Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Blasted (my) cocoon

India my home. Imagination blown with the mystic  ganga religion; flowing down to vindhyas and kanyakumari. The dravidian shiva kissing the sweet feet of the eastern mother divine. A land where Psychonauts have lived and achieved transcendence for over a millennium.
Psychonauts use each and every substance and person for changing their state of consciousness. An alternate state of consciousness is only beneficial if the mind is able to objectively see that the heightened or depressed state is as temporary and illusory as the day to day forgetful state of affairs concerned with the mind.
There is no true reality or dream. No high and sober states. Every state is as mystical and different than others, but this becomes very difficult to realize practically (as i have seeen with myself and others who i have observed through time), without the use of shamanic and neo-shamanic techniques which make use of sensory inputs (which define anyways- reality in day to day life for us) to change the set (the mind set) and the setting (the physical inputs).
Psychonauts are most often accused of leaving an existence which is purposeless, or perhaps even useless in the eyes of the "sober rational" man. I see it the other way around actually, if you are not actively engaged in seeing what makes yours as well and my reality, and how this very same reality is as fake as the temporary altered state of consciousness, then you are wasting your breadth and time on earth.
I have been used to a purpose-full and objective life style, i have been accustomed to a very short attention span, which i use for utmost purpose all the time, i choose to enjoy the best and most varied sensory inputs all the time i am awake every day, so i can see variations in reality as well... here what best means to you is not necessarily what it means to me, best sensory inputs are those which have the potential to change your state of mind instantaneously. May it be music or silence (sound has the most potential), dim light or psychedelic effects or perhaps the tongue tasting water after a day of abstinence or perhaps inverting it down to internal nectar.
India remains the bode of everything psychedelic, hence i have accepted it as my true home, it is not true that the place and people you are born with have to constitute your home or family. As a psychonaut myself, I see objectively what will bring upon the realization of sensory and nervous system reality failure to capture true life to be my place of rest as well as the people who bring me to such conclusion to be my true family. In this respect i am truly blessed, my home will remain the true experiment ground; the land where indus and ganga and arunachala and mansorovar reside and my true family remains my mother as well as my father, the most wise and beautiful physical reminiscence of the love power and beauty of Mother goddess Tara and Father beyond the realms known Shiva.
Sleep deprivation; meditation; setting change; physical endurance; sex; abstinence; lucid dreaming; substance usage; silence and peering are all methods which i have seen and known bring about frantic changes in ones consciousness, the external aura a Psychonaut has is very very different from the one for an average person. The average person strengthens his "cocoon" or aura or energy pattern to just one, the way he would like to perceive his reality- and does through the course of his life. Something like screening out everything irrelevant and leaving only those things which make sense to you, the Psychonaut is the other way around - she starts with changing her aura to absolute null, which will entertain every single aspect of reality per say, then to go one step further, she would intentionally induce altered states of consciousness, with a trance, deep meditation, or vision quests and such, in future posts i will go in depth/detail of the ways one can enhance their vision like of a Psychonauts- and this wouldn't be some sort of guide, simply what and how i have tried to web my life not towards one single thing ever but all things equally and in balance (and oh so out of balance).
Nature is very kind i have understood, the ways we require or choose to see reality; she always gives the benefit to us to receive wisdom through her, and in turn she gives us endless opportunities to alter our mind set, our vision of what life is to us and steadily expand our definition of true life.
And nature has been over the top when it comes to this huge ass island which broke away and hit pang ea to form india so many eons before. India will give you a pure setting, from tropical heat of kerala to incessant rains of meghalaya to the ice cold of redemption of Himalayas, it will induce in you 30 million alternate states of known consciousness through its gods, and some more through the unknown and yea the unknowable powers that be. It will set you morose in mani karnika and free over tara tarini.... I have seen unspeakable truths here, i tell you honestly and what nature has taught this psychonaut is that one must be able to see truth in silence; without projecting a single perception over it but when it comes to sharing that truth, one has to scream it out as loud as one can so the world can hear it and embrace it... Not one truth, all truths are different yet they are one..
Mystical and magical is how this Indian feels towards his power inspired country. Where shamanic traditions of centuries and millenniums merge together over and over again to see what this beautiful romantic thing called truth of life, can offer to us in oh so many new and love-filled ways.

Peace (by a fellow Psychonauts to all those closet Psychonauts who are yet afraid to see varied truths which india is here-now offering to each and all) 

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