Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Spacious Coffin

Resting on posh surface; a spacious coffin occupies the room.
No one to lift it or even see; the coffin remains marooned.

The coffin looks unoccupied; but that's not the whole truth.
Such an exquisite day for it to exist. Morbidity seen fit.

Coffin opens up; and the body of ours lies stiff as a rock. Waiting for it to rot.
Eyes still looking; seeking the truth. Without inkling of knowledge to untie this eternal knot.
There is space inside for another. Recently forgot. Come and occupy.
No one is seeking the unsought.

What is the need for this dazzling cage (the shining spacious coffin);
when the body it so proudly holds as 'itself' is going to be set ablaze.
Why the need for such insight? When wisdom herself will come forward to enslave?

Leave the ochre robe; and the glimmer of hope. Walk into your coffin and shut it intently.
No difference a thousand sunsets seen shall make. For no one will come to dance at your funeral. No one for No one’s sake.

Everyone now marvels looking at the impressive passive coffin. Lying cold as if death was itself dying at the stake. They see the width and the wood, the depth and doom, lying to themselves and twitching abound.

Everyone looking will one day sit on the same seat.
The coffin will engulf the grateful and remorseful just the same.
No one will get to have a say; No one is ever worth their personal judgement day.
Why then shall we all undertake the farce of life. Somebody with a <...point..> must explain
Only to be caged again in a painted spacious grave?


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