Friday, January 4, 2013

Live a Little


My laughter has made me numb, it has made me so blissful and to live a little bit in turn. Laughing a lot.

I have given you my only motivation for me to live my life; don't you feel surprised.

A grandeur passes and another remains, what of the beautiful life everywhere, even inside dark unending space. I choose to live a little. In honey and the earth. I want to see the thirsty loving bee suckle myself up.

Sure the wind flows through my dusk hair, my brain wiffs the death and plague looming. I choose to live a little bit sublime, and then my brain would be no more. What a condition to be dancing in, tune and rhythm indeed, come be my partner for a dance (of elation). Come smear my ashes before the dance finishes. For I live no more other than in your arms this moment of all in eternity of time.

I choose myself sacrificed (in the love of namacivaya!) to live a little. To suffer like the others who is myself in another. These vines have grown so long over time, they have covered the identity of all in kind, They have made us all blind. Clinging of glasses in revelry and the shaman jumping into the crack of twilight happening here at the moment of now. Beautiful lovemaking all night, turned to ashes in the near end. What a life!?

I choose to love a little, lose a little, live a little so I can die from the inside a little. I want this moment to stay; with you in your absence, away from your presence, in the solitude of our gentle embrace for ever. In silent torn tears; we remain so much calmer. We would never be together.

Peace and I questions to be silenced


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