Thursday, November 17, 2011

Incomplete Verses

I kiss you tight. Hold your lips to mine. Sweet scent enveloping us and love taking us out of our minds.
I remember you day and night.
I forget if I am dreaming or alive when I meet your sight.
Somewhere my blood has run out and been replaced by the wine trickling down from your lips.
Into my skin; through my bone; all the way to my heart and soul.
I look up to the sky; birds together flying towards a sensual sunset.
The day we met, looked into each other; Our fates sealed, and no single “I” ever revealed.
Cannot breathe without you; Cannot live without your heart beating together with mine.
Call it selfish, I just choose to call it incomplete without a kiss.
Call it lust, but without you in my arms the sweetest mountain water could not quench my thirst.
Was a lost ship; sailing aimlessly, brought to the shore; by the lighthouse (you) shining forth.
I was lost; heart beating pointlessly till I lied my head down in your loving grip......
I am a pill; waiting for you as my cure.
Please save me; making me a part of you. Please save me; could not go through life without you. Please keep me, fragile and humble. Please take me jagged and whole.
Please please me like never before.


Himnit said...

Beautiful. Simply beautiful.

Ragini said...

This is perfect..words suddenly do seem to do justice to thoughts..

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