Monday, February 22, 2010

Revelation Machines

The ancient cave paintings in most parts of the world (from france.south america.india etc), where our ancestors have painted the walls for over 15,000 years on are mostly flooded with representations of man-beast portraits, representations of therianthropes. Even in Indian mythology (hindu), we can see the ancient gods like- matsya/kurma/varaha/narshimha are all avatars of lord vishnu where they are all man-beast formation. Till date the shaman tribes of !kung, and others believe in the transformation of a sorcerer to a beast (in the likes of la Catalina), which derives greater power of the animal who the sorcerer has transformed him/herself into.
Why the great fascination with men becoming either bats (vampires), or man-lions (narsimha), or a sphinx (and you must remember the vampire is not a Transylvania creation- he has existed as an egyptian god for over 2000 years). or even minotaurs and the like- take any ancient culture and you will find the tribal influences of therianthropes on them.. something so strange.
If you look at the beautiful paintings of the caves in south Africa, or France or even south America- this recurrent theme of men transforming into animals, as shown in detail over the cave surfaces is something very pertinent to ancient man.
In meso American religions such a man is known as a nagual shaman, who has the power to convert himself at will into an animal of his choice, such people till date are revered and feared deeply by local folks. They are called shape shifters, for they can change their shapes at will.
Something not common to just the religious tribes; day to day UFO abducts till date sometimes before getting abducted see such therianthropes, in the form of half man half beast and then they get abducted, at a later time the aliens show their real forms (another shape-shift), but in the first moments of an UFO encounter; most cases are of therianthropes seen.
Most Egyptian gods are sorcerers, like the sun god Ra, or Horus or sobek or anubis. Hybrid humans between owls and snakes and wolves/dogs and so forth.
The collective unconscious of Jung (through jung) has tried to be the solution to this pertinent anthropological/neurological model of human past. But i as many others see the collective unconscious as just a means to describe the dilemma and not exactly the solution to the problem.
Why are these hybrids existing as far as 15000 years back, when humans actually started becoming adept in controlling their environment.
The answers lie inside the human head for sure.. and there are many many theories concerning therianthropes. But these are inventions of the past century by western scientists alone; who dont have an inkling of knowledge of how these have contributed to human psyche for over a millenia.
Greater probability of finding a solution more akin to our liking lies in understanding the ancient shaman tribes and religions (many of such shamanic practices have been incorporated in the mainstream religions of date), and what is the process that shamans and medicine men undergo as they shape shift supposedly to their animal form.
The practices carried out include always means to bring about changes in ones present state of consciousness, through trance like activities which in turn endow the shamans/brujos/priests with the power to supposedly enter different worlds where they can encounter and interact with alien powerful god like beings. They return back with greater endowed wisdom and knowledge concerning the welfare of the tribe and environment. In the course of such activities through an entire life period, the shamans get the power to transform into animals. Some of these activities are explained through the sensory perceptual changes one encounters when one is undergoing a change in consciousness, ones vision and hearing change dramatically. Ones fingers or other body parts might become elongated or add extra parts, ones hearing dramatically sensitizes alike to many animals. There might be a change in ones weight or perceived mass, and a feeling of heaviness or lightness dawns, alike to animals which can fly.
These are but partial explanations, but in reality the transformation of ones consciousness in most of tribal therionthrope religions is practically visibly supposedly accompanied by change in ones physical persona as well. One might become a crow or a vulture, a feline or a snake... and so forth. I have found many interesting relics and folk lores such in tribes across the world which point to the still till date belief ney, rather absolute trust in the shamans ability to transform into an animal... so much so that the chief deities of the other worlds which the shaman encounters are also in such shape shifting forms.. One such folk lore is of the icchanti (the snake). 
Something for later blogs to i guess.. but anyone interested in anthropology (the past of humanity which brings us to the future of our race), should try deeply to understand the presence of therianthropes in our past.


Tele Visions (TV)

An analogy to be considered, its not mine (as in i havent come up with it) but eminent scientists and Psychonauts over the last generation have taken it up.. i thought its a very interesting comparison.. hence,
Compare your brain to a Tele vision set, a tv picks up a particular frequency and hence you can tune in to a particular channel. Lets call this channel a common frequency- free to air; so everyone on this planet can see it, and its free to; like doordarshan and hence everyone automatically tunes into it. Ignorant and pretty lazy creatures that we are; we arent really gonna think that there are other channels on this brain set of ours. So we go through our life (at least the most of us), with one channel attuned and taking for granted that everyone else is also on the same program of the channel and its all fine.
The analogy is that the brain can attune to a different wavelength together, but even before this consider cases of alcohol or chemical interference, emotional and psychological disturbances which go to change the color; sound and other characteristics of this free to air channel... We all have undergone such transformations, simplest being a heart break or winning a marathon (or anything else), it makes the channel way more dull or way more interesting depending upon the receivers 'mood'.
Now for millenia together Psychonauts have contemplated in changing the channel all together, sometimes you dont even have to have that intent and the channel due to some contingency changes the channel and your brain starts receiving different inputs (or a different audio-visual-sensory channel), Comprehensive scientific tests on rational/sober people in 1990 with a psychoactive chemical DMT; has produced such results, when injected or provided with dosage of this chemical, patients dont so call hallucinate, for a period of 15-30 minutes, they just drop out of the current reality channel and attune to a collective channel, a hallucination is not reality is the undercurrent of Western science and medicine, but a mass hallucination is a reality like the current one of ours, when scores of people take DMT and approximately tune into the same channel and there are oh so many of such channels, then it becomes very imperative to ponder what is reality and what exactly is fantasy.
The new paradigm is shifting towards acknowledging that the human nervous system along with the brain dont act like producers rather, they behave like eliminators of the different frequencies of reality which exist, perhaps this is for collective survival of the human species, but one and only one reality cannot be imposed on humanity. For reality is varied and is present in multitudes (it is not just function of sensory elements in the body- but the brain plays the most important part... as in; what i mean to say is that reality and the varied versions of it are not just due to the senses, reality can be sensed by the brain itself, it is first and foremost sensed by the brain and then interpreted by the senses)
The TV channel that humanity has been watching for a very very long time has been boring and seditious, it focuses on war and hunger and material comforts. There is no variation; and without it the brain is dying one moment to another. When we can change the TV channel, why not our perception of ultimate reality.
And i assure you that there are more realities than you and i can ever fathom in our philosophy!

Nightshade~Crisis~taking to flight

The terrible La yerba el diablo; cast herself all over this frail body. Cloaked in putrid smell of death herbs; am intertwined in her castaway misery.
Initiation has taken toll; as i vomit out more and more. No one near to comfort her or me. For it is a duality that we must all undergo. Atropine, Hyoscyamine, and Scopolamine are present within my body.. extreme dosages as the brujo takes control within my dreams.. I dont expect the fool to ever understand what this means.. for the fool is already dead to me.
The hypnotic dosage has caused me to hallucinate; reverberate; induced with a wandering sensation; something between heaven and inevitable hell. The brujo; master sorcerer takes me to my funeral pyre, sets it afire; shakes me forwards and back, till I have penetrated the essential gap.
Nightshade reverie causes the energy (prana) to take up to flight within and without, the herb (mighty powerful datura), rub over my legs and arms, at the spots of my neck and ajna (third eye) has made it possible for the flight to take place. 

The setting is a nexus of sorts; a vortex-> meeting place of the souls from beyond, the brujo takes infinite time in administring the sacred plant, where i commune with her and take flight into the void.
The master near me has taken to the essential song, sung from the heart and beyond, ibogaine; the plant which takes over him, takes him to the land of ancestral dead and back here. He communes and sees my past, where i have been and what stops me now; datura oh datura, sacred of all plants, you art the communion without which nothing will last. I see it clear, I see it without doubts. Without your caress; all is lost.
We come together and paint the walls of our vortex cave, in colors of blue black and rain. It is an expression of the human religion as the ancients look over us from different terrains. My brujo and I can sense them without doubt, they are here as they have ever been looking for us to join them in mourning silence.
Humanity; the childrens religion sees not the power of the plant, its power to help us fly and sing a song so strong. Which breaks through walls of life and death and brings those who have been seperated from us once again to love and hold forever....
Foolish child, you will not understand; till you dawn genetic eyes, soak the holy nightshade into your skin seeping into your soul. You think that the world is brick and mortar, Holy datura will break it till you soar ever more into the night sky!
The delirium though physically has surpassed, but it has caused one last psychosis to remain for ever in my heart. It will transform every time i wretch into the bowl. Every time i see humanity for what it really is.
Ancestors seperated by light, take me to the sky, where the holy god of thunder lies. Where the eagle soaks the sun and flies. Where the holy lady d'hratura remains focused on the third eye, opening visions of illusions and lies over and over through the tides of time.....

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Batuka Bhairav

The air is cool and the rain freshly poured, another night and many more have been consumed by the fire which is the final straw between the body and the earth. Evaporated from material consumption, many lie in the path to salvation at the ghats near the kala-bhairava temple in ujjain.
There is meloncholy in the air, and eery silence; This is a place for an adept, not for a novice. The night has reached the hour of holy contemplation, and the dogs start howling like banshees, it could have but one meaning (i think, believe, feel). Baba has gotten up from his slumber, his nocturnal rule is coming alive. bhairava; who rules the three worlds; burns down ignorance with his third eye.
Fear not, for he shall protect if you have kneeled. he will show no mercy if you have held your staff all across your life as your ego. The mighty bhairava remains on the shores of the holy kshipra river; where even lord krishna came to bow and refresh himself.
You cannot hide the face of death, no disguise can protect evil, which stains this primitive sickle on his hands. Blood red lies his persona. In blood and fiery anger is bhairava re born again and again... over and over.
The adept natha, sits quietly at this horrific hour in one corner of the holy ghat. The dogs have become more troublesome, they are in a trance state, with eyes red and teeth out. ready to devour anything in the ghat which has not been consumed by the holy fire. Baba is out, I see, believe, feel.
You and I are not ready to worship bhairava yet. When you shall give up everything and be ready to protect; act as kshetrapala to your woman, to the goddess divine. at any costs; then you will be the fearless bhairava.
You will always remain then on the periphery of your love; woshipping tara from a distance, where she will shine on top of the hill; baba will remain away with his sword and axe and trishul drawn out, with his blood cup filled with madira, smiling and laughing crazy with his dogs for his lover on the hill.... Yea you and I are not ready to become bhairava yet.
The adept though, is in a different frame of mind. he sees the dogs howl and crowd around him at this crucial time now. He throws ashes at them, making them holy like himself. overjoyed from the bottom of his heart at the happenings of this night like the others before it. He awaits in pure joy; in silence.
Those who penetrate the vama marga, the left hand path towards enlightenment have to make baba their guru. Bhairava will shine at the darkest hour of night. when its most hopeless, when you have given up your family your love your breath  and your life; then baba opens your third eye, makes you clairvoyant and shows you the love which is life. Tara Ma!
Batuka Bhairava sits like a mirror image at the distance of 128 angulas of breath from the adepts pose on the amavasya night. The adept is drunk like never before, and the 16 year old batuka is crazy and terrifying with fangs wide open. The adept knows maha kaleshwar has come as a child to him, one of the 64 weird visions of ultimate reality. The innocence of batuka bhairava is flung apart when he flies to the eucalyptus tree nearby and then returns back to the ground with blood all over him. His eyes become like stars entering a supernova.
Maha kaleshwar is god of time, where time stands still. He is god of death, where death stops to give away to eternal life. he is the eternal servant to goddess tara, where love overcomes everything opposing. Maha kaleshwar opens the secret passage (mount meru), to draw prana up till ajna. Where third eye opens to see endless worlds and the illusions surrounding them.
he is without mercy. He is drunk, terrifying and covered in blood of life. he is ever new and bows to none. he sits and meditates on five corpses at the center of smashan; eyes meditating on tara. Savior to the world. Shiva in violent form. Rudra; Kala; Linga.
Adept is consumed in sheer bliss as batuka bhairava enters him. The time comes to holy twilight and the dogs are looking to the sky as they feel the presence of baba in them too. The ghosts of the smashan have come alive. They haunt in sheer delight. Magix of holy kshipra has renewed those who have believed and trusted the god who stands still at the end of the light...
Peace         ~!~

Monday, February 15, 2010

Settling for...More or Less ?

The condition of education in this country is pathetic, and the people who are figures in the education systems sustainability are apathetic towards knowledge or students who want to acquire it. India boasts of IIT and IIM and ISB and colleges such as these which are supposedly amongst the best in the world. But as I see it, people are fools and its easy for some one to become a pied piper leading Indian aspirants from one cliff to another and finally dumping them somewhere where no one cares about them.
First and foremost I hate competition and the school of thought which believes that competition brings the best in everyone. It doesn't, it fuels hatred and insecurity and jealousy and selfishness and it never promotes learning for the intention to learn in the first place. Competition in studies just boils down to who's the best? who's the brightest? who's the first? who's worth it...
and in truth everyone is fit to learn, perhaps in the real world or something the survival tactics work, but it ought not to be in an education system, think about it... why do only some people get to learn in an IIT, shouldn't an IIM's motto be to teach everyone to manage or whatever they are supposedly good at...
Apart from this, the cycle of education is just that... a vicious cycle.. institutes gain name after being years in existence and they start taking in the "brightest" people in terms of intelligence (there is no other test of any other sort to measure any other potential in India... and i dont think this situation will ever improve). Then they half assed teach these bright people, who in the first place would be able to handle whatever being taught, they pass out and secure good jobs and so forth and the college gets name for it, and so the next time companies want to hire bright people, they come to this college and so it continues. There is ever any sincere help in terms of educational difference provided by the excellent schools and mediocre ones. an IIM-A is just comprised of people who are most fit in terms of intelligence quotient and the teachers are mostly busy trying to get there personal research and so forth going so they will also be supposedly well qualified, and they dont have to be really teaching these bright students, they will and do manage and then they secure good jobs and the colleges get credit.
An ISB or a MDI would be excellent and worth its salt, if it was able to take the bottom 10% of the CAT aspirants and then get them a decent education worth an awesome job, but this cannot happen for these colleges and the people who handle their administration are finally business men/women and not scholars. Though they might have 100 papers and 1000 research works to prove they are, but they still cannot experiment to teach those who according to them are not worth it. Thats the real challenge to a teacher, in any day and age... taking a disciple who doesn't even value perhaps what is being taught and inculcate in him knowledge worth keeping for life.
Indian students have been harassed, burnt out, pained and miserable since i have been one (almost my entire life), there is hardly any joy, the teaching methods remain age old, the teachers remain constantly uninterested and senile at best, and the bottom line remains money, for teachers and students. How can such a system be sustainable? How can it actually boast of being anything other than garbage.
Even if education system is over crowded, and it has to teach how to survive the real world and what not, i dont see how imparting education is related to ones IQ or any other quotient other than desire or intent to learn. Western education (atleast non management courses) has learnt this much that, to learn one just needs motivation and true desire to pursue it till the end.
The deep impact on the psyche of Indian young minds is too great to ignore, we are brought up thinking that if we even take time to breathe and not study to get in a school college or work will cost us, our life. My parents have used this line "Boy, this is your last important exam; it will decide the course of your life" to me some 10 times atleast ranging from boards to entrance exams to university papers and what not, but i haven't learnt anything worthwhile other than the fact how not to learn something properly and for life.. and that is a very very sad statement for a student to make, that the only thing i have learnt in my years as a student is how to get grades, not how to appreciate and learn something cause it is my natural intent...
the Indian education system is a systematic process to eliminate any and all desire that one may have to actually learn something. If I want to pursue management tomorrow, to become a good manager or a good vet, or a good doc or even an awesome sanitary expert, i wont be able to.. the stigma attached here to education is incredible. mind numbing soul crushing, always ending with the question... will i be settling for more or less......

Some sort of Demon

Haunting my dreams, every time i get up; in the mirror I see.
Run away further and further till I can breathe no more; just to see you waiting for me at the door.
What kind of hatred are you made of? The putrid mixture of jealousy Lust and Sloth..
In time I have found you in the hearts of men all alike; wrecking whatever they see in dismay.
You are my nemesis, the fallen angel true; In your palm are lines edged in blood.... they tell of the glory of your right, the right to fool man into the false notions of power; of immortality
Master of puppets, these fools swing your way, dance your tune and puke and die when you say...
They think not, seeking castles made in heaven and run ever more in circles as soon as they receive what they thought they had sought....
You have sown the seeds of misery so deep, ploughed in with your material rewards of greed and gluttony and sprinkled ever so often with the rain of hate... in each and every man
You wait for the show to begin, so that you will feel alright... that the demon so vile is not obscure, he runs mad and free in each and everyone who breathes.
You are not alone lucifer, you spawn generations of your disciples... who prefer to walk blind, from natures gardens right into your realm; to meet your minions; brothers sisters of the kind.
You fool me not, You enslave me not; the light of sacrifice burns in this heart. The purity of light to bury your sins back to hell... My kind will defy you; defile your existence; seal your loathe in your tomb.
Your selfishness has ruined earth and the lot; you have won for too too long. The day of judgment comes one last time, yea this time your money and your greed and your hate and your selfishness and your death and your crime and your sins and your lust and your power will be your downfall... Not Mine, Not Mine.

The real demon walks in man, He walks endlessly day and night. He stops not, tires not. To destroy what man was to create. To laugh and ridicule the grandeur of life,spit in our heart and convince us that we would sell our soul for greed, butcher each other for 'happiness', spew hate for no reason... like rabid mad dogs without souls ever more....


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Blasted (my) cocoon

India my home. Imagination blown with the mystic  ganga religion; flowing down to vindhyas and kanyakumari. The dravidian shiva kissing the sweet feet of the eastern mother divine. A land where Psychonauts have lived and achieved transcendence for over a millennium.
Psychonauts use each and every substance and person for changing their state of consciousness. An alternate state of consciousness is only beneficial if the mind is able to objectively see that the heightened or depressed state is as temporary and illusory as the day to day forgetful state of affairs concerned with the mind.
There is no true reality or dream. No high and sober states. Every state is as mystical and different than others, but this becomes very difficult to realize practically (as i have seeen with myself and others who i have observed through time), without the use of shamanic and neo-shamanic techniques which make use of sensory inputs (which define anyways- reality in day to day life for us) to change the set (the mind set) and the setting (the physical inputs).
Psychonauts are most often accused of leaving an existence which is purposeless, or perhaps even useless in the eyes of the "sober rational" man. I see it the other way around actually, if you are not actively engaged in seeing what makes yours as well and my reality, and how this very same reality is as fake as the temporary altered state of consciousness, then you are wasting your breadth and time on earth.
I have been used to a purpose-full and objective life style, i have been accustomed to a very short attention span, which i use for utmost purpose all the time, i choose to enjoy the best and most varied sensory inputs all the time i am awake every day, so i can see variations in reality as well... here what best means to you is not necessarily what it means to me, best sensory inputs are those which have the potential to change your state of mind instantaneously. May it be music or silence (sound has the most potential), dim light or psychedelic effects or perhaps the tongue tasting water after a day of abstinence or perhaps inverting it down to internal nectar.
India remains the bode of everything psychedelic, hence i have accepted it as my true home, it is not true that the place and people you are born with have to constitute your home or family. As a psychonaut myself, I see objectively what will bring upon the realization of sensory and nervous system reality failure to capture true life to be my place of rest as well as the people who bring me to such conclusion to be my true family. In this respect i am truly blessed, my home will remain the true experiment ground; the land where indus and ganga and arunachala and mansorovar reside and my true family remains my mother as well as my father, the most wise and beautiful physical reminiscence of the love power and beauty of Mother goddess Tara and Father beyond the realms known Shiva.
Sleep deprivation; meditation; setting change; physical endurance; sex; abstinence; lucid dreaming; substance usage; silence and peering are all methods which i have seen and known bring about frantic changes in ones consciousness, the external aura a Psychonaut has is very very different from the one for an average person. The average person strengthens his "cocoon" or aura or energy pattern to just one, the way he would like to perceive his reality- and does through the course of his life. Something like screening out everything irrelevant and leaving only those things which make sense to you, the Psychonaut is the other way around - she starts with changing her aura to absolute null, which will entertain every single aspect of reality per say, then to go one step further, she would intentionally induce altered states of consciousness, with a trance, deep meditation, or vision quests and such, in future posts i will go in depth/detail of the ways one can enhance their vision like of a Psychonauts- and this wouldn't be some sort of guide, simply what and how i have tried to web my life not towards one single thing ever but all things equally and in balance (and oh so out of balance).
Nature is very kind i have understood, the ways we require or choose to see reality; she always gives the benefit to us to receive wisdom through her, and in turn she gives us endless opportunities to alter our mind set, our vision of what life is to us and steadily expand our definition of true life.
And nature has been over the top when it comes to this huge ass island which broke away and hit pang ea to form india so many eons before. India will give you a pure setting, from tropical heat of kerala to incessant rains of meghalaya to the ice cold of redemption of Himalayas, it will induce in you 30 million alternate states of known consciousness through its gods, and some more through the unknown and yea the unknowable powers that be. It will set you morose in mani karnika and free over tara tarini.... I have seen unspeakable truths here, i tell you honestly and what nature has taught this psychonaut is that one must be able to see truth in silence; without projecting a single perception over it but when it comes to sharing that truth, one has to scream it out as loud as one can so the world can hear it and embrace it... Not one truth, all truths are different yet they are one..
Mystical and magical is how this Indian feels towards his power inspired country. Where shamanic traditions of centuries and millenniums merge together over and over again to see what this beautiful romantic thing called truth of life, can offer to us in oh so many new and love-filled ways.

Peace (by a fellow Psychonauts to all those closet Psychonauts who are yet afraid to see varied truths which india is here-now offering to each and all) 

Friday, February 5, 2010

Slave No More

Rowing your miseries to the ocean that stretches for ever more.... Loose your senses and break away, Rise and refute.. Slave no more.
Eyes were closed in the dark, sodomized by lies, weeping your life away and then waiting to be buried in a burnt grave.... Rise once again from the ashes; Slave No more
Your cries from the cradle to the grave... echoes in the labyrinth of my mind; One man's greed becoming genocide, work for no end.. No rhyme never a reason. I burn down the fences; uproot settled fears; Slave No more
Not a slave to my senses, Not a slave to my needs, Not a slave to myself, Not even a slave unto you....
Fight my battles and lay down my weapons to give it all up. Have you seen the pointlessness which is your forte? Your slavery, worthless, unredeemable in a million years... Stand up and break free.
Decide here and now, what would you choose? Days and nights working to satiate yourself and then some more, or leaving aside the unimportant, the replaceable, the unnecessary to be who you are. Free Endless and Timeless.
I am not a slave, I am not a pawn, I am not a pin stuck into your shiny vest.
I am soul as you as him as her as them as us as none as one.


The heart cannot hold it in more, burst wide open like the fresh monsoon, the yearning for deeper love has absorbed me, whispering hypnotic reverie in thine ears; something present between 'us' gives away and the infinite comes pouring through.
Waves after waves seep into the bone; the sufi has arisen.. to walk desert and plain; mountain and seas in search for the nothing which too is a part of his love. My Love, Your love....
Every moment of waking and sleeping spent in muttering your name with love, incessant; without respite, All my being in a trance at your existence, what to speak of suffering, it is but an ugly illusion, every living moment spent contemplating on your true-being. I am bathed in bliss over and over again.
Youth of the body comes and goes, but what to say of the heart; some are born dead, while others shudder at the very thought of it coming alive. It is not the same in this sufi's chest.... my heart beats like a trumpet, a call unto you. My breath  deeper and longer; being guided by the innermost recesses caressing and yearning for an union with you my beloved....
The mist becomes blinding, and the paths all fade away; The gods live forever but this mortal coil must too fade its course. The love in our bosoms yearns to become stronger and more vivid every single day; curse it not oh sufis of this day and age.... Become one with it and listen, you shall hear your love calling..... Once Nay! twice! Never, forever and ever and ever......
Bring your staff of faith hard on the ground; let the earth hear the roar of your heart.
Shower the petals so well chosen by you on your lover; never hasten, the moment re occurs with such ferociousness every single petal, every single time.
What use is your material reward my friends? What use of this magnificent body, this well chosen perfume, such adornments and the like? If you do not have all this give up for your lover?
Death would sting less if life chooses love for you..... and what if it doesnt.....
Then perhaps its wise to yearn until you choose love over death (by lack of love)
Peace                                                                   Love                                                                    Thavam

Ode to Humanity

I am not a big fan of human kind, the version of life that in today’s day seems to be only focused upon itself. The day’s pass and humans ...