Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Save Now!

So which side are you on? are you on the rise, or on the fall??
There is no time other than now; so what are you waiting for? For another messiah to pull you of stupor? to sober you up till the judgment day cometh?
Which side do you want to be on? Life or Remorse
There is no end to suffering you have inflicted, dont be the silent spectator, come now, act up the earth needs you, and you are the need of the hour. Without your attention and consciousness, there is no out from this predicament.
Predicament of lifelessness, of chaos un paralleled. Your ancients have raped the land, and destroyed thoughts of unity. So which side are you on? Indifferent or anarchist?

Every hour, the rate increases, when man comes up with the axe to destroy another life form from the face of the planet and the map of existence. You are sitting idling and fucking in your mind, your job and your high, take a look around. You are the root cause of why this planet has been fucked up big time.. time to take a side, a stand.
Act now or forever lie in your grave; which side are you on? the right side or down the stinking alleyway of human apathy?
Pick up piece time child, take a look at your feeble mind, how easily it crumbles when of fantasy change. this is not the real life, this is a real lie. which you and i have perpetrated on this planet for the past billion years, and we continue to do it with impunity and no remorse, hell we do it without the knowledge of what our actions are causing to do...
I am not prompting the meek you to go out and do a dharna, or stage a revolution, that is not possible even if you had the inclination. I am telling you to S-A-V-E the world and YOURSELF right here, and right now.
Change that ancient achaic thinking about notions which you have not fully understood, about things, beings and situations which you could never possibly fully understand. Let it be, stop looking at your own fucking narrow mind frame of greed all the time, give a little, you bastards! what makes you stop from giving a LOT???
You taken birth out of no choice of yours, and you think you have free choice when it comes to deciding the fate of this planet, the symbiosis present here-now and in the universe because of a puny mental pygmy such as you all!?
You think too much about too little, time to take that part of you away, disintegrate it, and build from the ground on up. Change your consciousness, and by doing that do you know.... the entire universes consciousness changes, frankly speaking the universe cannot handle primitive bacterial-life forms like ourselves, its a question of growth and sustainability.. of all which is.. consciousness. and we are the dearth of that. a mass of flesh and bones sans life, sans power,sans consciousness. oh but we are high on one thing -> false stupefied ego notions of grandeur.
It is our chance to embrace all that we have done wrong , and I implore you once again to look at it .. which side are you on? to save now? or perish forever?

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