Friday, November 4, 2011

Shloka For the Neo Dawn


The expressions so many. I am already heaving under their fire. The lightness they propound me into. Just an expression of this divinity.


This experience; the moment now between us, must be revered oh sweet soul. Not in words; but in the sweeter silence. This moment between us…. Oh! and I have spoken too much already~

It seems, strange enough *?* that Death does not make a difference only to those who have lived in the first place. It havocs those who have never glimpsed life ever / Psy world?

I have taken myself for a ride, all across this space. Only to swirl myself endlessly like a sufi in ecstasy, stopped to find myself changed here and forever.

You believe in organized god. An organized civilization;race. I only see consciousness mirroring itself in infinite different ways. I only see…. followed by endless laughter merrily dancing away!

I am interested. Only In God, for it tells me what your mind is trying to negate, trying to condense or compose. Your deepest fear is god. The source, womb which we escaped only to wait for it to encapsulate us again. Non existence is the neo god. Annihilation of I in the fire of conscious. Killing of our god, to become who we were.

I am preaching the love for the forest, the beings sentient. who do not require a mind or lust to sense life. I am talking being who we are, meant to be. Are in reality.

We are not distanced from the earth. Oh you people of digital domain. We are born from the sand and vomited back on the surface of this glorious mother, Earth; a sickening rock in Brahamanda of darkness.

The heart of this planet glows, and we recognize, re organize, and re mould the concept of I, inseparable from the earth and sky. from the conscious earth’s boost; we explode into inner space. We fly like eagles and crawl like snakes. To reach no particular destination or experience. To be who we are.

A part of nature and this earth. This lonely rock amongst the darkness all mirroring with alien interference of intelligence, of interspace consciousness, which is again not defined in any dimension like space or time or ego or will.?!?

See what it is; the shloka for defining you and I. Us in this very fragile time of insecure superficial peace, and the calamity of atrocity. The sense; the love; the dance. Where is it now my friends? Drink and fall into the endless pit.

The damned end, but there is none.. that is why I maintain. The less that is said of the holy. Revelling in silence, dancing under the banyan on a full moon night. That is the work of consciousness. That is the melody without a musician divine!


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