Saturday, October 8, 2011

Satanic Pool

Confounded and lost, the pool it seems has become stagnant. With the obvious. Thought and pattern. Action and repetition of daily movements.

Its a drear; to carry the body around. It listens less with time, and demands more with it as well. There is no end to this the grace full surmise.

The pool is growing thick and dense. There is no clarity penetrating through. Is it not the mental state of you as well as I? Where there is momentary happiness only to be once again forgotten by apathy and lost cause.

The angry and insane, they wear the eyes on the back of their heads. Watching what does not exist, living a lie…

There is such glorious existence, all abound. Without boundaries… there existing no limits or boundaries. No labels or confines. No pool which captures the soul and leaves grime as its ally.

The strength pours through, and life must be made once again what it is meant to be. To be without the habitual routine of life and relationships. Of contact and isolation which exists on the periphery of the divine.


Perhaps words do not make an impact, and actions too erratic cause too much suspicion at hand, but those with their feet out of this satanic existence, vouch never to return to it again.

For what is truly once found, can never be returned. When grace touches the heart; all ignorance is at bay….

Every sunrise an eternity; and every glance at the beloved existence. A  rare and unique opportunity. Waking every day anew; facing yourself back in the mirror and not recognizing what it was meant to be in the first place ever. This is true content. This is the way out of the quicksand of our material links and ends.

I am your god, and I command your entirety. Surrender once to me, and never to look back again. At what was your soul; bared on the cross; for the world to see, but now once set free.. to fly as we were all meant to….. Such is the intensity of the cries which awaken within us all.. calling us back to our origins. The holy and raw.

Come and lets drown our sorrows. Replace the stagnant pool; satanic and depressing with the ever new vigour for life. Where there is no death and no suffering, no sad goodbyes, and no sweet endings..


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