Sunday, August 30, 2009

Goa Musica

I ain't been much of techno~electronic music fan, I am flesh and blood old school man, but over the years I have been greatly influenced by EDM-Electronic Dance music to a very large extent.
To those who have no clue about what this is, let me start from the beginning-as its said!
In 1990, a new wave of music started up, especially in Goa-the epicenter- it was named trance. Cause listening to the music, actually could and does infuse a state of trance to many of its listeners. and practically thats the point of this sorta music. It was a completely electronic sort of music-made by disc jockeys-on the beaches of goa, the wave from metal (in 1990-when it was at its peak-then brought down) to dance music had started.
The psychedelic generation of the 60's who had settled in goa, progressed to make this form of music available to all the hippies and offbeat tourists who came to goa for their "trips".
Trance music currently is divided between goa trance and psy trance-both are similar to a large extent but one sticks to what works in goa, and the other fixates on the psy in music in general.
This music is further subdivided in dark/night music and morning music. This type of surreal-psycho generative musixs are played in parties in goa, or atleast they used to, now the government is very strict about these=these by the way are raves- where people can ideally go into a trance and be raving mad :)
Parties start up at night and they stop around after mornings, I have been to day parties as well as parties which continue over for days. But night music is crazy- trance is always measured by BPM-beat per minutes- in dark music there is a tendency to put all sort of crazy vibrations -creepy music to the extreme mixed in with around 160-170 beats per minutes-crazy 3 beats a second and you can clearly see people beating up the ground in tandav.
Morning music is the time when people are sobering up for a special sun rise- and enlightenment. This has around 140 BPM in average-and is amazingly tune-beat-rhythem oriented. This is the sort of music which i like to hear outside a party, night/dark music is strictly for a rave.
People who havent experienced a rave, sort of never gel with the psy music being played. Because we think of music with evolved lyrics and rythem etc. This sorta music has nothing like that, the DJ plays according to the craziness he sees before him, mixing from popular mainstream cinema psychedelic statements to crazy animal-machine noises to form something you cant put down-in fact you cant stop shaking-moving or dancing when the beat is on.
The raves are special in their own right-imagine seeing all the weird night creatures coming together to a beautiful natural spot under the moon in an open setting listening to loud crazy shaking music all night long-chilling and dancing and going crazy and getting enlightened at the same time- its sheer freedom
and hence the problem to the governments-they think its a place where people go crazy-thats a fact and isn't that why we are here-to be crazy and to be absolutely free? who in hell does anyone have a right to tell another-how to live or what to do/not do.
Trance is here to stay-the future generation might not understand its true ground breaking significance if not given a chance to party like I have during the time Goa was alive and kicking with parties, this is when with nature-one parties like only i can imagine lord Shiva to party, as nataraja dancing with the beat, going faster at the edges of destruction-enjoying the last dance-the last party.
The quality of psycho sounds in this genre has continuously progressed-due to the involvements of more than one DJ mixing music at one time-nowadays most DJ groups are dio's or trio's even and many-times in parties these people come together to mix the 7-8 minute track within themselves-this makes the music FULL POWER from the word go.. as in there is no let down time for people to recuperate when dancing, the beats go from fast to faster and stay there-without a let off period... crazy to experience under a beautiful setting.
This was a short introduction about the world of goa trance. It is indeed inspirational to hear it sometimes- for it has immense like many other forms of music to change perspective and emotions and even intent. This form of music is especially meant to be heard in alternate sense of consciousness, but that never means we have to ingest or poison our bodies to enjoy what it has to offer- it actually means that listening to such beats infected with melody- we sort of transform- as much as we wish to-change our consciousness. Atleast that has always been the case with me.
We can be a generation of metamorphosis, it includes the values we hold as true and how far we go implement the same, but at the same time it means what sort of music we as a generation listen to. If we want to be a generation which listens to gangster rap as inspiration, then I needn't go further to tell you what that means, If we on the other hand are used to listening to mind-altering music, well that holds immense promise. We neednt be scared or apphrensive to change-indeed we can embrace it, and in peace. That is the true promise of this dance music genre-trance.

Peace/Freak Out.

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