Friday, February 5, 2010


The heart cannot hold it in more, burst wide open like the fresh monsoon, the yearning for deeper love has absorbed me, whispering hypnotic reverie in thine ears; something present between 'us' gives away and the infinite comes pouring through.
Waves after waves seep into the bone; the sufi has arisen.. to walk desert and plain; mountain and seas in search for the nothing which too is a part of his love. My Love, Your love....
Every moment of waking and sleeping spent in muttering your name with love, incessant; without respite, All my being in a trance at your existence, what to speak of suffering, it is but an ugly illusion, every living moment spent contemplating on your true-being. I am bathed in bliss over and over again.
Youth of the body comes and goes, but what to say of the heart; some are born dead, while others shudder at the very thought of it coming alive. It is not the same in this sufi's chest.... my heart beats like a trumpet, a call unto you. My breath  deeper and longer; being guided by the innermost recesses caressing and yearning for an union with you my beloved....
The mist becomes blinding, and the paths all fade away; The gods live forever but this mortal coil must too fade its course. The love in our bosoms yearns to become stronger and more vivid every single day; curse it not oh sufis of this day and age.... Become one with it and listen, you shall hear your love calling..... Once Nay! twice! Never, forever and ever and ever......
Bring your staff of faith hard on the ground; let the earth hear the roar of your heart.
Shower the petals so well chosen by you on your lover; never hasten, the moment re occurs with such ferociousness every single petal, every single time.
What use is your material reward my friends? What use of this magnificent body, this well chosen perfume, such adornments and the like? If you do not have all this give up for your lover?
Death would sting less if life chooses love for you..... and what if it doesnt.....
Then perhaps its wise to yearn until you choose love over death (by lack of love)
Peace                                                                   Love                                                                    Thavam

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