Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Mythical Churning & Eternal Suffering

The time is three thousand years ago, the place is the island of Dravid, floating in the milky pacific sea. The jungles roam with intricate life; and man has evolved to use his thumb. It is the beginning of civilization as we would see it but to those who live three thousand years back, its the epitome of evolution, the break through point in animal kingdom (to which even man believes himself a part of at that time!), where the paradigm shift is taking place in consciousness. This is the story of the original Bhola.
The skies change a thousand colors, the love of the sky towards the green faunae, everywhere there is subtle movement. Of life and energy, though endless days pass, the scenery and scenario remains eternally same. This is the start of the evolution of our first kind.
The forests are dense and only the ice turned into rivers can flow between these contraptions of nature, dravid holds mountains high as it hits the old Pangaea continent with force and energy from the earth comes up as himalayas, the snow converts the regions bare and white. The presence of truth and love. Peace and acceptance. Bhola comes forth and walks higher up the hills, slower and stronger, with patience and calm and without an inner turmoil such as a monologue or a dialogue, he walks up north into the ice.
Bhola feels the earth’s energy within him self as well. It is a violent overtaking uprising of power, heat or even rage. He sets himself onto the kind of mood he desires, He dances in sheer ecstasy. Caressing the wind more, He overturns the great barrier which holds one to sobriety. Bhola begins the mythical churning within and every which where. Its inside us all you see; its easy when you see, much more difficult to express in plain words….
The intent here is immortality, for a certain bunch of entities, you call them good and evil. I call them 0 and 1. It makes no such difference in absolutes… again much easier to see than explain in simple words….
The indian mythology reeks of an event at the beginning of our time. Where good gods (devas) and the demonic entitites (asuras) work together for perhaps the first and last time, where they meet to ask the great lord snake Vasuki, to come and act as a rope so they may churn the great ocean. The ocean here is the null and void, it is the universes present everywhere, From the null and void the supposed good and the bad (though they both have the same motive) forces work in unison to create many other fascinating products, the esoteric churning of the ocean is the work of the mind of Bhola, His spine is the meru mountain (against which the snake vasuki starts churning), from the null and void the serpentine force of the self, The great devi kundalini starts moving and creating friction; at the base of the spine, is where the serpent resides in solemn and sleeping mood, until she wakes and starts creating the energies latent in every living organisam in this state. The product which comes first is the Hala!Ahala! The eternal and existent poison of the universe, something so toxic that it shall remove the state of maya which sustains this universe. The toxin so powerful which will end all this play of delusion and enlightenment,

Lord Bhola ever so kind, sits and takes the poison and sips it like wine, I will take what others here shall not partake, This is bliss! ever so ripe, the soma and nectar of eternal life, Bhola so innocent cannot see toxin where there is none, His energy comes to rescue converting toxin to honey to nectar for all….
The churning so long, produces obstacle so many, each god and demon fighting for so the crumbling so little, Something like within each and every one of us, We a sum of good and not so good instincts (subjectively) churning our inner self to see what life holds for us, Its our creation and our intent which creates the type of life we lead. There is the wish giving cow, kamedhun, the wish fulfilling tree, kalpa vrisksha, there is lakshmi- or utter prosperity which lord narayana beholds dear. There is everything produced infinitely from this tension within bhola’s body and soul. The snake turning around the spine, the snake turning around the mountain. The purpose immortality.amrit is the result. You find eternal life, like the devas(the ‘bad’ dudes-asuras are tricked into not drinking the eternal drink- perhaps added in mythology to signify some sort of victory of good over evil).
Bhola is going to die, for the world we hold dear; He gives his existence so we may live on and still never ever look upon our lives as a blessing. that we are here today; because the innocent lover bhola natha took upon himself everything which was destructive, evil and malignant.
Devi Parvati comes to the fore, she cannot see her lover squirm any more. She makes her hand a hammer; razes through the crowd to find him sitting on the tail of vasuki, turning blue…. eternal suffering always has been ever new.
She presses his neck, His neck turns blue, its a color which has another significance, he has taken within him all the evil, so that he could destroy it. For you do know, he is the destroyer of evil and the king of death. He commands who dies, he commands who shall live. Lord Bhola, I sing in his praise, why were you born ever so merciful!
There is no time like now to sit tight and pray to his grace, his innocence will captivate you, his love for you as yours for his shall be sincere, his touch will liberate misery and his glance will annihilate all that has ever been wrong. For you see, while you churn this mythical ocean with the snake of yours (kundalini energy is the energy of I- of you. ) Lord bhola silently takes in the poison which destroys, he takes it in quietly weeping so that you may know of him. His grace and his presence. His love and his wisdom. His existence and his absolute-ness.
Who shall love thee oh flesh and bone, like the lord who meditates in love. The lord who liberates your inner toxin so that you may taste sweet amrit- the nectar of ever new and eternal life!
Peace ~!~

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