Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Let me explain to you, for what you might grasp yourself to be, might not be after all.
"You" is something that you did not cook up. Some "one" else has, and hence you have become- a divine act of transmutation to "you". The present you is not the same as the past (hindsight) or the future (perfect) you. It is "you" which has remained in change, nothing else. The definition which defines you is in change, but not really who you have been/are/will be.
So who is the
real 'you'?
define a diaggrama, of sorts of your energy - which maketh you; you.
It is the diagram of a core, and a shield. The core is defined as power- in the universe it might be defined as dark energy (not matter). This is active kinetic, destructive, reproductive, lunatic drive. It is not contained neither does 'it' wish to be. There is no bound to be entertained with such power, there is only end after end. The core is covered by the dual, the consciousness. This is the lethal - boundary to which power must be. If there is no consciousness to contain power, then it is case of futility. You see hitler? what went wrong with his 'you/I'? It was consciousness which was limited and power which grew beyond the core boundary. it lead to something which could not be fathomed- I tell 'you', even by himself.
You are not singular, you become singular only when the two inter-act and play and become one. Which two? the core and the shield. The power and consciousness. In truth, the universe only harbors power. The consciousness is a part of it, the outer sheath of power, created by it, yet not the same composition as true wild power. The consciousness is shivoham.
As the core increases in dimension; the sheath too must increase. The consciousness of unity, the realization of boundariless boundary must be present, for power to increase in magnitude. The relative simplicity of words used, should not confuse you to believe that power can be increased in magnitude or dimensions such as quantity. This is what I am talking about to make you - 'you'/ where you are currently, and why you remain static in that one core dimension is due to this, when your psychic powers increase-change or manifest themselves- it is truly the power house kundalini who is interacting within you to change who you are. The consciousness is shiva, benign and resplendent to 'know' without seeing, to be without 'existence'
As it is known, many go direct to the core, not waiting for consciousness to change - to show the way most pleasing instead. Power is unpredictable-shakti is unimaginable/unfathomable.
Many have been completely incinerated by their efforts to control her, I suspect it is the wrong approach in the absence of shiva-consciousness. It is to submit to her will. that you can be redefined.

et me tell you what I knows of shiva- How does one expand consciousness? How does one increase the aura surrounding shiva?
One becomes shiva by constantly meditating on his counterpart- Shakti- Divine Power. She is the redemption one requires. One does not become shiva by mantras, yantras or meditation.
It is love and only love which maketh one the supreme healer of hearts- Vaidishwara. Lord of required medicine.
And consciousness is the medicine, while shakti is the cure. You must see it such, if sadhana is your true effort.

This duality of you, is the truth. There is not one to you, yet many. There is the feeling of one, and there is the power to realize it. One pertains to sheer consciousness, while the other pertains to no thought no feeling - just. action. and the combination of the two, is the present ever changing-constant dichotomy, verily 'you' ~ now.

Om Namah Civaya

Peace & Love

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