Sunday, October 23, 2011

Only Psychedelic Life


Every psychedelic experience, is not an end to itself. It is to build a macroscopic picture. Take another look; revisit another land; place yourself in absolute trust; and mother nature will walk with you holding your hand.


Every single human being; goes through life and experiences at times or sometimes or maybe all the time!? experiences which cannot be labelled, or slotted into one compartment in the brain. Though we try very hard. Look very hard, deep within since the time you can remember, the time you were born. And I assure you; that you will find something strange in your own life indeed.

But what is the point to some sort of normalcy and spurts of events and experiences which sometime make us mourn, sometimes rejoice and sometimes be just gratefully thankful?

The times are tough indeed, and that is the true test of the psychedelic experience, people who indulge on it volutanrily are terrible at heart. for they have seen the pain of life and existence itself, something hidden where everything should be gracefully seen and overflowing!

Well, we all indulge in this mass crusade, to hide the truth from ourselves. We mask it by repressing anything out of the ordinary, anything which conflicts with our thinking of who we are. In psychiatry they call it mental models. Mental models are built and sustained. But they can be changed too. And they are, continuously being changed. Sometimes we care to acknowledge their existence; most times we do not even pay attention to what is really going on.

This is the true psychedelic experience, inducing yourself to remember that every trip we take and make in our lives, is to practice. To practice the extraction of serotonin from our own brains. Our brains daily producing amounts of the soma-ras which keeps our world forgetfull and an illusion, a common illusion which we all can delude ourselves and try to be happy. But how can one be happy when one does not know his.her own source. The well which is true potential of being. The truth. Why should we mass hypotize ourselves to live lives without point and invent things to keep our attention at bay from the sea of our true existence?

The psychedelic experience, moulds mental models cleverly; without the mind even knowing it. The mind actually would know it not at all, if it were to live as if it itself did not exist. The state of no-mind creates the true psychedelic experience of living zen. Where we are who we are, graciously overflowing all the time. Without limitations of being and freedom. We are who we are.

This if practiced all through life, through any and all means possible leads us to become masters. Cause we have practiced since time immemorial; not to suppress what truly is reality. But to invent and reinvent it, to create it from our own source, as a source of truth and beauty. Without contempt of indifference.

This is the nature and path of psychedelic life. The pinch of salt is that most times we delude ourselves with the path and the goal so much, that we lose all innocence of living and loving. Free without boundaries. And that I tell you; is the real and only psychedelic experience in this entire creation (or what not) of ours.

Try and practice a ascetic life. Not that I am asking anyone to give the source of their current joy; but to multiply and amplify it, not by the greed and need for more. But by sheer acceptance of reality and who we are. Without boundaries; existing in a sea of now.


Peace and Love.

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