Thursday, November 17, 2011

Daily Wage Life ; Or Death?


Someway what we doing in our day to day life is so wrong. So very wrong. Our lifestyle is directly impacting the death of our fellow life. This is so very wrong.

I work at a factory, A factory which makes liquor for a baron. The factory like so many others of various industries employ permanent and contract labour. The conditions under which these people work; is generally and always pathetic.

Compared to the contract daily wage people who work for a meagre 200 rupees a day for working 8 hours, the permanent labour have it easier; they offhsoulder almost all the physically arduous work to the contract and they have the power of the union backing them up.

It has been around 2 months since I have entered the factory premises as a HR manager. I am generally reserved in my judgements; for it takes a long time to observe all the facets of a particular scenario, but even then it looked that it was wrong to hire people at mere daily wage, or even pay them something more to get such immense work outta them, so that the organization could reap reward *people like myself*, so that the consumers could get something which they did not deserve.

One of these days, during lunch I was called by my subordinate with a rude shock; he told me that one of the permanent workmen had collapsed outside the main gate of factory; and perhaps he was dead. I was baffled out of my wits. I rushed with other people around me, and found that a certain Mr. A had collapsed on the side of the road leading up to the factory. He was aged just 40 +, and looked emaciated. He had recently suffered from jaundice and was cautioned bed rest, even after he said he had recovered and came back to work, my department told him to go get a physical fitness certificate from a doctor to confirm this, I do not know where this person got the certificate from; nowadays doctors easily pass on any and all certificates if you dangle a fresh note in front of them. And for the past 2 weeks odd, he was working as a boiler assistant. This is a physically gruelling job, and you require to be completely fit; even more than a normal workman to endure the heat and constant work load of taking care of boiler requirements.

To cut the long and perhaps repetitive *story of our lives* short. The individual died, by the time he was brought to the hospital. I along with a collegue of mine went to his home later; where his body was kept and offered our respects. The family was shattered to say the least.

I kept my silence strong. My heart stronger.

There is no life here; No life here worth living. I reaffirmed again and again within myself. There is no space on this rock, this earth where we as a race of “alive” beings deserve to live.

We all are responsible for the disparity present. The people suffering and the people busy drinking wine. Such events take place common day in India, or any other country for that matter. That might be the true shocker, the real horror of witnessing any such event. That a man who worked for some 20 years in a place, at the end of his day died in front of the very same place. No reward for life. No joy in death?

Peace to Us All.

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