Saturday, March 11, 2017


So finally intune with what existence is doling out,
or are you and out and about.. looking for the laughing daffofils, sitting in the middle of the lawn

Surely sire you are gone. away from the land where retribution stand still. The land where nothing forever stood still. Surely you are far gone.

I dream of you in my last sojourn with sadness, where you stood with a drink in hand; whistling existence par say through your tune. I stood mesmerized and still.
This is what life speaks to us, ushers in a tune which we were looking for all the while. There where there may be a chance, speaks a chance for a truth to bud itself to life.

Snowing deep inside the trajectories of neurons which beseech the ones wise. There is endless whiteness of activity and no signs of stopping. It seems that life has seen a complete circle back upto itself.

Past a place of where you will stand for an eternity, lies enteral joy. You must just have the patience to endure to feel it all absorb it in your self. This is what is called emancipation by the ancient wizards.

Talking about wizards, brings me to the cross journey of where you and I had met in another form. Perhaps as hooded figures inside thick jungles, looking for legacy and power. Escaping from one form of cruelty of another. To find refuge within the self was our greatest drive and hence I write in utmost sincereity; you will not understand till I pay my two dimes of my eyes..

When is the sunset happening you seem to have asked me, but I had no answer I could not even speak. This truth lies in the horizen of twilight and never ending darkness.

Speak silently to the silent ancient natha. He who has whispered existence into your heart and will take it away from you too. This is not a joke, but the preliminery path to glorious end. For which he keeps your shadow at bay.

Why are you looking, seeking still inside tall dark undergrowth of the hill. Where there is no causation, there you stand peering into never ending darkness. This is maya, this is the true reckoner. This will set you finally free.

Dont believe, me, look inside and path your life enchanted. You will change all of life itself, with those wise small steps that you plan to take. Take it in stride and peace.

Peace and Joy

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