Sunday, February 21, 2010

Batuka Bhairav

The air is cool and the rain freshly poured, another night and many more have been consumed by the fire which is the final straw between the body and the earth. Evaporated from material consumption, many lie in the path to salvation at the ghats near the kala-bhairava temple in ujjain.
There is meloncholy in the air, and eery silence; This is a place for an adept, not for a novice. The night has reached the hour of holy contemplation, and the dogs start howling like banshees, it could have but one meaning (i think, believe, feel). Baba has gotten up from his slumber, his nocturnal rule is coming alive. bhairava; who rules the three worlds; burns down ignorance with his third eye.
Fear not, for he shall protect if you have kneeled. he will show no mercy if you have held your staff all across your life as your ego. The mighty bhairava remains on the shores of the holy kshipra river; where even lord krishna came to bow and refresh himself.
You cannot hide the face of death, no disguise can protect evil, which stains this primitive sickle on his hands. Blood red lies his persona. In blood and fiery anger is bhairava re born again and again... over and over.
The adept natha, sits quietly at this horrific hour in one corner of the holy ghat. The dogs have become more troublesome, they are in a trance state, with eyes red and teeth out. ready to devour anything in the ghat which has not been consumed by the holy fire. Baba is out, I see, believe, feel.
You and I are not ready to worship bhairava yet. When you shall give up everything and be ready to protect; act as kshetrapala to your woman, to the goddess divine. at any costs; then you will be the fearless bhairava.
You will always remain then on the periphery of your love; woshipping tara from a distance, where she will shine on top of the hill; baba will remain away with his sword and axe and trishul drawn out, with his blood cup filled with madira, smiling and laughing crazy with his dogs for his lover on the hill.... Yea you and I are not ready to become bhairava yet.
The adept though, is in a different frame of mind. he sees the dogs howl and crowd around him at this crucial time now. He throws ashes at them, making them holy like himself. overjoyed from the bottom of his heart at the happenings of this night like the others before it. He awaits in pure joy; in silence.
Those who penetrate the vama marga, the left hand path towards enlightenment have to make baba their guru. Bhairava will shine at the darkest hour of night. when its most hopeless, when you have given up your family your love your breath  and your life; then baba opens your third eye, makes you clairvoyant and shows you the love which is life. Tara Ma!
Batuka Bhairava sits like a mirror image at the distance of 128 angulas of breath from the adepts pose on the amavasya night. The adept is drunk like never before, and the 16 year old batuka is crazy and terrifying with fangs wide open. The adept knows maha kaleshwar has come as a child to him, one of the 64 weird visions of ultimate reality. The innocence of batuka bhairava is flung apart when he flies to the eucalyptus tree nearby and then returns back to the ground with blood all over him. His eyes become like stars entering a supernova.
Maha kaleshwar is god of time, where time stands still. He is god of death, where death stops to give away to eternal life. he is the eternal servant to goddess tara, where love overcomes everything opposing. Maha kaleshwar opens the secret passage (mount meru), to draw prana up till ajna. Where third eye opens to see endless worlds and the illusions surrounding them.
he is without mercy. He is drunk, terrifying and covered in blood of life. he is ever new and bows to none. he sits and meditates on five corpses at the center of smashan; eyes meditating on tara. Savior to the world. Shiva in violent form. Rudra; Kala; Linga.
Adept is consumed in sheer bliss as batuka bhairava enters him. The time comes to holy twilight and the dogs are looking to the sky as they feel the presence of baba in them too. The ghosts of the smashan have come alive. They haunt in sheer delight. Magix of holy kshipra has renewed those who have believed and trusted the god who stands still at the end of the light...
Peace         ~!~

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