Friday, February 5, 2010

Slave No More

Rowing your miseries to the ocean that stretches for ever more.... Loose your senses and break away, Rise and refute.. Slave no more.
Eyes were closed in the dark, sodomized by lies, weeping your life away and then waiting to be buried in a burnt grave.... Rise once again from the ashes; Slave No more
Your cries from the cradle to the grave... echoes in the labyrinth of my mind; One man's greed becoming genocide, work for no end.. No rhyme never a reason. I burn down the fences; uproot settled fears; Slave No more
Not a slave to my senses, Not a slave to my needs, Not a slave to myself, Not even a slave unto you....
Fight my battles and lay down my weapons to give it all up. Have you seen the pointlessness which is your forte? Your slavery, worthless, unredeemable in a million years... Stand up and break free.
Decide here and now, what would you choose? Days and nights working to satiate yourself and then some more, or leaving aside the unimportant, the replaceable, the unnecessary to be who you are. Free Endless and Timeless.
I am not a slave, I am not a pawn, I am not a pin stuck into your shiny vest.
I am soul as you as him as her as them as us as none as one.

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