Friday, March 17, 2017


The multifarious complexities which make us who we are. Only to express for a moment and then change and die. This is the beauty of life of who we are,
What I mean to say, is that retrospectively when I think of who I am or have become, the limitations and weaknesses that are unique to this self in this time - are all a matter of how I was brought up or not. What I saw or felt and what I never got a chance to experience ever.

This is in essence the environment which maketh the man. If it was only as simple as that. The soul remains the same of course, nothing of a doubt in that. But who of us is looking to emulate our soul, we are reveling in our unique individuality - inside cosmic shrouds which give us the illusion of wings. The illusion of ego masking as the soul indeed.

How I could have accepted another life, but it is never the case. How everything comes crashing down - one card at a time.
The challenges which one faces, the trauma of lack of love and compassion from when one is born - all this makes the man and woman that we all are. Indeed so many of us are rapists and murders and so less are saints in the real sense. There must be something wrong.
I am not generalizing nor making hateful statements, but stating facts. How earth rotates every day every minute on its access, and not once do we spin around

The center in us remains one and same. There seems to be no distinction in the matter of soul but when it comes to who we define ourselves to be, its a matter of complex energies interacting to form our self - the kind of chaotic mental abyss we descend from, sometimes it feels that there is no bottom to this.

Surely you can look at your world and see the deficiency which defines you, which you believe defines you - the fears and anticipations. Which sums up your personality. But then who am I to speak. The one who is forever to destroy the sense of I. Bringing about my uniqueness to the frame of reference.

These words and labels can only take us so far to dissolve the strings which make us. But then this unfolding of complex life imprints which last only a flash, a fragrence of lifetime of the universe is what makes life so special. All of life.

I have been blessed to accept and create life, there seems to be magic involved. The sense of destroying yourself outside and rebuilding the core or at the least sustaining it, is nothing short of true grace.

Om Nama Shivaya

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