Saturday, October 8, 2011

Hyper-Conscious Base

The base; acts like the eternal film. It is keeping us intertwined in a base sense of the word. When the base is acted upon; with other substances. It becomes truly mouldable.

The base is calling out through audio-frequencies. Its a sign of hyper consciousness. Some sort of other dimensional purpose. The base is all there is, and it is the base for all things worth their salt.

The creatures all never penetrate till their base. The base which makes them what or who they are. The nature of existence personified through ignorant energy/will. Dormant and perpetually in inertia. It can never create what it is intended to.

The entire scenery changes, and there are now manifold etheric beings, all surrounding and making their view as one. All focusing on the internal base of mine. They all come together and move into my being. Changing the film in subtle ways. The base is now remodelled somehow, and it is now awaiting for the energy pouring through;

The base acts as the inhibitor and the propagator of glorious things of this world. There is no such experience as the refinement of the base of our being. The base could be your speech or your action; it could be your only fear or your only talent. It could be the way you look at everything; or how everything reflects itself back onto you. Any how the base is what the entire planes of universe is made on. Its hyperconscious and active; it is actively looking out for energy to make the blanket of energy more delicious somehow. So the consciousness which beholds the base could benefit in spiritual evolution and away from material devolution.

I have tasted today as many other days; my base being strengthened by effort and magnanimity of the cosmic will. It is calling forth; refining my being into grandeur; oh so deserving~


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