Sunday, October 2, 2011

One Last Conundrum


I am about being in zen state. Well to tell the truth, there is no particular state which can be called ‘Zen’, and to further clarify; I do not know or care to know what the originators of the word ‘Zen’ wanted to label as that.
Zen is all states and none. It could be defined or rather ‘labeled’ as the experience of flux energy which gives constancy. We can understand this now as ‘Dyanmic Equilibrium’ or something close to that effect. Zen is both contradictory and dichotomous.
Zen is a meditative state; which is devoid of dimensions like space, time and consciousness.
Zen does not require anyone to be; for itself to exist.
Paths to be zen do not exist; and when they do- they are called as ‘Tao’
We do not become zen. We are always zen, to experience the state well or better; we could do some simple motor-routine activities, which increase certain brain activity while at the same time causing other parts of the brain to become subdued.
I try to practice zen as much as possible. Well you see the problems with words, as zen is and all... there is nothing as practicing it. It just is, but as I am trying to explain a state with fallacies such as words, so you could possibly bear with me as well..
Since childhood; I have a fascination to keep my room and house clean... most people find it to be a chore, cleaning the floor or dusting or ironing or washing clothes or even cleaning dishes, but all these activities to me have a very unique meditative state.
Apart from the fact that I love live amidst clean surroundings, all these activities keep my mind occupied and at the same time the sheer repetition of them gets the mind into a ‘Zen’ state.
The zen state is hyper-attentive, and is also unattached. Its absolutely impossible to explain the state in words. But many Sufi's might describe it as sheer love, in which there is no distinction left. The natural opposites, the polarities disappear and only the macro cosmic picture is left behind.
I have great fascination even with my busy schedule to do my own chores as much as possible... I press my own clothes, try to dust and clean my rooms and what not.. It is a slow and tedious activity; most people would abhor it. Even I do at times, but its really wonderful for the change it brings.
Zen is practiced everyday and every hour, there is no specific postures or actions one can perform to gain and be zen, for in lighter spirit zen always exists. Zen can be only experienced... it can not be known or understood; for zen is; always is.
So still you can experience what zen is. Even though we are without paying attention actually practicing it... we can consciously be zen, by doing simple mundane things as well... should be worth it for all the house wives across the globe who curse that their lives do not have any deep meaning or satisfaction

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