Saturday, October 3, 2015

In a Hurry


We must analyze ourselves for the betterment of our kind. The way we have been built to operate; believe you me – the most complex computing system in the universe does not come with any operating manual and even if it did – it is stored in the unconscious cloud storage of humanity. Making it very difficult to retrieve. The entire process of meditation helps resolve the barriers present in the present moment. It makes the effort pay off, for when you gaze the direction inside and simply passively observe – it makes the unconscious come to the fore, the pain and fear, the greed and lust. All of it comes and poof, like a bubble bursting – these vices and attributes of the lower self all disappear. The operating manual comes and keeps the mind aside.

It is of course simple to speak and write while difficult to undergo such catharsis. Why should one, isn’t ignorance bliss? And many of us would agree to remain in such ignorance and normally I would agree, if it were not for the changing course of all things in nature with time. This deep bounding illusion is what makes us vie for enlightenment / nirvana or emancipation within this life. If I look at it with both my eyes closed – I could make sense of such an effort or experience and why the selves of ours required to undergo such movement.


I also see deepening beauty, indescribable and subtly sublime. This is impossible and possibly foolish to try to pen down about life. Life is irreplaceable as an experience and most of us try to end it in a hurry without experiencing it for what we have intended to be born for. Yes it is right, we have taken the choice for taking upon this life and live it to the rights of dharma (not to the fullest – that is succumbing to vice)

In a hurry and what will come out of it? I do not know, there is nothing which you and I are not, and still running helter skelter to make everything our own. This foolish naivety, and arrogant attitude to make everything our own without giving our notions of our selves away (giving up to getting) will cost us, this ignorant hurry for burning the midnight oil of our remaining timelines, it will only end in us dying and lying in back to back graves.

Leaving without even finding out why you were expected, is the saddest of all joys of this creation. What takes for you to know who you are all, of all instances and moods. There it lies, your former self now yourself and then the future self, why such a hurry to settle your dust, it is in the making – becoming unknown making it alive

So leave the concern and need, for anything you thought was important to finish up your joy. Savor and live it slowly and in silence. I trust telling that is the all natural way to heavenly abodes.

Show your love and compassion to each other, live it simple and lovingly. There is no hurry to finish up what perhaps may never come alive.


Peace and Joy

Friday, October 2, 2015

The War of Gods


Doesn’t your religions seem to conflict so many times over, in itself with so many myths and contradictory truths being told. Comparing it to the truth of other religions and prophets – does it not seem that there was a war between the various gods of our world?

What if there were many benevolent kinds present here in this world over time, all of them bringing their truths to this world and imparting it to the tribes they made? The tribes in their reflection – projecting the various creeds of this human world. The creeds now morphed with twisted truths which these aliens brought – maybe illusions or maybe imagination – Gods and their likings and their wars – now a central theme of our world. Which we use to have our own mini wars and extinctions. The human world has been ruled by various gods from various planets of this universe, and all of them bringing out their dark nature and versions of enlightenment to us. What a show~


This is why so many of our gods praise compassion and love, while others beg for blood and war for satisfaction. Some come and say they shall come again to this planet, and many who have never left this planet after their first visitation.

The gods who will come to our rescue and those who will instigate greater wars here to get what they want. Is this all not madness? And we as a collective species following all these contradictory truths without even questioning what the fuck was going on in the first place. Stories in which gods rape human women and where they have technologically advanced weapons which bag their sport – death of humans and others alike, and at the same time these species of gods puking out spiritual insights; as if it was our and their birthright. To be evolved and enlightened. Away from the flora and fauna of this natural world (earth).

I do not know what the fuck is going on and what will happen to my world after my death; maybe we all do move to the world of spirits and ancestors – where gods rule forever – planets where situations favoring lasting of time is more than here and then maybe we return back to this ground in a new form – where we play and die once again praising our gods, waiting upon them to come and save us whilst in human form. I could never be sure of this primitive yet distinctive mythos of our times. And there have been so many; coming pouring forth from the skies, from under the ground and from within our spine. There seems to be no end to the wars which the gods have waged upon their selves and our ancestors. (The war still continues both intrinsically and extrinsically in our time)


Creation of Man through DNA labs being made on this planet till date (in the womb) and replicate the image of gods – who will rule this planet and fight it with the other alien image humans for supremacy on the planet – does it sound fair? Without needing to fight on their own planets – they devised their own method to feed their ego supremacy. Why not create a world and populate it with their drone genes and then see who can fight it out to win. Maybe it’s the Caucasian gene which rules the roost nowadays and in the past it was the tribal Persian genes. Who knows – once upon a while it was the mongloid and maybe even the African negroid gene which created the supreme gene in the beginning of time. Maybe supremacy is a function of a sinusoidal time wave. And so it goes on – the gods which thirst on strife so that peace may be evident – the gods which spread ignorance so that knowledge and enlightenment can become apparent.

Who is to say the gods are really at war with each other as well, maybe a function of their age/supremacy or their true natures – as functions of dark energy now made into consciousness – which need to see the darkness first and the light last.

But this I feel apparent that the creation and sustenance myths of all religions conflicting brutal and barbaric at times are all their as pure information showing us what happened during the past in this cycle of linear time. I feel that these often contradictory truths of various religions and spiritual paths are rather complementary and we are at the center of the whole show, as if the gods themselves take birth here in the form of a video game and fight it out with each other (the reason we all fight it out with each other all the time) as if we are all trying fighting for supremacy of our true tribe.

And I do want to add, that the aliens though created pure gene races – which have now become totally mixed with interbreeding and mixing have now created new species of alien humanoid; the kinds which are still forming their own tribes and their like minded groups and fighting it out with each other for supremacy of one kind or the other.

Something you may wish to think about. Om Nama Civaya

Peace and Joy


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