Monday, February 28, 2011

Entering Causal Realms

The vineyard smells of decay; and the glass begs to be filled yet again,
Pours itself down the gullet, and the illusions disappear just as swiftly as they had begun
The den is packed with howling moaning loathing lusting emotions, yet the wine speaks gently to the sincere, and the devout.
Spilling the ‘one’ who sits drinking over, I gets up and dances like a love struck child, swaying not with the wine, but one with the wine…
Who shall come here and be left feeling alone, come now drunkard; let us dance together… leading us nowhere but shifting our feet none the less
I see her in a corner, the wine blows sweet caresses and it looks like the wind is kissing her hair, she is a figment, an eternal dawn in the darkness of this night… and the glass begs itself to be filled yet again.
You are not who you are, you are the wine, and as the spirit wakes and traverses these causal realms… oh the merry making, the joy unparalleled reveals its true self!
She is there no more, and I am here no more; the veil which brought me to her has dropped and left a scar in its place, oh love; why such pain; but the laughter on this face understands, the true self has buried both pain and pleasure and is equal and content
Drop the robe, the facade and lo! your self has disappeared into ether… and the glass begs itself to be filled yet again. Drink drink oh sufi, drowning in the eyes of your beloved, oh she is not there, oh she is everywhere….
Night passes and time eats itself to its own end, as I dance with the name of my beloved for tonight, the one who I see; the one who sees ‘me’. The wine awakens and speaks true language, of the heart.
With every beat, across all directions and dimensions, perfect harmonious power flows. Suspended in infinite causal realms, the heart attracts magic; love has brought another drunkard to his knees without delay!
There is my beloved, behind the moon and her majesty; Here is my beloved, playing hide and seek with such fervour, oh sufi; tell your heart not to contain (anymore), open realms of the channels from your heart leading right to the centre of god…
Fill the cup with delight, fill it with the blood of life…. fill it with this hallucinatory wine; that clears the mind clothed in deception, and lets the heart speak the language of one. Where there is no veil to hide the lover from I, where there is no need anymore to drink wine to get high.

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