Saturday, October 22, 2011



Hey Look over here; There is this sudden change in the demenour, of the nerves and bones. There is inflow like never ever witnessed before. I crawl out from the hinges of reality; like a spider, poking my sight through the physical walls, through the sky.

I sense there is great achievement to be had; and well so does everyone if they can see it. There is change so perpetual and insistent, changing our perception and tune of things, changing whatever may be. Lying between here now and eternity.

This is grace! Baraka! my spider mouth jumps up in joy and sings, I become a lucid dreaming snake, strolling in between the jungles of my mind. The confusion and demogogory ends; and has left behind the cool gentle water stream trickling down my eyes.

Such a divine sight; to behold, when I look upon my affectionate care; my former needs vanish and am now propounded into every new being, with a throbbing passionate heart. The heart cries out oh so many times; over and over… in joy and freedom, towards the agony of not knowing or being why?

Baraka my soul! Wishing for what is given for free. Without limitations of space body or even time. She waits in grave silence, waiting patiently and grabbing those rotton apples (oh yet they taste so sweet from the inside), which cannot be eaten or spoilt anew by the changing winds of life.

Come beloved noor; come beloved moon; come ye’ all who are looking at humanity trying in vain to seek grace without a clue in sight. Come and celebrate in my arms tonight; for grace has sought me out! and I shall never leave her gaze even in a million lifetimes!

My sense overwhelms me; I become the cosmic serpent flickering my tongue and tasting the invisible presence of soft smelling ether. Omnipresent and devoid of form. The music invades me and makes me dance to its graceful loving tune.

I dance like a ecstatic sufi! A loving silent mauni of the observation without point! The center of the eye of the storm, and the violent storm raging everywhere right now!

I feel it is time, to let the cat out of the bag and let hell break like baraka.

I only wish that this mood extends upon one and all with the passage of time. For this is the time; the only one, where there is chance of meeting of souls. to stop time and forever let it be in each others eyes. Truth and grace.


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