Friday, September 18, 2009

Purify & Defile Part deux

The skies have opened themselves up, the light is unmistakable, there are no signs of doubt left anymore.
The ravers delight is in the continuation of the party, even after it is over physically. The mental trip, I feel the beats within my head now. And the dj has made it quite clear, that it shall never ever end.
There are aghoris, sitting around me, and shaking in the fury of divine love, the ghouls of yesteryear have taken control of themselves- rising and shaking in the fury of eternity.
The shackles have been broken friends. The show has come a full circle, the rising has begun.
The night progresses and the mind regresses; into some primal form. away from anything substantial to modern man, a nascent stage of luminance; has begun.
Manikarnika stands out like a jewel, spewed off by the calm serene flowing ganges. It bellows out smoke into the skies and flings the ashes of once called men over to everywhere.
Carnage in the name of a party, thats what i get to see. Entities of the dark, split tongues and serpent lords all coming out of their den, to pay homage, to dance endless in a ravers mood, for the lord is the dj tonight, and he is out to get us all, to give us that potent fright.
Trees at the periphery of the smashan have come alive, they are singing patterns, tunes with and without melody, blending it with the psychotic music. This is all insane, the mind refutes, but its another case with the heart.
Save energy, but can't stop moving, the predicament is deep, the answer murkier still. The kechari have begun their exercise move into regions of light. The tantrics all drunk with the soma of the beloved, are coming over from the other ghats, to see which master plays tonight...

The king of the undead is awake, the lord with the red drunk eyes. He spins around and the world goes deeper into the well of disillusionment. He is verily the master shiva, lolling tongue, fires to destroy the present creation. Pure cocaine reality. The master plays like never before, and I am left with a hyper frequency. Something faster than what I am used to. The music is taking over.. and I am liking it hell lot.

Sky is littered with the disfigured pretas, who have come from heavens to see the master play, the sound is psychedlic, like a cooked mushroom, like the corners of your mind converging. Into a focal point. a nada, a bindu.
All life is bound to this place, if you do not realize it , what a waste it will be. That you will end your days on earth one finite, definite day. Realize that deeply, keep the mad master who will use your body ashes to decorate himself. This sensation of unity. of everything that must burn, to be done with. This is the purification I am looking for..

One by one, they all lined up to the edges of this universe creamatory.
Taking a pick, a random tune, they gather up their energies to entertain and create.
I am talking about the seven rishis, who descend into the surface of the earth, to see the master play. They cannot get enough of this mad divine melody, Their expression changes to awe. Something the raver understands.

The party as expected did not end... atleast for me. Something came over me, dissolved this tight frame which I called myself. Lost in the sufi love for deeper music, which transforms, changes. converts to nothing at the end of it all..

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