and getting out of fashion. 
Each meaningless glance and stare; surrounded by sheer apathy disguised as mocking care. We as a society have lost our connection to the source 

Sure it was the same before times; man had to slog and strive for his chance, one small window of his emancipation. This was tough enough in a lifetime without losing track but now the disease spread is more infectious less noticeable. A facade of peace is created but without any intention from anyone to live by it. 

This period of ours is probably the most peaceful state which could be had. The wars and lootings of the past will soon be enacted in future, where deaths over our precious "natural resources" will take a genocidal proportion. 
This period of ours is also the least concerned about what peace really means. Sure no one is dying in a conventional war, and there is time for society to do "productive" things - but as we soon realize all this was bullshit, and the way our earth has been raped - there is no chance in hell for us to even embrace peace. 

Peace is to be one with the self, whose self? Your and my self. No label attached but for the sake of even trying to describe - the ancients called it brahman. It is the presence the real self, which makes this maya or illusion work so well. 
To be at peace is a journey to accept things we are, aren't. To be at peace means letting things go, including ourselves, so we may get something different. 
To be at peace does not mean hurting in a physical sense. To be at peace is a spiritual unfolding where one understands that peace is the only attribute which we possess, peace is a sign and reflection of the individual's freedom, love, and uniqueness. 
Unless peace of one's mind and heart is at fore, there will always be anxieties or attributes of weakness which will take over the lives of us. 
Peace is the acceptance and potential energy which the universe is. 
It is Shiva in his meditative state, in jungle away from the so called societal peace and growth. In true sense, acceptance of nature and one's own nature is the only reckoning needed to be at peace. 
But indeed we as mature adult civilization dont reckon that our own peace is of any so called value, after all it wont lead to world peace (why not?) It doesnt win over money, and wastes a lot of one's time to discover their own core (and yes it is at peace). 
So indeed let's not waste time in teaching our young that to be at peace in war and non war, richness and poverty, healthy or dieased is the only thing we need to be or do. 
Everything else will take care of itself. 

Peace and Joy

Dance of Parvati

Life is absolutely thrilling, sometimes a boring line from one source of entertainment to another; while evading all pitfalls on the way and sometimes a roller coaster ride bringing about experiences and events which make up the journey of one's own self discovery so unique. 
These are signs of intelligent design, not by an external factor to one's own understanding of oneself - but merely the self's consciousness taking on what one chooses (or blames) as one's fate and life. 

I have been blessed to become a father recently. The joy of feeling it is sublime. Did I expect it, I didnt but having said that - I welcomed it like a thirsty man finding refuge in an oasis. My soul mate, my love is surely the sign of female energy. While standing and consoling her during her delivery, I could only fathom how lucky I was to be with her seeing as events unfolded to give birth to our beautiful baby daughter. 

Lasya born on February 1st 2017 at 12:14 pm in mumbai's Jaslok hospital, was one of the moments which makes my life thrilling. To be a part of her coming to life. I felt that this was my life's culmination. 

Her eyes wide open as she looked at me and my mother in law. Born on the fruitful day of Basant Panchami - which is an old festival celebrating wisdom and knowledge represented by the beautiful solitary goddess Saraswati. My Lasya too was born to spread the much needed knowledge of the self; and in due time she will teach me and Neelam too the beauty and thrill of life through her presence. 

Now she is over 50 days younger, and her eyes are as big as usual; her hands and legs have started kicking in and she is extremely active when she is not crying or sleeping. She is able to recognize her mother's presence and make innovative sounds asking or speaking in her language. 

The beautiful princess was born with a head full of hair and within the last month and half her hair has grown even further - the more I look at my photos of when I was her age - the more I feel she looks like a beautiful wiser image of this self (which I call my own)

Lasya is a mature kiddo, even at this tender age she doesnt bug anyone until she wants to feed. She makes faces and looks inquisitively to one and all. She understands what is going on close to her and makes early attempts to crawl. She doesnt seem to enjoy her daily baths much but I personally feel thats because of the internse heat which has already started across India. 

I am looking much forward for the mother and daughter to come to Delhi in the next couple of weeks after her naam karan ceremony where hence i can start spending time to listen and love her like never before

Yes indeed, often life surprises us like never before. 9 months of gestation and voila you have a perfect replica of how god looks like to all of us, a beautiful innocent life which wants to attach to all around and spread innocent cheer. 

Lasya means the dance of parvathi, whilst Shiva dances his powerful and masculine Tandava, the beautful mother goddess dances a seductive and spiritual dance to show him the grace she beholds. My child Lasya (not mine in a possesive sense) will epitomize the beauty and grace which Lassyam brings forth. 

Indeed life is quirky, somedays so delightful and others a chore. There are ups and downs and so many spinning arounds that it is possible to get disillusioned with it all, hell I know I have felt like that many a decade by now. Indeed its difficult to see what we have and not compare; but truly each one of us is blessed. To hold something of a transitory and intangible experience in our hearts, processing it at the best we can with our minds and imprinting the bhava in our souls. 
Yes the beautiful goddess has come to teach us all lessons in experience. I will keep my mouth closed and my heart open to experience what life through her eyes and life will mean. 

Delightful and so beautiful - pray that thy life be always filled with love and grace! 

Peace and Joy

Friday, March 17, 2017


The multifarious complexities which make us who we are. Only to express for a moment and then change and die. This is the beauty of life of who we are,
What I mean to say, is that retrospectively when I think of who I am or have become, the limitations and weaknesses that are unique to this self in this time - are all a matter of how I was brought up or not. What I saw or felt and what I never got a chance to experience ever.

This is in essence the environment which maketh the man. If it was only as simple as that. The soul remains the same of course, nothing of a doubt in that. But who of us is looking to emulate our soul, we are reveling in our unique individuality - inside cosmic shrouds which give us the illusion of wings. The illusion of ego masking as the soul indeed.

How I could have accepted another life, but it is never the case. How everything comes crashing down - one card at a time.
The challenges which one faces, the trauma of lack of love and compassion from when one is born - all this makes the man and woman that we all are. Indeed so many of us are rapists and murders and so less are saints in the real sense. There must be something wrong.
I am not generalizing nor making hateful statements, but stating facts. How earth rotates every day every minute on its access, and not once do we spin around

The center in us remains one and same. There seems to be no distinction in the matter of soul but when it comes to who we define ourselves to be, its a matter of complex energies interacting to form our self - the kind of chaotic mental abyss we descend from, sometimes it feels that there is no bottom to this.

Surely you can look at your world and see the deficiency which defines you, which you believe defines you - the fears and anticipations. Which sums up your personality. But then who am I to speak. The one who is forever to destroy the sense of I. Bringing about my uniqueness to the frame of reference.

These words and labels can only take us so far to dissolve the strings which make us. But then this unfolding of complex life imprints which last only a flash, a fragrence of lifetime of the universe is what makes life so special. All of life.

I have been blessed to accept and create life, there seems to be magic involved. The sense of destroying yourself outside and rebuilding the core or at the least sustaining it, is nothing short of true grace.

Om Nama Shivaya

Saturday, March 11, 2017


So finally intune with what existence is doling out,
or are you and out and about.. looking for the laughing daffofils, sitting in the middle of the lawn

Surely sire you are gone. away from the land where retribution stand still. The land where nothing forever stood still. Surely you are far gone.

I dream of you in my last sojourn with sadness, where you stood with a drink in hand; whistling existence par say through your tune. I stood mesmerized and still.
This is what life speaks to us, ushers in a tune which we were looking for all the while. There where there may be a chance, speaks a chance for a truth to bud itself to life.

Snowing deep inside the trajectories of neurons which beseech the ones wise. There is endless whiteness of activity and no signs of stopping. It seems that life has seen a complete circle back upto itself.

Past a place of where you will stand for an eternity, lies enteral joy. You must just have the patience to endure to feel it all absorb it in your self. This is what is called emancipation by the ancient wizards.

Talking about wizards, brings me to the cross journey of where you and I had met in another form. Perhaps as hooded figures inside thick jungles, looking for legacy and power. Escaping from one form of cruelty of another. To find refuge within the self was our greatest drive and hence I write in utmost sincereity; you will not understand till I pay my two dimes of my eyes..

When is the sunset happening you seem to have asked me, but I had no answer I could not even speak. This truth lies in the horizen of twilight and never ending darkness.

Speak silently to the silent ancient natha. He who has whispered existence into your heart and will take it away from you too. This is not a joke, but the preliminery path to glorious end. For which he keeps your shadow at bay.

Why are you looking, seeking still inside tall dark undergrowth of the hill. Where there is no causation, there you stand peering into never ending darkness. This is maya, this is the true reckoner. This will set you finally free.

Dont believe, me, look inside and path your life enchanted. You will change all of life itself, with those wise small steps that you plan to take. Take it in stride and peace.

Peace and Joy

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