Thursday, October 6, 2011

{Less I say}


There is endless space in between endless space.

There is endless space all around and yet not anywhere abound.

There is existence wrapped up like a chocolate under a veil of lie.

Lies which co-exists with reality like bubbles floating in an endless sea

There is radiance on that divine face; which refuses to fade.

There is life on that fragile body now an empty carcass; rotting visibly decayed?

There should be another way out of this rat race; this endless maze.

There must be some way out of here. Some sort of remedy; A sure shot cure.

Life o’ mine; like a plan devised but strayed to the side.

Life o’ mine could indeed shine if it was worthwhile;

If it were sublime, If it somehow could kill the enemy of mine; surely time.

There is energy on the tip of the tongue; spewing sharper faster towards endless intertwined worms.

There is breadth in the air I inhale. Let it out inside my lover, and there is invisible warm embrace.

There is such deep melancholy in us; I surmise; There is limited time and endless lies.

Life o’ mine; is like a child’s toy, treated with care once and thrown into rubbish the next.

Life o’ mine; could be fair and just, if not for the corrupt; the vain; confused worth worthless dust.

Life o’mine is never complete. The more there is, The less I say.


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