Sunday, August 30, 2009

serotonin Soma

In ancient sub-continental texts, there are references to a mythical plant called soma, the very same soma which was created when the universe was churned out. It led out the poison called hala-ahala which lord civa drinks (due to which his throat becomes blue) and the nectar called Soma. Which leads to life everlasting. Soma by rishis is to be said a plant as well, on earth.
Many have supposedly partaken of this drug, which can be found here in the subcontinent, and advanced to the spiritual realm. But there is wide spread contention of what actually soma is/could be. First and foremost, no one living here who can document evidence has ever seen what soma is. It is a speculation. secondly there are many theories from scientists and people who havent grasped what soma really is comparing it to usual psychedelics which are present in India. many believe that it is the famous mushroom psylicibin, which can cause hallucinations and out of body experiences. But soma was a creeper, and its specifically mentioned. It grows on other trees, and there are specific rites on how to use it. First like the tribals of south/north americas, who give respect to the plant as something sacred, even Indians, who wished to use soma had to wait for the right time/date and then actually ask the plant-permission for them to cut it and use it for their personal purposes-this entailed the active acknowledgement of sacrifice and the confirmation of the retribution due to the law of karma. The plant knows why its being sacrificed and its upto it to curse the people who using it, so they too might perish one day for a higher ideal.
Soma according to me like hala-ahala are internal phenomenons. The nectar and the poison are both produced with the framework called the body. There are many hatha-yoga rituals which aim to bring about a nectar in the body (many call it also soma), this nectar resides behind and above the palate of the tongue, and the way to access it is by slowly cutting your tongue to increase mobility and then finally turning it upside down and above, to access this special area in the head which holds the nectar= this seems to me the most apt definition of what soma could be. This place which the hatha yogis proclaim to hold infinite power through the presence of soma, could be where the pineal gland in man is located. The pineal gland which is the size of a pea, located in the brain has never been explored my humans completely, we know that it produces the hormone seratonin which actually holds account of the biological clock in humans, the sleeping-waking cycle. Which is of utmost importance, as I have perhaps mentioned earlied in my previous writings, everything-the sense of space, time and reality flows down from seratonin. The effects of another popular drug-LSD-which is also a derivative of the ergot fungus-prepared in a labrotory- and used in a proper setting/set, yields hallucinations and even out of body experiences. This is perhaps because the LSD (present in micrograms in the human brain) actually allows all the serotonin to flow out at once-simultaneously. This yields the motor neurons which bring back information about the outside world to the brain-useless or impaired for a certain period of time. This is the adequate time period required for the ego-I to frame-form another reality-based on any given inputs from the external-imposed with the internal aspects of the self-which come to the fore.
The true aspect of soma is this I think, that it is actually a gland product, and it can be actively increased or changed for what we would wish to see, and even more than seeing, feeling and being. For i believe that serotonin actually instigates all of these in the self.

Another day for what hala-ahala could do :)


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