Saturday, January 5, 2013

KishKinda Life

The ancient kingdom amidst the deccan plateau. On every moulded ancient mound, the monkeys who know the secret caves and crevices, jumping around in supreme delight; basking in the burning sun. The place where my destiny lead me to find myself.
The rocks in ancient India; so old. Almost over 300 million years in the making and baking in the hot sun, they have colors like none other. I could never fathom that rocks/stones could have so much hidden color; but they have a skin like none other, the oldest reminisces of our earth and perhaps in some cases even the universe, these rocks have given such beautiful insight about what is alive and what I thought was not.
The beautiful lord of the wind, the eater of the sun; innocent Hanuman – the monkey servant of the avatar of vishnu; Ram. He was born amidst these hills and that is what is so beautiful about the whole Deccan plateau curving down to kanyakumari and rameshwaram. These mountains all under a kilometer in height; have such old and weird rock formations that for any and all people – it would be a mind twister even to look at one of them. They attract by their silent non-movement style. They are sitting where they were a millennia back, now weathered by the beating sun, the harsh rain and cold nights. They have become glistening gold from even the outside!
These rocks have formed when the earth was pumping out the lava – her blood from her insides. She has moulded land through her own sacrifice, and these rocks are proof of that. They remind you of ancient times, when they would be still there and witnessing in cold dark silence, bright raving sunlight.
The kingdom of mythical kishkinda – is where the beautiful peaceful river tungabhadra flows. Here on one of the highest most scenic hills; mother anjani bore the mighty loving lord Hanuman. This is now called sunset point in hampi by the hippies and non commercial tourists who have made it their hub for the past half century perhaps.
The beautiful hill stands with the most ancient and colourful rocks I have seen, these mighty structures have been colored in various hues with time. They are inter laden and create deep crevices and beautiful structures where you can spend days in contemplation and reverence towards the earth. Something I have never witnessed first hand before.
I have been to hampi before, and even then I had to spend an entire day on Anjani Hill to fathom even the extent of its beauty. It is surrounded on all sides by smaller hillocks and the horizon with more beautiful tall rock hills/mounds. The sunset each time I have been there not to mention has been out of the world – and that is a day to day event on that blessed and powerful holy hill of birth of lord Anjanaya
The monkeys have adapted here and have made it their home way before mankind. They know all the nooks and cuts, the caves and sacred water pools. They are the owner of these old beautiful rocks, for they treat the rock with respect to give life, shade, and kill in an instant. The monkeys can feel the power of these beautiful rocks probably more than us thinking human beings.
The kingdom of kishkinda, looks so prosperous where the vanar sena (monkey warriors) are all out; keeping the sacred close by; who know of these ancient hills and the power they carry (of crystal from which they are made, from the sun where every matter is born). The monkey descendents of these hill and cave race remain to this very date – I am convinced of this *they could not be extinct cause of us humans), they just probably are more secretive towards their sadhana for these beautiful ancient rocks – away from ignorant humans.
Indeed these rocks are breathing, I have seen them with my very own eyes, seeing their glistening beautiful surface come alive and moving so slowly, they vibrate in a very slow and low frequency, and even then we can view their whole power only with their permission. Their consent is so valuable. Their wisdom so magnanimous and silent. I have seen their weathered colored surfaces come to life not in some form of illusion (sadly entire lives are illusions none the less), but in a definite and striking way – which could not be an optical or mind colored illusion in the first place, something I did not imagine or think of before hand and could not come alive unless and external force/energy was present showing me what was real. The base rock or rather the top rock which provides the support at anjani hills is coloured with natural hues and some devotional power symbols probably through eons – these are patterns in the natural surface which have the power to transform the vasanas. The nature of man who has been made from nature in the first place – this is my observation and belief.
When man can see the yantras which percolate nature – made powerful with time – and the sun or the lack of it – pouring atomic energy on natural surfaces – baking and remoulding them – it seems they hold atomic power then, this form of natural raw unharnessed power – might not be useful for our electricity or such needs – but very helpful perhaps in the cleansing of the psyche – and of the nature in which will moves for lifetimes in case. With the power of earth and ground – the impetus provided for raising the alien dark energy inside the body and nerves (etheric) called kundalini becomes easier. It can raise itself to the heights of conscious power and that is the use of the entire setup including us humans with the power to do this in the first place – the setup for life~
- Feeling at home where I belong, at your powerful feet for eternity; do as you may oh ancient mother of the universe and earth. May your will be my favour

The entire country side of Telengana (Andhra Pradesh state), tamilnadu state and parts of north karnataka *Hampi* are covered with these once ancient and huge mountain structures now a little bit more than rubble. But for a fact, these ancient rocks/stones are so crafted, carved with natural/unnatural help – that they are fascinating even for a layman (like me), to notice and understand of what significance they are re-discovering our past, our glorious earth’s past.

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